7th Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 Date Revealed

The most awaited time of the year has arrived. It’s finally time to vote for our favorite anime series and see them win the award. The Crunchyroll anime awards 2023 date has been revealed. This post is about the respective awards and the information each otaku needs. 

Crunchyroll started this tradition in 2017, and from that moment onwards, anime weebs waited for the year to end. This is going to be the 7th annual Crunchyroll anime awards 2023!

7th Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023 Release Date

The award results are set to be announced on the 4th of the third month, i.e., March 4th, 2023. The good news is the annual event will be streamed worldwide! So, you must take advantage of this golden opportunity. It will take place at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan! 

Luckily, there is not much time left to celebrate the win of our favorite anime with compelling story and all. In fact, you can play your part by voting for your favorite anime from the Nominees. This time the following six anime compete against each other as they have been nominated among the best. 

  • Spy X Family
  • Attack On Titan
  • Edge Runners
  • Ranking Of Kings
  • Demon Slayer
  • Lycoris Recoil

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Let’s see who will win the title of the year’s best title from the anime community!! The voting period has started. It’s one of the most critical decisions. To vote for your favorite, you can tweet it on Twitter using the hashtags for the anime names. Use the tags properly; otherwise, it won’t count as a vote. Well, don’t forget that not just the captivating stories, but style of animation, anime studios’ efforts, creative aspects, and aspects of production matters to win the award.

About the 7th Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023

Crunchyroll anime awards 2023

Credit: Crunchyroll

If you think the awards ceremony will be solely for the anime, then you need to update your information. The Ceremony will announce winners in different categories, and 14 categories are there for live and +9 for virtual Ceremonies! Isn’t that great?

Following are the categories that will receive the award

1. Anime Of The Year

Everyone is familiar with this category and why this Ceremony is one of the most awaited moments of the year. 

2. Best Animation

With time, each anime is coming up with quality animation. The anime world has progressed so much in terms of animation that it’s getting harder and harder to select the best one. We have been blessed with some fantastic animation works this year, and the moment to cherish them is arriving soon.

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3. Best Anime Song

The OP-ED songs have a different fan base. We all wait to hear the opening and ending theme songs of anime so we can enjoy a little more. The award will be given to the anime with the best music, vocalist, instrumental, etc.

4. Best Character Design

Character Designing is an art, and anime world is full of talented artists. This award will be given to the artist who made it feel natural and lively and made it possible to connect the audience with the characters!

5. Best Comedy

Many anime force one to roll on the floor laughing, and the best ones will win this prestigious award.

6. Best Continuing Series

There are many anime that make it harder for fans to wait patiently for the next season. Though fans hate it the most, it’s a good thing for the creators. The more the anime is good, the more it gets for fans to wait.

Bringing the same or double amount of audience for the next season is a challenging task. So this award will be for the one that glued the audience throughout for its perfect story, suspense, and stuff.

7. Best Director

Whatever we see in the anime, the creativity, the art style, the animation style, the camera angles, the execution, and the infact, everything is the director’s work. He is the ship’s captain; so only the best director will own this award!

8. Best Fantasy

We all love anime because it gives life to our imaginations, and a bit of magic, isn’t that right? There is an award for best fantasy to acknowledge all the creativity.

9. Best Film

Some Anime Movies are canon, and some aren’t. Whichever they are, it’s a good source of entertainment for the audience. So, this award is for the movie that entertained the audience the best.

10. Best Original Anime

They are the anime that are not an adaptation. They don’t have any source material like manga or novels in the case of most anime.

11. Best Romance 

A huge fandom adores the sweet and sour moments between couples. This award is dedicated to the best romance of the year.

12. Best Score

The score is the original music of the anime, and many anime spellbind the audience with their commendable music. However, the best among the best will deserve this award.

13. Presenter’s Choice

As the name suggests, this award is given according to the presenter’s choice, i.e., the choice of special guests. 

14. Special Achievement Award

This award will be given to a person, a studio, or anyone who has played a significant role in the world of anime. The one who achieved a milestone and set a standard for the others to come!

Categories For Online Events

There are a variety of categories that are acknowledged widely and are awarded. So those who are going to take part in the voting process must be aware of them all.

1. Must Protect At All Cost (Character)

Many characters will do anything but never stay behind in protecting others. So, this award will be dedicated to the iconic anime characters that will protect at all costs. They are the main reasons behind setting uneatable standards for anime.

2. Best New Series

Many anime debuts each year, but a few make their name. The best New Series award will be given to the best of the best series from the debutantes.

3. Best Opening Sequence

There are anime that spellbind the viewers with their irresistible music. So this category is famous to acknowledge the masterpieces of music.

4. Best Action

Anime is famous for its shounen and action sequences. The world of anime has progressed so much in terms of shounen that it’s hard to select a single one. This specific category is there to acknowledge the action element of the anime. 

5. Best Drama

Creating perfect twists, turns, ups and downs in the story in a way that entangles the audience is an art. This category is to acknowledge all these efforts!

6. Best Ending Sequence

It’s similar to the opening sequences. They also play a huge role in connecting the audience with the characters.

7. Best Main Character

The protagonist is the one that enjoys the spotlight throughout the anime. We all have our certain favorite characters, don’t we? This category is to acknowledge the best main character.

8. Best Supporting Character

Like the protagonist, the supporting character plays a significant role in developing the story. Without supporting characters, the story looks bland.

9. Best Voice Actor Performance

Voice Actors are the off-screen heroes that do their job in bringing the art to life. Thanks to them, fans can relate to the character well. Therefore, this category is there to acknowledge their creativity and efforts.. 


u003cstrongu003eWhat is the most prestigious Anime award?u003c/strongu003e

Tokyo Anime Awards are famous as the most prestigious anime awards.

Wu003cstrongu003ehen did the Anime Awards start?u003c/strongu003e

They started back in January 2017.


At the end, let’s be grateful for all the Japanese creators for bringing amazing stories to life. Through these stories, we have came to love the Japanese culture immensely. I hope you have already voted for your favorite anime, and if you still need to, don’t wait anymore. For now, we all have nothing to do except wait for March to see the results. So my anime fans, let’s wait patiently! For more anime news, keep following!

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