Top 10 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

MAPPA’s animated series Chainsaw Man wrapped up season 1, giving us a solid two-and-a-half months of pure entertainment. It had everything – intense action, a killer storyline, and that unbeatable MAPPA animation quality. Chainsaw Man’s hype has skyrocketed, putting it in the same league as blockbuster anime like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer. In today’s article, we’ll dive into some of the strongest Chainsaw Man characters.

Moreover, the diverse range of powerful characters in Chainsaw Man adds to the excitement, making it a complete package of entertainment for fans.

Since its debut in 2018, Chainsaw Man has taken the internet by storm, garnering a dedicated fan base worldwide. Fans are eagerly awaiting the anime adaptation, scheduled to premiere in October 2022. The series is known for its intense violence, non-stop action, and a strong cast of characters, setting it apart from typical shōnen series. Let’s dive right in without further delay!


1. Gun Devil

chainsaw man characters - gun devil

The Gun Devil is one of the first major Devils mentioned in the series and has a terrifying reputation. Makima tasks Denji with killing it, offering him anything he desires in return, despite knowing his less-than-perfect nature. When introducing the Gun Devil, Makima reveals that it was responsible for the deaths of approximately 1.2 million people in just five minutes. This catastrophic event led several nations to tighten their gun laws.

The Gun Devil’s body is composed of some of the deadliest assault rifles like the AK-47, M16A1, MK18, and M4 Carbines, with its head featuring the barrel of an M1911. Its accuracy and precision in shooting enemies are unparalleled. Its metallic body grants it durability, and it moves at incredible speeds, causing parts of its body to burn from the friction when running. This combination of firepower, speed, and durability makes the Gun Devil a formidable and feared entity in the Chainsaw Man universe.

2. Denji – Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man characters
Source: Chainsaw Man Anime

Denji, the main character in Chainsaw Man, has an incredible ability to defeat enemies much stronger than himself. This power comes from his contract with Pochita, granting him some impressive abilities. However, there’s a twist – in this world, your power level is tied to your level of sanity. Kishibe mentioned that the saner you are, the higher the risk of meeting your end. On the other hand, having a few loose screws might just help you survive.

Denji fits this description perfectly, making him one of the most formidable characters in Chainsaw Man. When he transforms into Chainsaw Man, his hands and head become actual chainsaws that he uses to take down his opponents. As the Chainsaw Devil user, he can also erase a Devil’s existence from people’s minds. Additionally, he can use the chains from his chainsaw to pull enemies closer, showcasing his versatility and power.

3. Darkness Devil

chainsaw man characters - darkness devil

The Darkness Devil is hands down the scariest character in Chainsaw Man, with a body made entirely of human corpses, giving it a horrifying appearance. Its debut in chapter 64 marked its status as a boogeyman among Devil Hunters, striking fear into all who encounter it. This devil is a transcendent entity that feeds on the fear of darkness, growing stronger as humans cower in its presence.

With just a stare, the Darkness Devil can cause people to bleed to death. Its arsenal includes brutal chants that can obliterate bodies with gruesome efficiency. However, its most feared weapon is the Black Sword, a telekinetically controlled blade that can swiftly dispatch enemies in the blink of an eye. The sheer terror and power of the Darkness Devil make it a formidable and terrifying foe in the series.

4. Makima

chainsaw man characters - makima

Everyone went wild over Makima. Fans even started comparing her to big-shot villains like Sosuke Aizen from Bleach or Griffith from Berserk because of her terrorizing actions in the series. Makima isn’t just some powerful supernatural being; she’s also got brains and manipulative skills to boot. Her way of charming and tricking people is on another level, especially seen in how she deals with Denji, turning him into her human pet.

Being the Control Devil, Makima can control anyone weaker than her and even use the powers of her victims through a chain connection. Plus, she’s got this Force Manipulation thing going on, where she can deal damage with an invisible force. Put all that together, and you’ve got one of the most powerful and manipulative characters in Chainsaw Man.

5. Quanxi

chainsaw man characters - quanxi

Quanxi, the Devil Hunter from China, holds the title of being the first Devil Hunter in the Chainsaw Man universe. Although we haven’t seen much of her, what little we have seen is enough to confirm that she’s an incredibly skilled fighter. Always sporting an eye patch like Himeno, Quanxi is considered a significant threat to her rivals, with some speculating that her physical strength might even surpass Kishibe.

When Quanxi wields her sword, she can effortlessly slash through hundreds or even thousands of opponents. In her hybrid form, she can unleash multiple arrows from her arms and head simultaneously, showcasing her formidable combat abilities.

6. Santa Claus

santa claus

Santa Claus in Chainsaw Man isn’t the jolly figure you might expect from the name. In fact, Santa Claus is the main antagonist during the International Assassination Arc. The true identity of Santa Claus is revealed to be a woman from Germany with dark hair and a mole under her eye, although it’s uncertain if this is her real identity. Santa Claus remains a mysterious figure due to her unique powers.

One of Santa Claus’s most prominent abilities is her skill in creating dolls. With a simple touch, she can turn anyone into her obedient minion, forcing them to follow her commands. These dolls can then spread her influence by touching others, effectively allowing Santa Claus to build a massive army. However, she must remain close to her dolls to control them. Additionally, Santa Claus can achieve a form of immortality by transferring her consciousness into one of her dolls. This makes her a formidable and unpredictable adversary in the series.

7. Reze


Reze is a captivating and attractive girl who effortlessly captures attention, using her charm as a facade to deceive others. While her introduction was teased in the last episode of Chainsaw Man Season 1, fans have to wait for the second season to witness her full potential. In the manga, she appears as a beautiful and kind-hearted girl who seems too gentle to cause harm. However, beneath her appearance lies one of the strongest Devils in the series.

Reze later reveals herself as the Bomb Devil, dispatched from the Soviet Union to Japan with a specific mission. Her explosive abilities are formidable, capable of destroying cars and even the buildings nearby. Despite facing attacks from both the Shark Fiend and Denji combined, Reze proves to be a resilient adversary, showcasing her immense power and threat level.

8. Kishibe


Kishibe is someone Makima trusts deeply, often seen training other powerful chainsaw man characters like Power and Denji. His strength and skill are undeniable, honed through years of hunting devils. Despite his stoic and reserved nature, Kishibe’s methods of dealing with devils are ruthlessly efficient.

When it comes to physical abilities, Kishibe is unmatched. There’s a memorable moment in the series where he breaks a weapon made from Power’s hardened blood with just a punch, showcasing his incredible strength. His years of experience have made him a nightmare for devils, and he’s known for his contacts with the Claw Devil, Knife Devil, and Needle Devil, which further elevate his formidable abilities.

9. Hell Devil

hell devil

The Hell Devil first appeared in chapter 63 of the manga, and it looks absolutely terrifying as its name suggests. Imagine a huge figure covered in flames, with no face but a wide-open mouth ready to cause chaos. Fans are super excited to see how this monstrous character will be portrayed in the anime.

In its second form, the Hell Devil can turn into a giant hand with six fingers, popping out from a door in the sky. This hand can send people straight to hell, making it a really scary enemy. What’s interesting is that the Hell Devil only needs a bit of blood to heal itself when it gets hurt during fights, making it even harder to defeat. Right now, we know that the Hell Devil has dealt with Santa Claus and the Anti-Makima Squad, hinting at some big plot twists in the story.

10. Aki Hayakawa

aki hayakawa

Aki has been a significant character in the series right from the start, and we’ve seen him in action numerous times in the anime. His skills and power come from his contracts with the Fox, Curse, and Future Devil, giving him some exciting abilities.

The Curse Devil lets him summon a nail-like sword that deals massive damage to opponents, but it comes with the cost of shortening his lifespan. The Future Devil, as the name suggests, allows him to see a few seconds into the future, helping him plan his moves strategically. Lastly, the Fox Devil can devour or shred opponents when summoned, adding another layer of formidable strength to Aki’s arsenal.

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Where can I watch anime for free?

You can watch anime for free on Crunchyroll.

What is Chainsaw Man’s age rating?

Chainsaw Man brings together over-the-top stylized action and intense graphic horror, making it a series targeted at adults and older teens.

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