Eminence in Shadow Anime Season 2 Cast and Visual Revealed

The Eminence in Shadow anime returned with a new season! This unusual isekai caught the attention of the audience right after its release, provoking different responses. However, despite all the criticism, the love for this bizarre story won. This second season of the Eminence in Shadow anime will have 12 episodes. So far, HIDIVE has released four.

The twisted plot of the Eminence in Shadow anime

Following the course of the first season, Eminence in Shadow keeps its twisted plotline. 

Everything is going according to plan for our protagonist Cid, however, the hour of awakening is close. Together with Shadow Garden, Cid has to investigate the Lawless in order to find the Blood Queen. With her awakening, a new era would start for the protagonist.

The New Cast and Key Visual

On Thursday, the staff of The Eminence in Shadow anime revealed new cast members. The announcement included Jun Fukuyama as John Smith and Daisuke Namikawa as Gettan. Chafurin plays Garter Kikuchi, while Shizuka Ito plays Yukime.

John Smith Official Design
John Smith Official Design
Gettan Official Design
Gettan Official Design

After episode four was broadcast, the official Twitter revealed a new key visual for the Eminence in Shadow anime.

eminence in shadow anime visual
Eminence in Shadow Anime Key Visual

About Eminence in Shadow 

The Eminence in Shadow is originally a Japanese Light Novel by Daisuke Aizawa. Shosetsuka ni Naro started serializing it in May 2018. Enterbrain later acquired and started publishing it in November 2018. Only a month later, seinen manga magazine Comp Ace started releasing a manga adaptation. Yen Press has licensed both the light novel and the main manga in North America. The first season of Eminence in Shadow Anime was released in October 2022 and has 20 episodes.

Studio Nexus, previously known for anime Darwin’s Game, is producing the show. Kazuya Nakanishi is the director, while Kanichi Katou oversees the script. Makoto Iino is adapting original character designs and Kenichiro Suehiro is composing the music.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will the second season of Eminence in Shadow have?

The second season will have 12 episodes and the four have already been released.

Where can I watch Eminence in Shadow?

HIDIVE is streaming the anime in both sub and dub.

Is Eminence in Shadow novel over?

The web novel is not over yet. However, the latest chapter was released on November 26, 2022.


Have you watched the new episodes of Eminence in Shadow? What are your impressions and expectations? Feel free to share your opinions! We look forward to another exciting season and hope you will enjoy it as well.

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