WIND BREAKER Episode 1 Review

Time for WIND BREAKER Episode 1 review. The show is a hot topic in the otaku world right now. It’s the anime adaptation of the webtoon, which has already been a hit in the webtoon community. Fans were eagerly awaiting the masterpiece, and not gonna lie, the HYPE IS REAL.

WIND BREAKER Episode 1 Review And Highlights

WIND BREAKER Episode 1 review

For fans of delinquent anime, this is your sign to drop everything and watch this masterpiece. Not even a single moment is there where you’ll feel bored. The episode will keep you glued from beginning to end. All the characters, their design, personalities, voice cast, and the overall anime aesthetics speak nothing but QUALITY. 

Haruka Sakura’s character is exciting and provides everything that an otaku searches for in a protagonist. The first thing that captures attention is his unusual appearance i.e his attractive character design. He’s fast, skilled, strong, clumsy, and, most importantly, passionate. His obsession with strength makes him one hell of an intriguing guy.

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Haruka Sakura’s life

WIND BREAKER Episode 1 review

The episode begins on an intriguing note as we learn about Sakura’s lonely life, deprived of acknowledgement and love. People have always treated him poorly and humiliated him, which is also why he wants to do everything on his own. However, he hasn’t given up on people that he fails to realize. 

The whole episode showcased his skills and strength, which are undoubtedly spectacular. There is always one thing that goes around his head, and that is to be strong among the Furin High School Students. 

Haruka Saving Life

WIND BREAKER Episode 1 review

He effortlessly took care of a gang that was teasing Kotoha Tachibana. Interestingly, the handsome guy is awkward with girls and can’t handle their appreciation. As a token of thanks, Kotoha treats him with a dessert, and we can’t get enough of Haruka’s sweet expressions after trying them. 

highlights WIND BREAKER

During their conversations, we learn a great deal about the boy’s character and personality. The author has written MC’s characters beautifully enough to intrigue us effortlessly. 


Haruka VS A Gang Of Delinquents

Haruka VS A Gang Of Delinquents

No doubt, Haruka Sakura is an efficient fighter who is fast and aware of his surroundings. It was a great show of strength, but the tables were turned when a group of boys called Bofurin entered the scene. 

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They are Furin High seniors who are famous as the town’s heroes as they protect people. Their strength is extraordinary, which even surprises the ML. The episode ends on an entertaining note, and people start treating Sakura as a HERO!


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The episode is a complete roller coaster that effortlessly makes you experience countless emotions. I actually enjoyed the fight scenes and the soundtrack synced to them made them PERFECT. Many fans are comparing it to other delinquent genre anime, specifically Tokyo Revengers. 

WIND BREAKER’s storyline and setting is completely different, but I am sure you’ll love the characters. The music was on point, and the animation and aesthetics made everything perfect. I’d give the episode 9/10. The anime seems promising, so let’s keep our expectations high!

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Is Wind Breaker Korean or Japanese?

WIND BREAKER Manhwa is Korean, but Japanese Animation Studio is responsible for animating it.

Where can I watch the Wind Breaker anime?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll

Is Wind Breaker on Crunchyroll?

Yes, you can easily watch WIND BREAKER with an English dub from April 18.

Source: WIND BREAKER Anime Streaming On Crunchyroll

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