Blue Lock Episode Nagi: Reveals New Teaser Visual

Half a year left before we can watch the movie’s sequel, Blue Lock Episode Nagi. The parent anime, Blue Lock, has undoubtedly become one of the best sports anime in 2023. No rival in the sports genre came close in that year.

That’s why, the official wanted to strike while the iron was hot. They announced the second season of the series and an anime movie. While the second season is listed as in the works, the upcoming film is already slated to premiere in the spring of 2024. While it comes as good news, it also means that the second season may debut in late 2024 or beyond. 

But, there is still hope for that. The official of Blue Lock will hold an event called Egoist Festa 2023 on November 26. A few of the cast members and the theme song performers will attend the event. We may have new announcements that day.

Back to Blue Lock Episode Nagi, the official revealed a new teaser visual for the movie. At the same time, they also announced a new cast member. Who is he? Read on!

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Teaser Visual

The official released a new teaser visual for Blue Lock Episode Nagi on October 27, 2023. It highlights the first meeting of Nagi Seishiro and Reo Mikage. Though it doesn’t say much. We can see Reo as a neat and confident guy, and Nagi, on the other hand, has an unkempt and aloof personality.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Teaser Visual
New Teaser Visual – Source: @Bluelock_PR

For the record, the teaser video of the movie was released back in August. The second half of 30 seconds showed Nagi and Reo’s uniforms before they joined Blue Lock. So, it can be said that the new teaser visual isn’t exactly “new” either.

But, we can predict how the movie will unfold based on the information released. The first teaser visual indicated that Nagi and Rei wearing Team V which appeared on the First Selection Arc. The movie may cover the first half of the original Blue Lock anime.

On one side, the scene where Nagi gets a disastrous defeat to Isagi changes his perspective of football. At first, he thinks it is nothing but a pain in the ass, but now, he finds it fun to play.

Furthermore, Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the author of Blue Lock Episode Nagi, hasn’t concluded the Second Selection Arc yet. So, if by chance, the official wants to rush off beyond that point, the movie will end in a massive cliffhanger.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Cast and Staff

Because the movie will have the same story as the original one, the entire cast will reprise their characters. But, there is a catch. Blue Lock Episode Nagi introduced one additional character in the series.

Ryou Nameoka will present as Negi and Reo’s opponent in the movie. He is a captain of Aomori Dadada High School’s football team. It is decided that Subaru Kimura will voice the character.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi New Character
Subaru Kimura as Ryou Nameoka – Source: @Bluelock_PR

On the other hand, there is a slight change in the staff position. Shunsuke Ishikawa, who was serving as assistant director in Blue Lock, is directing the movie at Studio Eightbit. Taku Kishimoto is once again in charge of the series composition and script.

Meanwhile, Jun Maruyama is responsible for the music. Finally, Yusuke Nomura is designing the original character for the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Blue Lock Episode Nagi premiere?

The movie will premiere in the spring of 2024. Unfortunately, the release date is still TBA.

Which chapter will Blue Lock Episode Nagi cover?

It is likely that the movie will cover the First Selection Arc. It also means the movie will cover three volumes of manga.

Is there any new character in Blue Lock Episode Nagi?

Yes, there is. We have an additional character that is Ryou Nameoka voiced by Subaru Kimura.

Source: Official Twitter

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