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The first season of Tokyo Revengers whisked us through time in the blink of an eye, delivering a heart-pounding second season that left us yearning for more. Now, brace yourselves as the time-travelling anime adaptation comes back with Tokyo Revengers season 3

For those unfamiliar with the series, let us guide you down memory lane. Tokyo Revengers commenced its journey in 2021 with a 25-episode first season. Followed by a brief second season (Christmas Showdown) in early 2023. With almost two years separating the two seasons, fans anticipated the release of season 3 in 2024. But buckle up your time-travelling hats, as the release date is now revealed, and it’s closer than you might imagine!

anime tokyo revengers season 3

Here’s the review for Tokyo Revengers season 3. This time it’s Izana and Mickey are on the verge of engaging in a one-on-one showdown. In the culmination of this gang war, Takemichi will finally confront the challenge he had been avoiding.

Where to watch the anime Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Tokyo Revengers has arrived, but here’s a twist: you won’t find the third season on Crunchyroll. Despite the first season being featured on the iconic anime streaming platform, the third season has found two new homes away from the familiar English anime localization sites: Disney Plus and Hulu. Yes, you read it correctly. Depending on your region, you’ll need a subscription to either Disney Plus or Hulu to indulge in the latest episodes of this Shonen series.

For viewers in the U.S., you can catch season three on Hulu by navigating to the Tokyo Revengers show and selecting the second season within the app. The first episode of season three, titled “The Longest Day,” is officially listed as “season two, episode 14.” Don’t be confused, as that’s indeed the debut episode of the third season. You can reliably access new episodes in this designated spot.

For those in the U.K. and Canada, Tokyo Revengers is available on Disney Plus.


tokyo revengers season 3

Tokyo Revengers has been immensely enjoyable thus far, and the anticipation for season 3 is equally enticing. The upcoming season will dive into the manga’s Tenjiku Arc, portraying Toman’s gradual descent towards destruction, primarily orchestrated by Mikey.

The central plot revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki’s journey into the past to prevent Mikey from making detrimental decisions for the Tokyo Manji gang. Additionally, the series will introduce a new gang named Yokohama Tenjiku, aiming to overthrow every other gang in Japan, including Toman.

They left us on a cliffhanger but the last episodes were entertaining.

Final Moments of Tokyo Revengers Season 3

In a critical moment of the gang war, Kisaki, prepared to end Takemichi’s life, aimed a gun at him. However, Takemichi, displaying unwavering loyalty to the gang, didn’t flinch and was prepared to meet his demise. This surprising resolve moved Kisaki, leading him to reconsider. Instead of killing Takemichi, Kisaki opted to shoot a bullet into his own foot.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Izana Kurokawa boldly faced the entire gang alone. Challenging Toman’s members, he engaged in one-on-one combat with each of them. Just as the showdown between Takemichi and Izana was about to commence, reinforcements in the form of Mikey, Draken, and Hinata arrived to lend support. Learning that Takemichi is a time-leaper, they joined forces to aid his cause. The episode concluded with Izana launching an attack on Mikey, setting the stage for a new and intense battle to unfold.

anime tokyo revengers season 3

During a tense confrontation between Toman and Tenjiku, Takemichi discovers with shock that Hina has revealed his time-leaping ability to Draken and Mikey. Despite the initial despair, Mikey’s determination reignites, propelling Toman into battle.

As Toman faces off against Tenjiku, Mikey finds himself struggling against the superior fighting skills of Tenjiku’s leader, Izana. The confrontation unveils a complex backstory involving Izana’s brother, Shinichiro, Toman’s former leader. Following Shinichiro’s demise and a series of subsequent events, Izana harbours a deep-seated desire to destroy Toman, shaping Mikey into his idealized version of Shinichiro.

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Is Tokyo Revengers over?

In November 2022, Ken Wakui brought the Tokyo Revengers manga to an end, but regrettably, it failed to meet the expectations of fans.

How old is Sano Tokyo Revengers?

Sano is 15 years old.

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