Voice Actor of Gojo Satoru Gets Canceled Over His Sexually Explicit Jokes

Recently, the Japanese voice actor of the Jujutsu Kaisen fan favorite Gojo Satoru was recently “canceled” by fans over his sexual explicit jokes. Yuichi Nakamura thought it was a good way to his humor his fans, but unfortunately backfired.

The Japanese tabloid Weekly Bunshun attempted to publish an expose on him over some comments he made during a GTA 5 Street Graffiti Role Play live-stream. This project of the game is where actors can play predetermined roles that are intended to be different from their typical personality.

A report from an entertainment website states that the tabloid reports “A male player with a distinctive voice is shouting sexual comments at a female player. This man – who repeats obscene language that makes the viewers of game streams blush – is actually a very popular voice actor.”

During the livestream Nakamura said some statements such “I’ll look inside your skirt” and “Don’t cum before me.” The X post published by the tabloid had gathered more than 48.5 million views with more than 20 thousand quote tweets, with majority of them sharing statements of disgust and negative criticism over the voice actor.

The tweet made by Mafia Kajita says, “Wow, what a stupid article. I’m so irritated, let me, who has spent countless hot nights with Yuichi Nakamura, write this!”. While the other post says, “Fans are disgusted →❌ Business as usual →⭕️. Are you a beginner in the voice acting world? Relax yourself.”Mafia Kajita is a colleague of Nakamura.

Based on numerous discussions, it is revealed that these kinds of jokes are nothing new and is said to be a part of what makes him endearing. International fans however shared their disgust especially that Gojo is a well-loved character of Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen manga series.

In 2020, Nakamura revealed that that it was complicated to play Gojo, adding that the character was hated among the staff. However, he clarified that he was only sharing of his difficulty in figuring out Gojo in a voice actor’s perspective.

Source: CBR.com

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