Giji Harem Anime Announces July 2024 Premiere with New Trailer

Let us bring you fantastic news about the rom-com Giji Harem. It just dropped its first full trailer earlier today. The trailer successfully portrays the story of the girl working in the drama and desperately trying to woo her crush at all costs. We also learned that the anime will be dropping in July 2024, and it also dropped its opening theme song today. GOHOBI worked on the music and named it “Blouse”.

About Giji Harem Anime

Giji Harem key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The one-minute trailer clearly displays the female lead’s hard work and tactics and how the story progresses. The anime is based on a manga, which is Yu Saito’s work. Director Toshihiro Kikuchi from Bungo Stray Dogs is working on the project at Nomad Studio. Yuko Kakihara from Buddy Daddies will be working on the series composition, and we also got to know other cast members. Yoshihisa Sato and Takeshi Watanabe will be working on the character designs and music of the series, respectively.

The voice actors were also revealed. Saori Hayami will voice Rin Nanakura, and Nobuhiko, the famous voice of Sengoku in Horimiya, will voice Eiji Kitahama in the series.

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Source: Crunchyroll

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