The Imaginary Anime Film Reveals Trailer Featuring Theme Song

There will be a new epic entry in the world of anime films. We are talking about The Imaginary Anime, work of Studio Ponoc. Japanese creators never disappoint us, as they always come up with exciting ideas. The same goes this time as well. 

The Imaginary anime film introduces the audience to the gorgeous world of fantasies and imaginations. The story focuses on Amanda Shuffleup and her unique creativity. Rudger is a boy from her world of imagination. 

Chaos envelops a beautiful world of imagination when an evil Mr Bunting learns about it. He is a pro in hunting down imaginaries. Thus, Rudger must do everything possible to protect himself and the world he lives in. The intriguing aspect of the plot lies in the fusion of reality and imagination.

The Imaginary Anime Film’s Trailer And Theme Song

Amanda and Rudger

Credit: Crunchyroll

On November 2, the creators revealed The Imaginary Anime Film’s new teaser video with a theme song. The 90-second teaser is a masterpiece filled with emotions, appealing visuals, and a glimpse into the world of fantasies. 

The catchy theme song “Nothing Is Impossible” is played in the background. It simply adds more charm to the overall theme. The character designs, striking visuals and cute characters amuse one.

Thanks to Rachel Platten and A Great Big World for lending their voice and talent to this film. They have simply enhanced the feelings and emotional impact. 

In fact, watching the teaser makes one remember Studio Ghibli’s work. It immediately takes the audience back to the past by throwing them into nostalgia. Studio Ghibli’s movies, such as Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away, had similar vibes. Another reason why the animation looks similar is because Yoshiyuki Momose has animated the film. He is the same legend who used to animate Ghibli movies. No doubt, childhood was best with Ghibli movies!

Studio Ponoc was the creator of Mary And The Witches Flowers. This is also why you will find a similar character design and somewhat the same theme and vibes. 

Watching the characters fly, and especially Rudger’s character, is very much similar to the 90s and early 2000s anime movies. 

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What Is The Release Date Of The Imaginary Anime Film?

the imaginary anime film

Credit: Crunchyroll

The creators have been constantly bombarding us with promotional videos and visual teasers. Waiting patiently has become the toughest, but the film will be on the big screens soon. December 15 will be the date of experiencing the magical world. Christmas holidays will be more exciting than ever this year, thanks to Studio Ponoc!


Why is Studio Ghibli so popular in Japan?

Studio Ghibli is famous for presenting viewers with back-to-back hit anime movies. It’s renowned for its high-quality visuals and stories. 

Is Studio Ponoc related to Studio Ghibli?

Surprisingly, Studio Ghibli’s lead film producer founded Studio Ponoc in 2015.

Is Mary and the Witch’s Flower A Ghibli movie?

No, it’s Studio Ponoc’s work


After watching the enticing visuals and teasers, it’s impossible to keep calm. So, rewatch the The Imaginary Film teasers and vibe to the Theme Song till December 15. All we can do is WAIT! 

Meanwhile, you can learn about similar anime news to stay tuned. Stay tuned for more updates!

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