Migi and Dali Anime Episode 12 Preview: Release Date

Migi and Dali Anime Preview

Migi and Dali anime is currently an ongoing series on Crunchyroll that just began airing on October 2, 2023. It has already released a total of 11 episodes, with its 11th episode just released on December 11, 2023. So, it’s a good opportunity to get a preview of its upcoming Episode 12 and find out when it will be coming.

Migi & Dali is one of the best seinen anime right now, created by Nami Sano, a well-known manga artist. She created two popular manga series and three one-shots that got a great response from fans. However, she recently died on August 5, 2023, due to cancer.

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The series is well liked by fans for its hilarious moments, mysteries, and funny characters. As a result, they were eager to know everything about the upcoming episode of the Migi and Dali anime. So let’s get straight to this informative news and find out everything about Migi and Dali anime Episode 12, such as its release date and what we will see in it.

Recap of Migi and Dali anime episode 11

Recap of Episode 11
Source: Migi and Dali Anime

Migi & Dali Episode 11, “Upside Down Women,” was just released on December 11, 2023. In this newly released episode, Migi & Dali, the main characters of the series, try their best to solve the biggest mystery. In order to do that, they take help from their friends, Akiyama and Maruta, and sneak to Ichijou’s house.

They made a clever plan to find out every secret of Reiko directly from her mouth. Moreover, they also used Eijo as a hostage against Reiko and forced her to confess everything. As a result, Reiko finally tells them about Metry, whom she saw as the devil and main cause behind every trouble.

Later in the episode, we will also get to see a brief flashback of Metry’s past, how she influenced Reiko, and the causes of all her problems. The story is getting more interesting, which makes fans wonder what will happen next!

Migi and Dali Anime Episode 12 Release Date

Migi and Dali Anime Episode 12 Release Date
Source: Migi and Dali Anime

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 12 since the release of the 11th episode. If the officials do not find any issues with their production or broadcasting methods, then the upcoming episode of the series will definitely release on its scheduled date.

Based on the release pattern of past episodes, we can conclude that the 12th episode of Migi & Dali Anime will be released on December 18, 2023. It will be available on the same online streaming platform and Japanese Television networks as the previous episodes. The officials have yet to reveal the exact release time and the name of the 12th episode.

What will we expect to see in Migi and Dali Anime Episode 12?

Episode 12 Plot
Source: Migi and Dali Manga

The 11th episode, ““Upside Down Women,” of the Migi and Dali anime adapts the story from chapters 20 to 22 of its manga counterpart.

Here are the chapters adapted from Episode 11:

  • The woman who knows too much (Chapter 20)
  • Migi’s Triumphant Solo (Chapter 21)
  • I’m Hitori (Chapter 22)

So, Episode 12 will continue the story where the previous episode left off and adapt the story from chapters 23 to 25.

Episode 12 will adapt the following upcoming manga chapters:

  • Lie Detector (Chapter 23)
  • Who Killed Mother Bird? (Chapter 24)
  • Hot Apple Pie (Chapter 25)

In the upcoming episode (Episode 12) of Migi and Dali Anime, we will get to see some more major events and mysteries of the series. Dali gradually begins doubting Migi and feels that he might hide something from him. Later, they got a major hint regarding the death of Mother Bird, which they used to solve the mysteries behind it.

That’s it for the post. We hope you found this informative news to be useful and found everything about Migi and Dali anime Episode 12. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming anime adaptations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is its manga counterpart finished?

Yes, the manga counterpart finished on November 15, 2021, with a total of 7 volume. You can read this popular comedy manga on Harta at Enterbrain.

2. What are the other popular works of the creators of Migi & Dali?

Nami Sano is the creator of the Migi & Dali series. He created two manga series and three one-shots. Her most popular work is Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, one of the best high school anime of all time.

3. What are some of the best anime to watch on Crunchroll, similar to Migi and Dali?

Some of the best anime on Crunchyroll are Angels of Death, My Home Hero, Tomodachi Game, and Kaiji Ultimate Survivor. If you enjoy Migi and Dali, then you will definitely enjoy these popular anime as well.

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