Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 Trailer Revealed

The countdown for Attack on Titan Final Season was already ticking. Now, it’s less than a week before we can watch the conclusion of the series that spans almost a decade. Even the official Twitter posted a daily illustration since October 25 to raise the hype.

For the record, Attack on Titan Final Season is divided into four parts. Two parts consist of 28 episodes, while the last two parts become special episodes. Part 3 of the special episode debuted on March 3 and the episode gets an excellent review on several platforms.

It’s no doubt that Hajime Ishiyama’s Attack on Titan became a phenomenon. The story keeps expanding to the point that the poor boy becomes the most villainous person in the world. Will Eren achieve his goal which resulted in humanity’s annihilation? Or will Armin and his friends successfully stop Eren’s plan? Spoiler aside, the official released the last trailer for the final chapter. Read on!

Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer

They released the trailer for Attack on Titan Final Season on October 28, 2023. It highlights the final fight between Eren and Paradise’s rebel led by Armin. 

The trailer starts with Zeke’s mumbling that this incident starts because of years of fear bottled up within Eldian. Sure, Eren’s interruption upset him during his Eldian euthanasia plan. But, on the other hand, he feels relieved that the responsibility of saving his race falls onto Eren’s shoulders. That’s why he said that he can finally rest.

Then the scene moves to the heated fight. Everyone releases their power to the limit, knowing that this is their last bet. Annie, who evacuated in the last episode, seems to come as reinforcement. Thus, stabilizing the imbalance power between Eren’s power and the rest. Maybe there is more to come?

Attack on Titan Final Season Clip
Levi, Mikasa, and Armin on top of Eren – Source: @anime_shingeki

The final episode of Attack on Titan will cover the 34th volume of the manga with 5 chapters spanning from 135 to 139. On the other hand, the last volume was published back in 2021 making the ending of the anime an open secret now. But, for the sake of anime-only fans, it’s fair to keep it quiet to not spill the mood.

The Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 will debut on November 5, 2023, at 24:00 JST, on several platforms. The episode will have 85 minutes which is 25 minutes longer than the last episode.

Attack on Titan Final Season’s Opening and Ending

For years, Attack on Titan had great openings and endings which was a shame to skip. That’s why there is high anticipation for the announcement of the theme song. The good news is, that the official announced the opening and ending theme for the Attack on Titan Final Season.

Linked Horizon will return to perform the opening theme entitled “The Last Giant”. It’s satisfying how the entire series starts and ends with Linked Horizon’s song. Meanwhile, Higuchi Ai will return to perform the opening theme “itterasshai”.

Attack on Titan Final Season Theme Song Performer
Linked Horizon and Higuchi Ai – Source: @anime_shingeki

This may lead to confusion since the first part of Attack on Titan Final Season didn’t have an opening. To sum it up, there are two versions of Final Season. The first one is two episodes of anime TV versions which are broadcast in March and November.

These two episodes have a different ending theme which was “UNDER THE TREE” by SiM and To You 2000 Years… Or… 20000 Years From Now…” by Linked Horizon. Yet, this version doesn’t have an opening. Meanwhile, the streaming version will have those two episodes chopped off into 7 episodes. These 7 episodes will have the opening and ending from Linked Horizon and Higuchi Ai. Of course, the streaming version will be broadcast later than the TV version.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 premiere?

Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 will premiere on November 5, 2023.

Which volume will Attack on Titan Final Season: Part 2 cover?

This series will cover the 34th volume which is the last volume of manga.

Who will perform the opening and ending of Attack on Titan Final Season?

The streaming version will have an opening sung by Linked Horizon entitled “The Last Giant” and an ending sung by Higuchi Ai entitled “Itterasshai”.

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