Vampire Dormitory Anime Reveals New Trailer & Release Date

Guys, it’s time for some high doses of romance. Vampire Dormitory Anime is all set to give us huge butterflies in the stomach. Everyone’s favorite vampire romance manga is getting an anime adaptation. 

Vampire love stories are evergreen, and fans will always adore them. Thus, there is not even a chance that anyone would find such stories boring. It’s been a few months since the confirmation of a TV adaptation of the popular manga came.

Within a matter of months, we finally received the Trailer and the release window. Let’s get into the details!

Vampire Dormitory Anime Trailer and Release Date

vampire dormitory anime key visual

Oh My GOD, the 39 seconds of the teaser trailer speaks a LOT about the anime. It has reached straight to the hearts of the viewers. The teaser visuals are fantastic, and we don’t know which one to like more, the male lead or the female lead. 

Kudos to the character designer for presenting us with the perfect character designs. Manga fans won’t be disappointed, thanks to the creators of the show. 

While the promotional video was brief, it provided glimpses into the lives of the main characters. Their intense chemistry was clearly visible, and we were in awe! 

The music also has played a great role in emphasizing the motions and overall feels of the story. Kudos to the animation director, and the entire animation production team of Studio Blanc.

Regarding the release date, we are not sure about the exact release date. But here’s the good news: we do have information about the fortunate month and year. The most awaited anime will be out in April 2024. 

The upcoming year is set to be a paradise for romance anime enthusiasts.

A lot of anime adaptations of the manga and novels are coming. Let’s just hope that next year is the best for the otaku fandom.

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Vampire Dormitory Plot

This is the story of Mito and Ruka; the latter is the handsome obsessive vampire. Mito, in contrast, leads a chaotic life with no particular destination in mind.

His encounter with the vampire changes his life entirely. The vampire who didn’t want to drink from the girl found his ideal target. Thus, the duo makes a deal, and Mito starts living with him. However, there is a twist! Of course, it’s not a BL romance, so Mito isn’t actually a boy but a crossdressing girl disguised as a BOY. (XD)

Sounds interesting, right? 

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Fans’ Reaction

Manga fans are very happy because their favorite and well-loved manga series is going to be on the big screens soon. On the other hand, the trailer has made the shoujo lovers feel over the moon. Romance stories are never boring, and they attract a lot of otaku. 

On Reddit, fans are comparing it to Diabolik Lovers. Yet, those acquainted with the manga are aware that it takes a different turn. Fans are thrilled about the shoujo adaptation.

. There is a big debate on the show, and fans are delighted to hear the news!


Is Vampire Dormitory a show?

It’s an upcoming anime adaptation of the manga series with the same title.

Is Vampire Dormitory a romance?

It’s a visual treat for romance lovers, so consider it a must-read and watch!

What is the anime where the vampire falls in love with the human girl?

There are many, but Vampire Knight is the most popular one!


We all needed a break the next year from the heartbreaking and sad anime, right? This year has been tiring for the Shounen lovers with a lot of heartbreaking moments. To divert our minds, we need some sweet series, and Vampire Dormitory anime is the perfect watch. 

Hopefully, next year won’t make us cry like the last one! 

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