Classroom Of The Elite Season3 Anime Reveals New Key Visual 

Welcome back, my anime enthusiasts; get ready to smile with this epic anime news. Classroom of the Elite Season3 is going to hit our screens with a BANG very soon. Fans didn’t have to wait much longer than expected, as it will premiere in January 2024. Without a doubt it will be one of the smash hit anime releases of next year.

The good thing is the popular anime series’ creators are keeping the audience engaged. They have been teasing them with back-to-back teasers in the form of key visuals. Thanks to the higher-ups for having mercy on us and not delaying the release. The fact that the second season took nearly 5 years to air is quite unsettling. But this time, things have changed.

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The classroom of the Elite season3 was already expected as there is a lot of source material left to be adapted. The anime’s 2nd Season ended on volume 7.5 of the light Novel. There are almost 14 more volumes to go. Yes, you got that right; we can expect more seasons as well. Shogo Kinugasa has done a fantastic job of keeping the fans thrilled through his work.

Classroom of the Elite Season3 Brand-New Key Visual

Classroom of the Elite Season3

The anime’s upcoming third season announcement sent shockwaves through the otaku community. The announcement came with two key visuals. Unfortunately, no promotional video or a short trailer is out yet. However, the third key visual is up, and fans love the creators for keeping them engaged.

On October 25, the official Twitter (X) handle of the anime revealed a new key visual. In the key visual, we can see our favorite school student Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, and his classmates. As usual, the creators have left no chance to make the visuals appealing. The character design is the same without any major changes.

Judging from the second visual, we can expect an interesting plot. We can predict that Arisu and Ayanokoji will make some tough choices this season. Needless to say, we will witness exceptional character growth with plot ups and downs. No new Characters In Anime Visuals can be seen.

Classroom of the Elite Season3

About Classroom Of The Elite Season3 (Anime Streaming Platform, Series Composition, and More)

The creators have not enlighten about the major changes in the cast and crew so far. Studio Lerche, responsible for animating the first two seasons, is returning this time as well. Studio Lerche has paved the way for being one of the best anime studios. In short, get ready for the upcoming season with beautiful animation. Crunchyroll has shouldered the responsibility for making your watch time perfect. The fans can count on Crunchyroll for the smooth anime broadcast. 

According to the Light Novel, the anime hasn’t completed the first year’s story. So, we can hopefully expect the anime to end the first year story this season. The first year’s 7.5 volumes have been covered, leaving 4 volumes behind. 

Light Novel’s first year has 11 volumes, and the second year has 8, along with some short stories. Though it’s not yet officially confirmed how many volumes will be adapted, we can always predict! Those who have read the Light Novels know that this season is going to be a captivating continuation.

The details about character designers, music composers, and chief directors aren’t up yet. The same goes for the anime staff and cast, but there is a 90% chance of them being the same.


Classroom of the Elite Season3 promises to be another outstanding sequel. It will surely add to the high standard of the entire series. After all, we adore this Phenomenal Anime Series for its exceptionalism. Once again, we’re in for a remarkable journey with our manipulative students at the prestigious school. COTE will always be the best high school anime

Share your thoughts and predictions regarding the class politics for this season!


How many seasons of Classroom of the Elite are there?

Two Seasons are there, with the third on the way.

Will there be a 3rd season of Classroom of the Elite?

Yes, you can mark the date as January 2024 for the “You-Jitsu” Anime Sequel.

Is the classroom of elite anime complete?

No, not yet; the third season is in its production phase.

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