Netflix Series: Onimusha Anime Review

Fans have been eagerly waiting for their favorite video game series to get an anime adaptation. Therefore, to make them happy, today’s blog will be all about the Onimusha anime review. Video Games lovers are already familiar with the theme of it, and those who don’t know need not fret. 

The VG was first introduced in 2001, and it has forever been entertaining since then. Gamers loved it so much that it became the 9th best-selling franchise of Capcom. So, the hype for this coming masterpiece is justified. 

Onimusha Anime Review (Plot, Source Material, And More)

Onimusha revolves around Musashi Miyamoto, a skilled swordsman and headstrong warrior. He is tasked with a mission that he must complete in 33 days. We have watched him capture the Genma in a gauntlet and fight the masked figures impressively. 

Meanwhile, he helps a girl to save her parents from an evil samurai. The series is full of thrilling and spine-chilling action sequences. With the touch of Japanese History, realistic action dark power theme, and Oni powers mystery, the trailer has effortlessly intrigued the viewers. 

It’s an action anime with themes of Historical and Samurai. So, Shounen Lovers, get ready to be moved to the edge of your seats this season! We can expect it to be remembered as one of the best shounen anime.

The animation quality and compelling narrative simply make it phenomenal. It’s all thanks to Sublimation Studios and the creators. The animation studio has remarkably used modern animation techniques. 

Judging from the trailer and teasers of the anime, it’s going to be a success. Kudos to the music team for making the anime reach the hearts of the audience easily. The theme song of the anime has created an emotional impact. 

The anime’s director and chief director are Shin’ya Gusai and Takashi Miike, respectively.  

The video game series has graced the screen for almost two decades. Therefore, we can expect a lot of source material for the anime. 

Netflix Onimusha Anime Cover

Image Credit: IMDb

Musashi Miyamoto

He is modeled after Toshiro Mifune, a legendary Actor. Musashi Miyamoto is not a fictitious name; rather, he is a historical figure in Japan. He is known as the legendary Japanese swordsman, philosopher, ronin, and writer. Akio Otsuka, the popular Voice Actor, has taken the responsibility to voice the legendary character.

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What Is The Release Date Of Onimusha Anime?

The anime took our breaths away on November 2 with its first episode. Onimusha has 8 episodes. Per predictions, we can expect a season 2, but it’s not officially confirmed. Netflix Anime has once again won our hearts with its epic plot, characters, music, direction, and everything else top-notch! 


Is Onimusha an anime?

Yes, the VG series was recently adapted into an anime series!

Who is animating Onimusha?

Studio Sublimation has animated, and Shinya Sugai has directed the anime.

Who is the main character in Onimusha Netflix?

Miyamoto Musashi is the protagonist in the Netflix Series. 


The anime has already been released, and all 8 episodes were an overwhelming experience. The mystery and suspense kept the viewers engaged throughout. I trust that the Onimusha anime review provided you with the information you were seeking. If you still haven’t watched the anime, then don’t be late. Watch it NOW!

I have some great news for you guys. If you are into the historical and samurai-themed anime series. Then, a somewhat similar show is about to hit the screen in the coming year. It is The Elusive Samurai, which will hopefully entertain us in the same way. You can stay tuned to AnimeFleek for more updates regarding it.

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