30 Best Anime For 12 Year Olds

Hola my Otaku friends. I am back again with some fantastic recommendations for the little weebs. This time the post is dedicated to all those who are looking for the best Anime for 12-year-olds.

Spit out any worries if you have any because I’ll try my best to fulfill your demands by recommending some best ones. 

There might be many of you searching for the Anime you used to watch when you were a 12-year-old. So be glad, as the below-mentioned entries will also include old Anime. I can understand the eagerness to watch Anime when you can’t remember the name!

Let’s begin with my list of favorite Anime for 12-year-olds. The list from 30 to 25 is suitable for kids about to turn 13, while the top 15 are for kids who are 12 years old.

P.S. The list is opinionated, as I will recommend suitable anime for 12-year-old from my watched list!

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30. Puella Magi: Madoka Magica

Puella Magi: Madoka Magica best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

It’s for all those 12-year-olds who admire magic and fantasy. The Anime has only 12 episodes, but it is a complete package. It follows the lives of regular high schoolers Madoka and Sayaki. The two are best friends who want to live simple lives.

Unfortunately, things changed after they met a mysterious talking cat. The cat wanted the girls to become magical; in return, he would fulfill their one wish. At first, both the girls denied and another magical girl tried her best to stop Madoka from agreeing to the offer.

This is because the magical girl’s life is challenging and is a complete mystery. Certain plot twists in the Anime are best if not revealed. Otherwise, it will be a SPOILER for you. The mysteries doubled when Sayaki agreed to be a magical girl and ended up losing her life.

The Anime will keep you spellbound with its superb animation, likable characters, and suspense. 

P.S. The anime is a bit depressing and a little horror, so you can avoid it if you don’t like it.

29. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia best anime for 12 year olds
Source: My Hero Academia anime

MHA has been one of the most popular Anime of this decade. Otaku loves it because it’s an excellent watch for shounen lovers. Izuku, aka Deku, is a passionate boy who will go against the odds no matter what.

Despite being born deprived of powers, he somehow manages to get them. He was born with rare medical conditions that didn’t allow him to become a superhero, even though it was his dream.

However, nothing could stop him from stepping into the dangers and saving humanity. Luckily, his idol, All Might, realized his passion and love for fighting against evil. Therefore, he fulfills his wish by transferring his quirk.

The Anime later follows the journey of Deku mastering his newly given powers. It’s soothing to see him grow each day, though mastering this quirk wasn’t easy. His personality attracts viewers a lot because he motivates everyone. His character is very much similar to the all-time popular Naruto. I am sure you’ll find this one spellbinding. 

28. Black Clover

Black Clover Best Anime For 12 Year Olds
Credit: IMDb

Black Clover is a dark fantasy and action packed anime. It follows the life of a kid named Asta. He lives in a world where wizards aren’t uncommon. Asta is friends with a prodigy, Yuno, and both share the dream of being the best wizard kings.

Therefore, both are frenemies, and this is what gives them the motivation to keep trying harder. Unfortunately, Asta is different from others. Unlike others, he lacks mana, the raw power necessary to cast magic.

All selected mana users except Asta are given magic books (grimoires), and Yuno gets the best one. People make fun of Asta, but he doesn’t give up and finally finds a five-leaf grimoire.

The book is not ordinary but very special and contains a demon. With time, it’s revealed that though Asta lacks magic, he can use anti-magic. That is, he can defy all magic, isn’t it great? All those who like action, fantasy, magic, adventure, and dope characters should not wait anymore to start this one. 

27. Hunter x Hunter 

Hunter x Hunter  best anime for 12 year olds
Source: Hunter x Hunter anime

As one can guess from the name, it’s all about hunters. We know that a hunter’s job isn’t easy as it involves dangers and daunting tasks. Their job includes finding treasures, unusual items, and MONSTERS!

The Anime revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Gon Freecss. Despite learning the fact that the job of the hunter is deadly and risky, he is passionate about being one. This is because he wishes to find his Hunter father; according to him, this can only be done if he is a hunter.

The story progresses, and we see him befriending many others like him. HXH has some great action sequences, and its adventures are thrilling. 

26. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

This is the best Anime for all the admirers of comedy and supernatural. The plot revolves around a man named Nitta. He usually keeps himself busy by collecting rare vases. His life changes when he encounters a magical girl named Hina.

She is blessed with so many powers that she cannot keep them in control. Therefore, Nita looks after Hina, and with time their bond develops. The story progresses with Nitta getting in trouble, and his help comes to our girl Hina.

Their chemistry is adorable, and it’s appealing to see them helping each other. The element of comedy doubles the fun, so don’t worry about yourself being entertained. 

25. Noragami

Noragami best anime for 12 year olds
credit: IMDb

Have you heard about a delivery god? No worries, this Anime will show how God works as a delivery boy. Yato is our protagonist and a God with an indescribable passion for gaining millions of followers.

He spends his day Collecting money by doing odd jobs. Yato was struggling in his journey till one day, he encounters a girl named Hiyori who saves him and gets herself injured. The good deed resulted in troubling her as her soul becomes loose in the sense that it can get out of her body anytime.

As per expectations, she seeks Yato’s help, and he agrees on the cost that she will become his partner. Their chemistry is adorable, and the good thing is that Anime is full of action and fantasy.

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24. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

We all dream of having supernatural powers, don’t we? Having powers is not always a blessing; for some, it’s more like a curse. The same goes for Saiki, whose psychic powers have made his life more complex than ever.

The more he demands a peaceful life, the more his powers make it harder for him to live in peace. To top it off, the people around him leave no chance to double his troubles. His everyday life is filled with countless problems, making him realize that living a peaceful life is impossible for him. 

23. Beelzebub

Beelzebub best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: Crunchyroll

This one is hilarious as it involves many scenarios where you will find it hard to stop your laughter. You can say it’s a complete package because it involves action, supernatural, and whatnot! This is the story of a delinquent named Oga.

The school he studies in is full of violent students, but they all know that angering Oga means danger! Therefore none dares to cross him. Oga’s life changes after he saves someone from drowning, but he gets surprised that it is not a man but a baby.

The baby is named Beelzebub, who gets attracted to Oga at the first glimpse and starts considering him his family. However, little did everyone know that that baby was the son of the demon Lord.

Olga now just looks after the baby along with his demon maid. This Anime has the right pacing, and one never feels bored watching this one. 

22. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is A Part-Timer best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

This is a must-watch Anime if you want to watch something unique. This is the story of the Demon Lord Satan, who had evil motives to take over the world. A war broke down, but a hero rise in time to stop him.

Demon Lord Satan was sent out of the world. He opened his eyes to the earth, where he was surprised to find that his powers were fading away. Nothing magical could work here, and the world’s only power was MONEY.

Demon Lord changed his identity and started working as a part-timer. Of course, one can only stay alive by earning money, right? The same happened to him. Its first season is very short, and you can easily binge-watch it.

Just don’t waste a second more and get down to binge-watching it. This is undoubtedly one of the best Anime for 12-year-olds. 

21. Blue Exorcist 

Blue Exorcist  best action anime for 12 year olds
Source: Blue Exorcist anime

The Anime is set in a world where humans and demons are separated. The only way to enter each other’s world is by possessing bodies like ghosts do. However, the ruler of the demon world couldn’t find a suitable body for posession.

Therefore, he sends his son on her behalf. Rin Okumura is our handsome protagonist who lived his life generally till he learned that he is the son of a demon. He is unlike his father and is highly a giant demon.

Therefore, he trains himself to find ways to stop the demons from harming humanity. His journey is full of adventures, action, and a lot of stuff. Kids who love shounen and fantasy should watch this one.  

20. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love Is War best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

The Anime is loved for Kaguya and Miyuki’s unique chemistry. Both are the school’s top students, and almost all want to see them as a couple. Fate plays its role, and the duo starts feeling for each other, but they are so full of ego that they won’t confess no matter what.

In fact, they have started a war in love where each one of them wishes for the other one to confess first. They plan against each other, but no one loses. To know who will win the war, start watching this one ASAP! It’s a great story full of comedy.

19. Toradora

Toradora best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the cutest love stories one can watch. It revolved around the lives of Ryuuji and Taiga. Both of them are entirely opposite to each other. Ryuuji is a kind guy, but people mistake him as a delinquent, whereas Taiga is a girl feared by everyone.

Fate plays its part, and the duo meets each other. Both of them happened to like each other’s best friends. Therefore, they joined hands with each other to impress their respective crushes.

Little did they know that by trying to win the hearts of others, they’ll lose theirs to each other. It’s a story full of sweet moments and slice of life. Toradora is one of the most famous love stories out there! 

18. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun
Credit: IMDb

Hanako Kun is the 7th wonder of the school. Horror stories about the school’s seven Wonders are popular, and many believe Hanako San can grant wishes. Many of them tried to summon but failed, except Nene.

Nene summons Hanako Kun to fulfill her wish and requests him to help her impress her crush. Hanako San was good and tried his best to keep the girl out of trouble, but he failed. Nene was a magnet for trouble.

The duo became close to each other, and each episode unfolds new secrets about Hanako Kun and who he actually is. It’s an excellent anime for all those who like the supernatural.  

17. Transformers

Credit: Toonami Wiki Fandom

We all have heard about the popular Transformers movies, haven’t we? This is the anime version of the same series. The Anime is full of amazing robots capable of shifting themselves into cars and whatnot.

The Optimus Prime Autobot starts his mission to leave his warrior on earth because they can’t live on their planet anymore because of the black hole threat. Besides, he needs to collect the four cyber planet keys as soon as possible.

Otherwise, things can get messy. Those who love action, mecha, and stuff should watch this one as they will find this Anime super interesting. 

16. Mob Psycho

Mob Psycho
Source: Mob Psycho 100 anime

A few characters attract the audience with their first glimpse, and Mob is one of them. No one can judge him by his looks, and that’s why he keeps surprising people on and off the screen. His psychic prowess has made his life more complicated and entertaining for the viewers.

He is so overpowered that controlling his powers is a challenging task for him. Besides, he is more worried about his loved ones; therefore, he battles with him to keep himself in control.

However, he gladly uses his powers to impress his crush, which gives this Anime a comedic touch. He joins hands with a con artist named Arataka, and on his orders, he sets out to exorcise spirits.

The trouble doesn’t end, as the more he tries to keep his psychic powers in check, the harder it gets for him to control them. If you like watching Anime with an OP MC, don’t fret and watch it ASAP! 

15. Spy x Family

Spy x Family
Credit: IMDb

Loid forger is the protagonist, a top-tier spy who can do anything to complete his mission. He was tasked to complete a mission that required him to have a family. It was impossible to have a real one; therefore, he created a fake one instead.

Loid adopted a 6-year-old girl named Anya and married a lady named Yor. Our protagonist thinks he is the only one keeping secrets. Still, little does he know that he underestimates his fake family.

Yor is an assassin in disguise, whereas Anya has the power to read minds. The Anime is full of fantastic action-comedy, and the good thing is its animation doubles the fun. You can’t miss watching this one, as this has given tough competition to not only Anime but also American seasons.

14. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball
Credit: IMDb

Dragon Ball is a name known by almost everyone who watches Anime. This is the story of Goku, whose life changes after learning about the dragon balls. The balls hold the power to summon a dragon that can grant any wish the summoner asks to be granted.

The power of the balls attracted everyone, especially the greedy and evil ones. With time, Goku evolves by mastering his newly awakened powers. Many overpowered characters enter the Anime that challenges Goku’s strength, but he surpasses them no matter what.

The Anime has some crazy action sequences that will force you to the edge of your seat. The story progresses, and we see multiple characters entangling the viewers with their charm and strength. It’s a pretty long anime, so take your time and watch it with patience.

13. Pokemon

Credit: IMDb

Pokemon is a name familiar to almost everyone because of its massive popularity. It took decades to end, which is why it has built a connection with the audience. Pokemon follows the adventures of Ash, who wishes to become the best trainer.

He has multiple Pokemon, and it’s amusing to see him competing against other trainers in a tournament. Unfortunately, Ash Ketchum’s dream takes time to be fulfilled. Therefore you’ll need a lot of patience.

Problems knock on his door each time, and he finds himself entangled between them. His chemistry with Pokemon and how he befriends them is highly entertaining. This one is full of lovable characters There is almost everything that one wishes to see in an anime, be it action adventure and whatnot! 

12. Powerpuff Girls Z

best anime for 12 year olds
Credit: Wiki Fandom

How many of you know about the three superhero girls? This is the story of three sisters named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The Anime follows their day-to-day life-fighting evil to protect their country.

They were created artificially by mixing chemicals, all thanks to the professor. They are very opposite in personality and powers, which keeps the audience entertained. It’s a good anime for 12-year-olds because it contains worthy lessons.

The way it teaches us to stand against evil and maintain the country’s peace is excellent. The three sisters are incredibly adorable and will effortlessly spellbind you throughout the end of the episode. If you like action, then you’ll enjoy watching this one.

11. Inazuma 11

Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the best sports anime for 12 years old. It revolves around a boy named Mamoru and his struggles to bring his team to the top. Unfortunately, his team needs to be stronger in comparison, and he needs to find the players.

Building a team from scratch is hard, but this is what makes Anime worth watching. The techniques the heroes use during the match are admirable. There is a lot of creativity in Anime, and the good thing is it gives instant motivation to all those who love soccer. If you like games or sports, then you’ll enjoy watching Inazuma 11.

10. Naruto

Source: Naruto anime

Naruto is a must-watch Anime for everyone, irrespective of age. Naruto is famous as one of the BIG 3, and there are countless reasons for it. I have grown up watching Naruto, and you guys are lucky because the Anime is completed.

Naruto is the story of a kid with the same name who spends his childhood lonely being despised by almost everyone. People used to fear him because of the nine-tailed beast sealed inside him, but our poor kid didn’t know that.

The story progresses with him joining the academy, where he finds some great people in his life. He was the weakest ninja, but he eventually evolved to the point where he was the strongest of all time. His journey is commendable.

This is the Anime that makes sure you fall in love with not only the heroes but the villains. There is a lot to learn from it; therefore, you can not miss this golden opportunity to watch Anime non-stop! Have a good watch, my friend.  Naruto is effortlessly the best anime for 12 year olds.

9. Haikyuu

Source: Haikyuu anime

How many of you love watching sports? It doesn’t matter if your answer is no because your preferences will change soon after you start watching it. Haikyuu instills enough curiosity in the viewers that one is forced to binge-watch it.

It’s full of unforgettable moments. Hinata is the main lead who constantly struggles to prove himself on the court. People underestimate him for his short height, but this kid loves to make them regret their opinions.

Things turn good for him when he joins a new school, where he gets surprised to find that a volleyball prodigy Tobio is also a part of it. At first, the duo doesn’t go along well but watching them develop their bond is worth admiring.

The way they team up on the court and use their creativity is Oscar-winning. Trust me or not, you will fall in love with Haikyuu. It’s that GOOD! 

8. Mirumo

Credit: IMDb

Kaede is a timid girl who can’t stand talking to boys. Therefore she fails to express her feelings to her crush. One day, after buying a cocoa mug, she finds a mysterious note. When she reads it out loud, a fairy is summoned who promises to fulfill her wish.

The fairy is so cute that one is instantly bewitched by his cuteness. His actions add more charm to his chubby personality. This little munchkin had problems as he escaped from his place because he feared marrying a girl named Rimuru.

Kaede and Mirumo help each other in their own way, which will steal your heart. This is a must-watch Anime for the ones who love to see chibby anime characters.

7. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia
Credit: IMDb

Akko is your cute little protagonist who dreams of becoming a witch. Despite having a non magical background, nothing could stop her. She started learning witchcraft in a magic academy inspired by her idol, Chariot. 

In the academy, her time was not easy; she had to work hard. Many challenges came her way, but she successfully overcame them. If you are into magic and adventure, then you’ll enjoy this Anime. This is the best watch for kids of all ages. I bet you’ll love watching this one. 

6. Digimon Data Squad

Digimon Data Squad
Credit: IMDb

Looking for the best anime for kids? Thanks to the creator of the Anime for introducing some kawaii characters. There are multiple seasons of Digimon with different main characters. You can watch any of them according to your liking. DTS follows the journey of Masaru and Agumon.

His life changes drastically after the entry of some creatures through different dimensions. These creatures were called Digimon. However, not much was known about the reasons behind their entry into the human world.

Therefore, the officials tasked Masaru to find the actual reason behind their entry and how their existence affected their world. Digimon Data Squad highlights the cutest bond between Masaru and his Digimon.

The duo’s understanding, banter, and partnership are worth admiring. I am sure you’ll be glad after watching this one. 

5. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone
credit: IMDb

This is the one that will steal your heart within an instant, all thanks to its adorable MC Kotaro. The kid has set some high standards of cuteness and adorability. He is a 4-year-old who lives alone.

Yes, he lives alone in a rented apartment and manages everything independently. He knows how to do the dishes, how to cook, how to pay the bills, how to do the grocery, and all of it, along with studying.

He surprises everyone on his first day of shifting. His neighbors were good, and they started treating him like their family. This Anime will bring tears to your eyes for sure. It’s not like it’s sad, it’s full of comedy, but there are a lot of emotional moments as well. 

Believe me or not, Kotaro Lives Alone is a perfect and the best anime for 12 year olds.

4. Doraemon

Credit: IMDb

The Anime follows the life of a kid named Nobita, who is living a hard life. He is helpless, lazy, and unlucky. Therefore, his descendants from the future decide to bring a change in their generations.

They send a robot named Doraemon, who helps Nobita with almost every task. Their bond is the best thing to admire as it entertains much more than one’s expectations. The Anime revolves around their day-to-day adventures, problems, and how the duo deals with them. It’s a perfect watch for not just kids but for all ages. This one was, is and will always be the best anime for 12 year old. Well, let’s just say for the anime fans of all ages!

3. Bakugan

Credit: IMDb

What if you open your eyes one day and find a rain of mysterious cards, everyone? What would you do? Bakugan has the same plot where the world changes after a sudden rain of Bakugan cards. Well, thanks to the ones who immerse themselves in the card game!

These cards were capable of calling powerful beasts creatures called Bakugan. The ones who got the specific cards became the Bakugan users. Daniel is the main character who gets blessed with some mesmerizing Bakugan.

The plot progresses, and we see different users competing against each other to test their powers. No one realized that things aren’t as they seem. Mysteries started to develop with the entry of some mysterious and evil characters.

There are a lot of action sequences, and the fantastic characters add more charm to them. You can not miss the chance to watch this awesome Anime. 

2. Blue Dragon 

Blue Dragon
Credit: IMDB

This Anime left no chance in making the childhood of many worth it. The charm and entertainment this Anime provides are unmatchable. It revolves around an optimistic kid named Shu who wishes to protect the world from evil.

He lives in a world where people have artificially created shadow powers. The masterminds are using them to disturb the world’s peace. However, only seven genuine shadow users are blessed with original shadow powers.

Zola and Jero are searching for those users to protect the world. While traveling, they encounter Shu, whom they thought of as an ordinary kid. However, he surprises everyone by revealing himself as a shadow user.

Shu himself was unaware of the breathtaking powers he had inside of him. His shadow’s name is Blue Dragon, considered the mightiest, most evil, and most potent. Zola takes Shu to her team and starts his training to make him master his newly awakened powers.

During their journey, they encounter a lot of dangers, but they never stop progressing. The powers, action, characters, and story full of twists will bind you to the Anime throughout the end. 

Do you still have any doubts regarding it being the best anime for 12 year olds?


1. Astro Boy

Astro Boy
Credit: IMDb

Not gonna lie, it’s not the best anime for 12 year but also for people of all ages. It is one of the oldest Anime, but it’s worth Watching. The story is about a robot named Atom, created by a man in the memories of his late son. However, he doesn’t treat him well, and Atom is moved from place to place till he finds the right owner.

He is a robot, but his intelligence is similar to an ordinary human. In fact, he is a genius who knows what is right and what is wrong. He performs his duties as a superhero, saving humanity from evil minds.

Apart from that, Atom wishes for a world where humanity and machines like him can work together for a better world. Whether or not his dream will come true is suspense that will be unveiled when you start watching it. XD


Is anime OK for 12-year-olds?

Yes, there are a number of age-appropriate anime. Watching age-appropriate anime is absolutely OK for 12-year-olds.

Is anime series kid friendly?

Not all of the anime series are kid-friendly, but one can select age-appropriate anime.


Let’s end our discussion about the best Anime for 12-year-olds. I really hope that anime fans will enjoy watching them as I did. Most of them played a huge role in making my childhood memories, and I wish the same for you. I’ll return with some more engaging topics on your popular demand. Have a good day!

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