Chillin in My 30s Cast and 2nd Promo

Chillin’ in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army is a fantasy series set to premiere in January 2023. Encourage Films studio is currently animating the series.

We have all the details regarding Chillin In My 30s cast members as the franchise recently updated us. And the 2nd promo video which featured a bit more story and character interaction to give the gist of the what is the tone for the series.

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You can see the key visual below:

Chillin' in My 30s cast
Credit: Ankokuheishi official website

Chillin in My 30s Cast

The official key visual featured the two main characters, Dariel and Marika along with a few other supporting characters including Bashubaza the fourth demon general, Zebiantes, and Gashita. The visual displayed two different sides divided by the glowing blade.

The official list of cast members for the characters includes Tomokazu Sugita voicing Dariel, Akane Fujita voicing Marika, Kazuhiko Inoue voicing Arantzil, Satoshi Tasuruoka as Bezalia, Mai Nakahara as Doroye, Keiko Watanabe as Erica and Akari Kitou as Radey. Undoubtedly, Chillin In My 30s cast members a quite famous in the otaku community.

The staff members for the series include Fumitoshi Oizaki as the series director, Hiroto Morishita as the sound director, Kazuhiro Arai as the art director, and background artist, Shiori Shouji for color design, and Hitomi Amemiya as the series composer and in charge of scripts.

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Chillin’ in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army 2nd Promo

The 2nd promo video gave us a more close look at the actual plot of the series along with some amazing character designs and a wonderful background environment.

The first impression from seeing the trailer makes you excited, the animation is flawless, the character designs and impeccable, the voice acting was on spot, and not to mention the action in these clips is completely amazing.

The Plot of Chillin’ in My 30s

Chillin’ in My 30s is fantasy adventure series that introduces us to a magical setting with demons and monsters.

The story follows Dariel who is one of the most competent soldiers in the demon general’s army. However, because he can’t use magic spells thus loses his job so he decides to explore the surrounding areas. That’s how he ends up near a village where he helps the townfolks by defeating monsters.

They offer him a place to stay and that’s where his new adventures begin, he meets quite a few people who influence his life in the village and help him figure out his next step now that he doesn’t work for the demon general.

Despite having no magical prowess, he is strong enough to easily take down any mage with his physical abilities alone.

About The Series

Chillin’ in My 30s is a Japanese fantasy light novel series. Okazawa Rokujuyon has written it and Joh Sage has illustrated it. The series first began serialization on the user-generated website Shosetsuka ni Naro on November 2018 and release the first volume.

Kodansha later licensed it and published three volumes in their Ranobe books imprint collection.

The series did receive a manga adaptation by Kodansha with artwork by Rurekuchie. Young Magazine serialized it in August 2019.

Frequently Asked Question

Why the Demon lord’s army fired Deriel?

Dariel while he was an excellent soldier, his lack of magical prowess often made him a hindrance during combat training, and with the new recruits wanting to enter the army. The demon lord deemed it necessary to out him. However, there is a lot more going on that we yet to know.

Is chillin in my 30s a harem?

Yes, it does have harem.

Is chillin in my 30s after getting fired a Light Novel?

Yes, the anime adaptation is based on the Light Novel.

Source: Ankokuheishi official website, Official Twitter


Fans absolutely loved Chilling in My 30s cast as they are all very famous Voice Artists. The voice actors of the main characters are not new to the industry and have successfully voiced many popular characters. The same goes for the voice artists of the supporting characters. Fans are satisfied with their work.

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