Kaiju no 8 Anime Release Date, Cast & More

Kaiju No. 8 is a Japanese sci-fi anime based on the manga written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. The story tells about Kafka Hibino Hibino, a man who after ingesting a kaiju, gains the ability to turn into one. Kaiju No. 8 ended up successful and release the anime adaptation soon.

TOHO Animation announced the adaptation back in 2022. It took them one and a half years to release the fourth trailer for the anime series. Fortunately, the trailer shows us plenty of information. So, what can we get from the PV? Read on!

Kaiju No. 8 Release Date

The latest news of Kaiju no 8 anime release date was unveiled at Jump Festa ‘24 Super Stage Red. They released the fourth promotional video for the anime series. Now, the trailer is more refined than the previous PV.

The trailer was published on December 17 on the TOHO animation YouTube channel. The trailer highlights how Kafka Hibino becomes Kaiju and enlists in the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. Moreover, the PV clearly shows the defense force’s exam arc.

Kaiju No. 8 will premiere in April 2024 on TV Tokyo and its affiliates. The series will also air on X (formerly Twitter) and Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, the exact release date is still TBA.

Monster No. 8 relase date
Life-sized Monster No. 8 in Jump Festa ’24 – Source: KaijuNo8_O

Currently, there is no telling of how many episodes the series will be. Looking at the manga panel, the picture seems to emphasize the fight rather than talking. The conversation between characters seems to lacking. But, the demerit pays off with fast-paced fighting.

That’s why, there is a chance that Monster No. 8 will at least adapt 39 chapters of the source material. The arc involved includes (1) The Man Who Became a Kaiju Arc, (2) The Sagamihara Neutralization Operation at Daybreak Arc, (3) The Raid on Tachikawa Base Arc, and (4) The Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc.

If the staff decides to stop the series in that chapter, the anime will end with a satisfying cliffhanger. Maybe with the success of the Kaiju No.8, the second season will be approved smoothly.

Cast and Staff

Aside from revealing the Kaiju no.8 release date, the trailer also revealed the cast and staff. Unfortunately, there are only five casts introduced so far. We have to wait for a bit longer before another trailer is released. The five casts include:

  • Masaya Fukunishi as Kafka Hibino
  • Wataru Kato as Leno Ichikawa
  • Asami Seto as Mina Ashiro
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Soushiro Hoshina
  • Fairouz Ai as Kikoru Shinomiya
Kaiju No.8 Cast
Kaiju No.8 Cast – Source: KaijuNo8_O

Tomomi Kamiya (Yotsuiro Biyori) and Shigeyuki Miya (Blood Lad) are directing the anime at Production I.G. Tetsuya Nishio (Boruto: Naruto Next Generation) is in charge of character design, while Ichirou Ookouchi Ichiro (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury) is working on the series composition.

Shinji Kimura (Dorohedoro) is serving as art director. Yuuta Bandou (The Boy and the Heron) is composing the music and Fumiyuki Gou (Overlord) serves as sound director.

Kaiju No. 8 Story

Among other calamities, Kaiju is the one that regularly threatens humanity. Furthermore, Japan has the highest rate of Kaiju attacks in the world. To combat them, the government established an Anti-Kaiju Defense Force.

There are two types of regular Kaiju based on their fortitude level. Honju is more dangerous, and yoju is smaller and often sprouting from honju. But, in rare cases, there is exceptionally dangerous Kaiju classified as daikaiju. So far, there are seven daikaiju recorded so far.

The protagonist, Kafka Hibino, strifed to enlist in the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. However, after countless attempts, he always ended up failing. Now, he is working in a corporation that specializes in disposing of Kaiju’s remains.

Everything changes when he meets a part-time worker, Leno Ichikawa. After meeting him, he reignites his wish to become part of defense force. Yet, before he applies, a small Kaiju enters Kafka’s body and turns him into Kaiju. It marks the birth of eight daikaiju with the codename “Kaiju No. 8”.

Kaiju No. 8 Key Visual
Kaiju No.8 Key Visual – Source: KaijuNo8_O


Now that we know the Kaiju No 8 anime Release date fans expect this series to be a top contender for best anime in spring 2024. With a rocking trailer, the vibe is nothing but soaring higher and higher. But, hold your horses, there might be more trailers to come.

Despite having most of the information unveiled, more characters will appear in the series. Moreover, we expect a banging opening and ending theme for this anime series.

Looking at the trailer alone, the anime will end up successful. But, will it be successful enough to deserve the second season? Well, who knows? Just stay tuned for more future anime news in Animefleek!

When will Kaiju No. 8 anime premiere?

The series will premiere in April 2024. Unfortunately, the Kaiju No. 8 release date is still TBA.

How many episodes Kaiju No. 8 will have?

Currently, there is no information regarding that for now.

Where can I watch Kaiju No. 8?

The show will premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliates. The series will also air on X (formerly Twitter) and Crunchyroll.

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