Ragna Crimson 2nd Cour Trailer Released

Ragna Crimson creators have been giving us glimpses of its second course. Previously, they updated us with a recap special episode, and then teasers and key visuals were shared. However, this time, there is good news. 

The higher-ups have presented us with a 2-minute-long trailer that takes the viewers deep into the fantasy world. Not just the trailer but they have also highlighted details regarding the cast and staff. 

Ragna Crimson’s season 2 aired back in October, and it’s time for its second phase to hit the screens. There are 24 episodes in season 1 and the first cour already released 12 episodes. Anime fans enjoyed them a lot. After all, it was one of the most awaited anime adaptations. 

The popular dark fantasy manga first entertained the fans in March 2017. Thanks to Kobayashi Daiki, the original manga artist for beautifully writing and illustrating the manga. The anime adaptation speaks a lot about the success of the manga. 

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Ragna Crimson Trailer

The two-minute trailer gives us a lot of information and ideas about what will happen in the 2nd hour. We can expect intense action sequences and challenges for the characters. The visual spectacles in the upcoming phase are certainly worth watching.

Villains are in their full swing and are ready to cause more trouble. But don’t you guys expect less from the heroes, as there is so much more to the story!

Keep your expectations high, as the anime visuals look fantastic. SILVER LINK, as usual, has done a great job animating it. A new opening theme song is also revealed, and trust me, the music has added magic to the trailer scenes. 

Another good news: the manga is ready to bless us with a bonus manga for the Blu-Ray Box. A battle between the Winged Bloodline and the Silver Armored Corps will be its highlight. Details about the character designs and the box art are also highlighted. 

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Release Date & Details

Ragna Crimson key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Ragna Crimson’s second course is all set to bless our screens on January 13, 2024. The last month of 2023 has been amazing, thanks to the anime’s first phase. Therefore, enthusiasts are optimistic that the beginning of the upcoming year will be fantastic. 

Ken Takahashi has directed the remarkable anime series, and studio Silver Link is famous for its animation studio. In the key visuals, the character designs look phenomenal, thanks to Shinpei Aoki, the character designer!

Ragna Crimson Plot

Those who have absolutely no idea about the dark fantasy anime, fret not. The anime introduces us to a world ruled by the powerful dragons. They have complete rule over the sky, sea, and land. Only the bravest and most formidable individuals have the strength to confront them and destroy the dragon monarchs. Therefore, you should expect the main characters with the strongest powers. This is the story of one such brave dragon hunter, Ragna who vows to stand against them and be victorious at all costs. 

He teams up with a mysterious individual, Crimson, and the duo embark on the mission together. They try everything possible to destroy the dragons and end their rule. Well, those who are familiar with the manga plot already know what kind of anime it is. Thanks to Daiki Kobayashi’s efforts, and the beautiful story, fans are able to immerse themselves in the anime world.

Fans’ Reaction 

Obviously, nothing can beat the happiness of not waiting longer to watch our favorite anime. Instead of taking years to release, the anime is returning in a short time. So, fans are delighted to hear that the anime will continue soon. Fans enjoyed the action sequences and the dragon fights, so they are super excited for the upcoming episodes. There is no doubt that the first cour has been a pure entertainer; some fans complain about the high number of side characters. Those who have read the manga are over the moon and are eagerly waiting. Because the manga readers believe it has some crazy fights. So, let’s see what we will get to watch in the next 12 episodes. 


Is Ragna Crimson worth watching?

It’s worth watching action-fantasy anime, and everyone who loves the genre must watch them.

How many episodes are there in the Ragna Crimson anime?

Season 1 has 24 episodes.

Is Ragna Crimson anime finished?

Only the first course of season 1 has ended. 


The first course of the season has received a lot of love from anime enthusiasts all over the globe. It enjoys a 7.53/10 rating on MAL, which is great. Talking about anime moments, then we should expect some crazy ones in the upcoming one. Let’s see if the anime’s 2nd phase will entertain the fans similarly or not.

For similar anime news, stay tuned. 

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