Tower of God Anime Season 2 Release Date

The Crunchyroll original series, Tower of God took the internet by storm, the hype around the show was immeasurable before the initial release, and it definitely did not disappoint. Tower of God anime season 2 became the most heated topic after some official announcements. However, there hasn’t been any new information regarding the studio, release date, or the number of episodes.

The second phase of the series was announced during Crunchyroll Expo 2022 on August 6th. The official Webtoon Twitter account announced the production of Tower of God anime season 2 along with a teaser trailer and the official Key Visual. Further information about the sequel will be up soon.

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You can see the Key Visual below:

Tower of God season 2

Anime fans loved the anime adaptation of their favorite webtoon. Watching their favorite characters on the big screens was a dream come true for many. The first season did well, and it has become the favorite anime of many.

Telecom Animation Film animated the first season of the anime in Spring 2020, the main cast of the series includes, Okamoto Nobuhito as Khun, Taichi Ichikawa as Twenty-Fifth Bam, Kenta Miyake as Rak, Saori Hayami as Rachel, Rie Suegara as Endorsi Jahad, Akira Sekina as Anaak Jahad, and Mariko Honda as Ha Yuri Jahad.

The upcoming sequel will also introduce quite a few new characters including Wangnan Ja (featured in Key Visual), Ehwa Yeon, and Prince. We are yet to know the details regarding the cast and crew.

The staff members for the upcoming sequel aren’t up as of yet. However, let’s expect an amazing cast and crew.  though if the studio Telecom Animation Film comes back for another season, the staff members will remain.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Trailer Review

The sequel teaser went over most of the events that happened in the first season. It also revealed that bam was able to survive after Rachel’s unexpected betrayal.

The official was lackluster with so many things. Most of it was just a recap of the previous season. We still don’t know anything concrete about the sequel.

Perhaps that’s why the official announcement on Webtoon Twitter was removed right after its announcement.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Release Date

The possibility of Tower of God anime season 2 coming in the year 2023 seems very unlikely. Considering the teaser trailer was just a recap of the previous season.

It’s almost as if the production for the upcoming sequel has only just begun. They were too excited to announce an update.

It’s been 3 months since the announcement and no information regarding the studio, staff, or cast members, is up yet. It only hints at how far behind the series actually is.

We can only assume the series might come back in the year 2024 or in the Fall of 2023.

The plot of Tower of God

Tower of God season 2

The Tower of God, despite revealing many of its secrets still remains a mystery to many fans. The plot of Tower of God is easy to understand on the surface. However, it gets incredibly more complex the more you dive into it.

The climbers of the Tower will get a chance to fulfil their deepest desire The tower summons “Regulars” and give them a chance to climb the tower.

Among them is Bam was an Irregular and the tower didn’t choose him. But was able to enter it on his own, his only goal is to climb the tower and meet Rachel. She was the only ray of light during his time in the dark cave.

Upon finally meeting her, Bam realizes things aren’t as simple as he thought. When Rachel refuses to recognize him and ultimately betrays him.

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How much source material is left?

Tower of God is a popular Webtoon series. SIU has written and illustrated the series. The series began its serialization on June 2010 on the Naver Webtoon platform.

The series currently has 10 volumes and over 500 chapters. The first season covered the first 78 chapters of the webtoon.

The first season covered 78 chapters, the entirety of season 1 of the webtoon series. The second season has 337 chapters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bam different from other Regulars?

The Regulars are chosen by the Tower to climb the tower. Bam wasn’t chosen, he managed to open the gate of the Tower by himself. He is famous as irregular and the test admins keep him under watch.

Why did Rachel push Bam?

The answer to this question is a bit complex, she didn’t have a real motive behind betraying him or anything. Rachel is a jealous person and she doesn’t want anyone standing beside him or getting ahead.

Will there be a Tower of God anime season 2?u003cbr/u003e

Yes, there will hopefully be a second season.


Let’s hope that the second season entertains the fans as much as the first did. Though the exact release date is not up yet but waiting is the only solution. Japanese creators have never disappointed us and never will. Share your thoughts and opinions for the upcoming season and what may happen. For similar anime updates, keep following us.

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