Tales Of Wedding Rings Anime Adaptation Officially Announced

Tales of Wedding Rings is perhaps one of the most anticipated series to be announced an anime adaptation, the official announcement for the series was announced on the Twitter account @weddingringsPR on January 17th.

The announcement came with a special illustration drawn by the author Maybe with the announcement of the main characters being Satou and Hime. Any new information such as a Promotional Video or a teaser will be released soon.

The newly created website for the series revealed the cast members for the main characters and their exclusive comments before and after the recording sessions.

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You can see the key visual below:

Tales Of Wedding Rings
Credit: Twitter via @weddingringsPR

The key visual featured the two main characters, Krystal Novaty Nokanatika with a glowing ring on her finger with flew others floating around her, and Satou Haruto in the back with a broad sword in his hand, symbolizing the importance of these rings.

The list of main cast members was only revealed for the main two characters with Kitou Akari voicing Krystal Novaty Nokanatika and Gen Satou voicing Haruto Satou. Other cast members will be revealed sometime soon.

So far the list of main characters (from the manga) includes Krystal Novaty Nokanatika, Haruto Satou, Granat Needakitta, Saphir Maasa, Nephrites Lomka, and Amber Idanokan.

The Plot of Tales of Wedding Rings

It’s always surprising when an ordinary romance story turns into something interesting, but a true love story always has a happy ending, at least in fictional shows.

Satou is the protagonist of the series and he’s in love with his childhood friend, Hime. She one day appears out of nowhere with her grandfather out of nowhere, and she’s grown into a real beauty which makes it more difficult for Satou to confess his feelings.

But he understands that if he waits any further, he will one day have to say farewell to his love and he can’t let that happen.

However, it seems as though the fates have something else in store for him, he soon learns that she is among the five “Princesses of the Rings” from a different world. And learns that marrying his love means that he has to face the threat of the world as the King of Rings.

And furthermore, to unleash the full power of the ring, he has to marry the other four princesses as well.

Comments From The Cast of Tales of Wedding Rings

Gen Satou who is voicing the male lead, Haruto Satou had a few comments about his role as the voice actor and his impression of the show.

He mentioned how he thought the series initially felt like a harem, but with more trust among the characters, saying that this is perhaps the way to create a story about absolute trust and friendship.

After his first recording session, Satou mentioned that he was surprised to learn that the main character was also named Satou, and it made him extremely happy and enthusiastic about the recording process. Saying that he was lucky to have been chosen for this role.

Akito Kito who is voicing the female lead, Krystal Novaty Nokanatika (Hime) had only lovely things to say about the show and had high hopes from the start.

She mentioned that she was excited about the elements like fighting for love in a fantasy setting, but she was unsure where the series was going and was curious about what was going to happen next.

About The Series

Tales of Wedding Rings is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Maybe, the series was initially serialized in Monthly Big Gangan on March 2014, and there are currently 13 volumes available to read with 11 volumes with an English release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hime’s real name in Tales of Wedding Rings?

Hime was an alias to protect her identity in the human world, her name is Krystal Novaty Nokanatika and she is one of the five princesses of the rings.

Is Tales of Wedding Rings a harem anime?

Yes! The series has a strong harem theme, the main character ends up marrying five princesses and becoming the king of rings.

Source: talesofweddingrings-anime.jp, Twitter Via @weddingringsPR

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