The Eminence In Shadow Anime Movie Announced 

It’s time for the most awaited anime film. Any guesses? Yes, we are talking about The Eminence In Shadow anime Movie. Just a few days ago, the creators announced the film, and fans have been on their toes since then. 

Recently, the second season of the anime came to an end. Fans were happy watching it, and thanks to the creators for keeping them happy. Fans are happy because they have something to wait for right after season 2. 

Cid has been winning hearts for years now, first through its Light Novel and one from the anime adaptation. Next, we can expect the same from the upcoming movie. The anime’s source material is taken from the Novel, which was released in 2018. 

Thanks to Daisuke Aizawa for writing such an amazing story. Of course, we can’t forget Azunishi, who illustrated it.

The Eminence In Shadow Anime Movie Announcement And Details

eminence in  shadow anime movie key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The announcement came along with the key visuals and not trailers. It’s too soon to expect a teaser or trailer since the confirmation was made recently. However, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll be watching the teaser trailers and promotional videos. 

The teaser visual of Eminence In Shadow Lost Echoes looks intriguing. Ngl, the character designers never leave the opportunity to amaze us. It’s also why fans expect characters in the key visual, as they are no less than a visual treat. No characters are there in the teaser poster, yet hopefully, the coming visuals will have. The upcoming film adaptation is expected to follow after season 2 as it will be a sequel to it. 

This is something that makes the fans glad because we’ll get to see how things will unfold. The movie will be a continuation and will follow the main storyline. In short, it’s not something you can skip. Lost In Echoes will continue after season 2, episode 12.

Additional Details

Unfortunately, we don’t have other details for the upcoming anime film apart from this confirmation. No release date has been specified yet, so all we can do is wait. We don’t know which director will be directing the movie, nor is there any news about the studio. 

Hopefully, it will be out somewhere at the beginning of 2024. The second season also didn’t take long to be out. After all, the show is extremely popular in the West, which is a prominent factor in its financial growth.

Apart from the announcement, Crunchyrolll highlighted the general plot of Eminence In Shadow. It didn’t give any highlights for the upcoming movie and how things will take place. 

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Anime Plot

The story revolves around Minoru Kagenou who was obsessed with getting strong. To achieve his goal, all he had to do was train himself to level up. His not-so-average life gets to end when he dies in a truck accident. 

The boy was lucky enough to get back to living, but this time as Cid, a member of a noble family. Surprisingly, the world of Cid is not an ordinary one but full of magic where nothing seems to be impossible.

To live life to the best he can, he imagines that there is an evil underground organization. To stand against the said organization, the boy creates a group. He acts as if his wild imagination is real, and the group members also believe that. Time for the plot twist! The organization actually exists, and everyone knows that except Cid!

Fans Reaction

Fans are happy after the announcement because they are getting to see Cid. However, some fans want the arc to continue in the third season. While some believe that this arc should have a movie as it’s more suitable for it. 

Overall, since the show is quite popular and fans love it from all around the globe, everyone is over the moon. The only thing that is frustrating them is the announcement came without the exact release date. Because they believe the confirmation alone without any potential release window is just torture. 

The fans are extremely happy after watching the second season. It has met their expectations, and in fact, it has brought more to the table than it was expected. This one came with flawless animation, epic visuals, clever humor, and thrill.

We felt intrigued throughout and didn’t want it to end. The fact that the previous season came with 20 episodes and this one came with just 12 broke many hearts. But we are grateful to the creators who instantly came with the movie announcement to bring the hearts back to HAPPY.

The second season picked the story exactly where it was dropped in the first season. Therefore, one is not confused even for a second. Just like the 2nd season was engaging, we can expect Lost In Echoes to be engaging the same way.

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Will there be season 3 of Eminence in Shadow?

The creators haven’t given any updates regarding it. However, everyone is positive that there will be a third season very soon.

Is Eminence in Shadow Season 2 coming?

Season 2 just finished recently and the sequel movie is also announced. 

Why is Cid Kagenou so strong?

Cid trained himself to be the best version, and it’s all thanks to his determination.


Eminence In Shadow is the Otaku’s favorite show, with the perfect amount of action, isekai, and fantasy. The first two reasons won hearts effortlessly, and both of them enjoy a great MAL rating. For season 1, it’s 8.3, and for season 2, it’s 8.5 out of 10.   

Usually, it’s difficult for shows to maintain the same reputation, but this one has become even more popular. So, let’s keep our expectations high from Eminence in the Shadow anime movie. Instead of waiting for it, you can choose to read the light Novel and the manga till then. 

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