One Piece Chapter 1097: Spoiler & Plot Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1097 is almost here and with that comes more and more spoilers and plot leaks. The previous chapters have been epic! Egghead Island exceeded all expectations and showed once again why One Piece is the king of manga.

One Piece has officially entered its final saga, and therefore each subsequent chapter will reveal something big. This is also the case with One Piece chapter 1097. The new chapter continues Kuma’s story and reveals the mystery of the origin of the Revolutionary Army.

If you continue, you will see major spoilers for chapter 1097 of one of the best Japanese manga series. You were warned!

One Piece Chapter 1097 Overview

One Piece Chapter 1097 continues Kuma’s story. As expected, his backstory has been going on for some time now. That gives fans the chance to really understand this mysterious character. In One Piece chapter 1097, we finally discover his connection with the revolutionaries and Dragon.

The Revolutionary Army is the focus of this short but great chapter. Dragon and Ivankov will soon take an important step. And in the new chapter, you will find out how the Revolutionary Army was created.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1097 will reveal some important information about notable characters. This includes:

  • Continuation of Kuma and Ginny’s story and his life as a pastor
  • The introduction of the evil King of Sorbet Kingdom
  • The past of Dragon and Freedom Fighters

Kumma and Ginny

one peice chapter 1097
One Piece Chapter 1097

Ginny is with him and has become popular among the boys, but she is only interested in Kuma. She even mentions the wedding to him, however, he refuses because he remembers his parents.

During this time, the cruel King Bekori raised taxes to pay the debt to the World Government.

Three years after this, Kuma asks the royal army to release the kidnapped people. It turns out that the kingdom is divided into two parts. One is taken care of by the state and the other is for outlaws.

Freedom Fighters 

one peice chapter 1097 freedom fighter
One Piece Chapter 1097

Kuma and Ginny end up in prison, but not for long. One Piece chapter 1097 introduces Freedom Fighters headed by Dragon and Ivankov. They rescue Kuma and Ginny who later join them.

The Freedom Fighters were not yet a Revolutionary Army, because they didn’t have the means to create an organization. However, after Kuma joins, they manage to overcome obstacles and become a real organization.

The story also reveals that Dragon was once a Marine. However, he realized that there was no justice there, so he left.

At the end of the chapter, someone kidnaps Ginny, but we don’t know who is behind it. This character did not appear in One Piece chapter 1097 but will probably be the focus of the next chapters.


One Piece chapter 1097 is amazing! We finally got information about the story’s most mysterious character. In addition, we learn how the Revolutionary Army was created. And if you want spoilers and leaks for upcoming chapters, follow Animefleek. Here you will find all the most important anime news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will One Piece end?

It’s hard to predict when the series will end. However, the final saga is here. Most people believe that One Piece will be over in about 5 years.

Q2. What is Dragon’s Devil Fruit?

Dragon is still one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. His powers are unknown but many believe that he can control weather. This refers to his first appearance when he saved Luffy from Smoker.

Q3. Who is Dragon’s right-hand man?

The latest chapter confirms that Ivankov is Dragon’s right hand.

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