Top 10 Best Yuri Anime to Watch

The anime industry has a wide range of genres throughout the seasons. One of the most popular ones is romance. However, romance doesn’t only incorporate boy-love-girl stories. Sometimes, girl-love-girl also appears from time to time. In Japan, this show is known as Yuri anime.

Truthfully, this genre doesn’t get as much spotlight as others. Some of them consider it controversial. But, do you know that some of the Yuri anime has beautiful or unique stories? Well, we’ve gathered the top 10 best Yuri anime to watch. Check it out!

10. Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic
Strawberry Panic

The story revolves around Nagisa Aoi who just transferred into the prestigious all-girls catholic school, St. Miator’s Girls Academy. On her first day, she fainted after meeting with the charming girl and ended up in the infirmary.

Later, she found out that the girl she met was an academy star, Shizuma Hanazono. Pulled by her bewitching allure, she tried to get closer to her. Luckily, Shizuma also seemed openly interested in Nagisa! Naturally, their relationship became a hot topic around the campus.

Release Date: April 2006

MAL Score: 7.27

9. Kase-san and Morning Glories

Kase-san and Morning Glories
Kase-san and Morning Glories

Just like Yuri anime before, this anime also brought back the school environment as the setting. It tells about Yui Yamada, an avid gardener, who dates the ace of the school’s track team, Tomoka Kase. Yui is shy, girly, and never experienced love. On the other hand, Kase is tomboyish, cheerful, and quite popular among her peers. 

While they both have mirrored personalities, they try to understand and support each other. Just watch their heartwarming tale of two love birds who fall from their first love.

Release Date: June 2018

MAL Score: 7.70

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8. Yuri is My Job!

Yuri Anime: Yuri is My Job!
Yuri is My Job!

Hime Shiraki is nothing but a perfect angel. Her angelic voice, innocent personality, and adorable face that guarantee a second look from trespassers. But, it is all but a bunch of lies. Beneath the mask, all of her act just has one goal, to marry a rich suitor.

Despite that, her innocent attitude can’t save her when she causes an accident which leaves Mai Koshiba injured. Because of that, Hime is coerced to work in an all-girls cafe, Cafe Liebe, until Mai recovers. Can she keep up her facade in her first job?

Release Date: April 2023

MAL Score: 6.70

7. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You
Bloom Into You

Yuu Koito is a typical teenage girl who is ensnared by romantic Shoujo manga and love songs. She practically waits for a time when someone gives her love. But, when her classmate confesses his feelings to her, she feels hollow. Yui realizes that she understands love as a concept but has not yet experienced it.

Time flies and when she finally enrolls in high school, she still can’t comprehend the feeling of love. There, she happens to watch the student council president, Touko Nanami, reject a confession from a boy. Moving by her elegance, she tries to ask for advice. Surprisingly, Touko confesses to her! Unbeknownst to her, Yuu’s love begins to sprout when she spends time with Touko.

Release Date: October 2018

MAL Score: 7.89

6. Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana
Aoi Hana

This Yuri anime, known as Sweet Blue Flowers in English, revolves around the shy Fumi Manjome and the caring Akira Okudaira. Both of them are best friends in elementary school. But, it all changes when Fumi and her family have to move away. Years later, Fumi comes back to her hometown. She enrolls in Matsuoka Girls’ High School. Meanwhile, Akira attends a different school, Fujigatani Girls’ Academy.

Even though they are reunited, their relationship can’t return to how it used to be. But, it doesn’t stop Akira from trying to patch things up. Can these two girls conquer their difficulties before it becomes a thing that will pull them apart?

Release Date: July 2009

MAL Score: 7.09

5. Citrus


Because of her mother getting remarried, Yuzu Aihara has to transfer to a new school. With her gaudy personality, she looks at it as a chance to make new friends, fall in love, and experience her first kiss. Unfortunately, her dreams are shattered when she finds out her new school is an ultra-strict all-girls high school.

Furthermore, the fashion sense she brought from the previous school garners the attention of Mei Aihara, the beautiful and imposing student council president. Tired from the first-day confrontation, she goes home and discovers that Mei is actually her new step-sister! Thus begins the daily life of two sisters who led to romantic feelings.

Release Date: January 2018

MAL Score: 6.44

4. Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap
Netsuzou Trap

Unlike other Yuri anime out there, Netsuzou Trap offers more explicit drama contrary to the usual sugary-sweet atmosphere of an all-girls environment. The story revolves around Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina who are childhood friends. With their respective boyfriends, Takeda and Fujiwara, they seem to have perfect lives.

However, during one of the group dates, when Takeda and Fujiwara are caught off guard, Hotaru begins to sensually stroke Yuma’s thighs. Taken aback, she runs to the nearest bathroom while being followed by Hotaru. Now, in private, Hotaru forces her way toward Yuma and whispers “You’ll be more nervous with a boy. So, I will help you practice”.

Release Date: July 2017

MAL Score: 5.33

3. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri
Yuru Yuri

In a nutshell, Yuru Yuri tells about the daily school life of four members of the Amusement Club in middle school. The sole purpose of the club is to entertain each member. Usually, they spend their spare time drinking tea and fawning over each other.

Instead of pure Yuri anime, this show is closer to cute loli-type anime such as Kiniro Mosaic and Is the Order a Rabbit. However, some scenes in the anime already touch the borderline of Yuri Anime.

Release Date: July 2011

MAL Score: 7.57

2.  The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady
The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

At one glance the world setting resembles the typical otome anime where the heroine wins over a prince while the villainess gets canceled in front of the crowd. If the first few minutes of the anime follow the original path, this show should become shoujo anime.

However, the plot changes when Princess Anis, crashes into the banquet where his little brother, Algard, annuls his engagement toward the “supposed” villainess Euphyllia. Bewildered by his brother’s foolish action, Anis decides to make Euphyllia her assistant. Although it appears as a random encounter, Anis actually has an ulterior motive toward her.

Release Date: January 2023

MAL Score: 7.48

1. Adachi to Shimamura

Yuri Anime: Adachi to Shimamura
Adachi to Shimamura

This anime is like a model of how Yuri anime should be. It doesn’t really have an impactful setting or have dramatic storyline. It is just how two polar opposite girls make a friends-to-love journey. Overall, the anime just follows the heartwarming story.

The whole episode just explores two individuals getting to know each other, starting to care for each other, and finally having a relationship. The viewers can clearly watch their well-paced relationship bloom from nothing into a romantic relationship.

Release Date: October 2020

MAL Score: 7.10

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yuri genre?

Yuri is commonly known as Girl’s Love.

What is the oldest Yuri Anime in history?

Sushi no Houkago holds the seat for the oldest Yuri anime ever recorded. The show premiered in March 1985 with one episode.

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