Top 10 Smartest Classroom of the Elite Characters

Classroom of the Elite stands out within the psychological anime genre, set in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. The Classroom of the Elite characters are different levels of intelligence. The show focuses on various characters who accomplish astonishing feats through their strategic thinking and intellect.

In a fiercely competitive setting, students often mask their true selves, willing to betray others to advance. It’s easy to miss their real intentions at first. Success isn’t just about being academically sharp; you need strategic thinking, cunning manipulation, and resourcefulness to rise above the rest.

In a school where rankings matter, students have to figure out ways to climb to the top. Even though Ayanokoji prefers to watch from the sidelines, the anime is still full of competition with some seriously smart characters. So, let’s look at the smartest and most clever Classroom of the Elite characters.

Light Novel Spoilers ahead

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10. Sakurako Tsubaki

classroom of the elite characters - Sakurarko Tsubaki

Sakurarko Tsubaki is introduced in the second-year arc of Classroom of the Elite as a student from Class 1-C. She is shrouded in mysteries and plot twists, preferring to keep things to herself and manipulate others from behind the scenes to achieve her goals.

Fans speculate about her potential connection to Ayanokoji due to their shared traits, although her grades are average, ranging between C and D. This discrepancy raises the possibility that she intentionally downplays her academic abilities to avoid drawing attention to herself.

9. Horikita Suzune

classroom of the elite characters - Horikita Suzune

Horikita Suzune is a key character in Classroom of the Elite and a member of Class D. In the first season, she initially appeared haughty and distant from her classmates, believing few could aid her in reaching Class A. While not the most intelligent character, she’s still among the smartest in the anime. She’s just bold and beautiful.

One of her notable intelligence feats was outsmarting Kikyo Kushida in a seemingly disadvantageous deal. Although much of her strategy relies on Ayanokoji’s guidance, Horikita demonstrates her ability to hold her own in strategic thinking and battles of wits. Horikita Suzune is characterized as sincere and always willing to assist her peers. Her uncompromising attitude and intelligence make her stand out.

8. Katsuragi Kohei

classroom of the elite characters - Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei is known for being one of the most decent and sincere students at Koudo Ikusei. Despite his appearance, which makes him seem older, he’s actually quite young; it’s just a result of a medical condition he has. His introduction took place during the welcome ceremony for first-years, and over time, he gradually made his presence felt.

Katsuragi Kohei is a central figure in Class A, alongside Arisu Sakanayagi. He’s known for his intelligence and cunning, particularly shown in his strategic plan for Class A’s success in the island test during season one of Classroom of the Elite. However, Ayanokoji’s interference disrupted his plans. Compared to characters like Ayanokoji and Arisu, Katsuragi lacks their cold-heartedness, making them more intimidating in their approach. Katsuragi Kohei’s strict adherence to rules is a key factor that earned him the position as a co-representative of Class-A, further highlighting his standout qualities at Koudo Ikusei.

7. Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke

In the first season of the anime, Koenji Rokusuke was portrayed as a self-absorbed character focused on his desires and appearance. This continued in the second season, but his intelligence was revealed during the Cruise Ship Test, where he successfully identified the VIPs and completed the test ahead of others. Unlike Ayanokoji, Koenji doesn’t hide his intelligence, but his self-centred behaviour often masks his true worth from other students.

Koenji Rokusuke is seen as the most intelligent student in Class D. Additionally, he demonstrates physical competence, showcasing his stamina and strength in situations like chasing a wild boar. The show makes it clear that non-WR students can definitely outshine the White Room ones. That’s pretty much the whole idea behind Classroom of the Elite. Sooner or later, someone from Advanced Nurturing High School is going to rise up and snatch the crown from Ayanokoji.

6. Ichinose Honami

Ichinose Honami

In many anime series, there’s often a character who seems flawless and is adored by everyone, and that’s exactly Ichinose Honami’s role. Leading Class 1-B with a mix of firmness and kindness, she’s one of the brightest characters in the show, especially in season 2. Honami Ichinose is a captivating character known for her quick thinking and considerate way of expressing herself.

During the Cruise Ship test, she saw through Ayanokoji’s deception, impressing even him with her perceptiveness. But could there be a darker side hidden behind her friendly facade? If so, it would add a fascinating twist to the series. She holds Ayanokoji dear, often prioritizing him over others, which sometimes affects her sense of justice.

5. Manabu Horikita

Manabu Horikita

Excluding the members of Class 1, Manabu is considered one of the most intelligent characters in Classroom of the Elite. He previously served as the Student Council president of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School before Miyabi Nagumo took over. Manabu Horikita is all about sticking to his own moral compass, and he’s a role model for a lot of his peers at school. No doubt, he was way better as Student Council president than Nagumo could ever be.

Manabu excels in both academic and non-academic areas, showcasing a well-rounded skill set. He also possesses keen perceptiveness, as demonstrated by his ability to sense Ayanokoji’s true capabilities after just a few encounters. Additionally, Manabu is the older brother of Suzune, who deeply admires him and strives to earn his approval.

4. Ryuuen Kakeru

Ryuuen Kakeru

Ryuuen has pulled off some impressive moves against Ayanokoji. Even though he’s not the smartest, Ryuuen shows that winning battles takes more than just brains. In the Deserted Island Special Test, he almost scored all the points for Class C, proving his strategic thinking and leadership.

Ryuen, an antagonist in Classroom of the Elite, is notorious for his use of sneaky tactics to achieve his goals. Representing Class C, Ryuen is determined to reach Class A and doesn’t shy away from executing shady plans as long as he can cover his tracks. Initially introduced as a thuggish character in the first season, Ryuen’s true intelligence became evident as the series progressed, especially with his elaborate plan during the island test arc in the recent season. This transformation showcased his devious and cunning nature, earning him a spot among the series’ top characters.

3. Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo

In the second season of Classroom of the Elite, there’s a significant change with Miyabi Nagumo becoming the new Student Council president after Horikita Manabu. However, details about Miyabi’s character are limited in the anime, with more depth available in the light novels.

Nagumo enjoys having absolute control over the student body and doesn’t tolerate opposition. His success is largely due to his powerful position in Class A, along with his strong planning and execution abilities. Miyabi Nagumo bears a resemblance to Ryuen in his use of cunning tactics to achieve his goals. He views Manabu as his rival, although Manabu doesn’t reciprocate this sentiment. Fans are looking forward to seeing more of Miyabi’s personality and motivations explored in the upcoming season.

2. Arisu Sakanayagi

Arisu Sakanayagi

Arisu Sakanayagi, the Class A representative, took over the position after beating Katsuragi Kohei. While some details about her have been shown in the anime, the juiciest bits are still off-screen. In a crucial moment in the second season’s tenth episode, the Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School spilt the beans that she’s his daughter.

Arisu and Ayanokoji crossed paths before, but he has no clue about their past run-ins, while Arisu remembers everything vividly. Her main mission is to outsmart Ayanokoji to prove that natural-born geniuses are always superior to learned ones. She’s one of the rare characters who knows about Ayanokoji’s White Room connection, fueling her obsession with surpassing him.

1. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, the star of the show, is the reason for the whole school openly and aggressively showcasing their best. He’s not your typical goody-two-shoes protagonist, and many are still debating whether he qualifies as a protagonist or not. He’s the chill antihero in Classroom of the Elite and keeps his super-smart brain under wraps even though he knows he’s a genius. Some folks in the show are onto his smarts, but not everyone.

He’s in Class D but couldn’t care less about their Class A dreams. Raised in the intense White Room, he’s way smarter than anyone else in the series. But that upbringing also messed with his head, making him see people as tools. Despite that, no one can deny he’s the sharpest cookie in Classroom of the Elite.

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What is the main plot of Classroom of the Elite?

The anime Classroom of the Elite unfolds at the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, a national high school created by the Japanese government. The narrative centres around the rivalry for supremacy in ‘Class A,’ where students are primed to attain unparalleled success post-graduation.

Who is the main villain in Classroom of the Elite?

Kakeru Ryƫen is a significant antagonist in the Classroom of the Elite series, appearing in manga, anime, and light novels.

Where can I watch Classroom of the Elite?

You can watch Classroom of the Elite on Crunchyroll.

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