Astro Note Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, And First Promo

It’s time for a brand new science fiction romantic comedy anime to hit the screens. Astro Note Anime was announced in November 2023, and here we are with its first trailer released. When the news first came, the stunning key visuals and the 1-minute teaser video kept the fans engaged. 

We recently got insights into the cast and additional details about the anime. The anime is preparing to entertain us all in April 2024. It’s too soon for us to know the exact release date, but it shall be out soon!

Astro Note Anime Cast & Staff

Astro Note Anime Key Visuals

Credit: Crunchyroll

Telecom Animation Film has taken charge of the animation production of the anime. Haruki Kasugamori takes the lead role, whereas Shinji Takamatsu is the art director. The art direction and series composition are managed by Reiji Kasuga and Kimiko Ueno. Lastly, Kohei Munemoto manages the music composition. 

Not gonna lie; when the anime’s key visuals appeared, fans were enchanted with the details and aesthetics. Thanks to the character designer Maho Aoki for using their exceptional art skills for character designing. 

The anime’s voice cast details are also out. The talented Soma Sato voices the main character, Takumi Miyasaki. Meanwhile, Maaya Uchida voices the female lead, Mira Gotokuji. There are seven supporting characters, and their details are also out. 

  • Suwabe Junichi Voices Naosuke
  • Fukuyama Jun voices Ginger Shoin
  • Ogura Yui voices Uemachi Aoi
  • Furihata Ai voices Matsubara Teruko
  • Sugita Tomokazu voices Wakabayashi Tomihiro
  • Miki Shinichiro voices Yamashita Shoukichi
  • Kugimiya Rie voices Wakabayashi Ren

The first teaser video was released the same day as the anime’s exciting news came. However, with the additional details of the voice actors, the creators presented us with the official trailer with the theme song, Hohoemi no Oto.

The trailer introduces us to the characters and gives a perfect glimpse into the anime’s world. We can feel the captivating chemistry between the main leads, and the sci-fiction touch makes it unique.

Astro Note anime Plot

The story revolves around Takumi, a great chef who lost his job. However, soon after, he gets a new job and must move to the boarding school. Though initially hesitant, the dude had no choice, and that’s when the thrill began in his life. He met the gorgeous caretaker and female lead, Mira. Her undenying beauty enchanted him effortlessly. Their interactions increase, and he started to enjoy his time with her. Little did he know that there is much more to her story than he knows. The lady belongs to a different world!

Source: Crunchyroll

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