Overtake Anime Season 1- Review

When we talk about the best anime of 2023, Overtake anime can not be missed. We all needed a change in the genre—something different from Shounen and Shoujo. This car racing anime has motivated a number of car lovers and racers. 

There are not many binge-worthy racing anime, but this one simply created its place among the best ones. Not just thrill and entertainment, but it also provides drama and connects with the viewers emotionally. 

It’s the original animation of TROYCA Studios, and we loved every bit of it. The anime smashed the screens in October this year. All the 12 episodes are full of something new and exciting, making it a complete package.

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Overtake Anime Season 1- Review

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Credit: Crunchyroll

Let’s talk about how entertaining it was and what it made us experience. Overtake anime enjoys a great MAL rating, i.e., 7.57/10. So, obviously, one won’t regret watching it. The viewers are introduced to the world of Formula Racing, where we learn about many hidden aspects of it. This car racing season is all about F4 racing, which is just AH-MAZING!!!

The story revolves around the two main characters, Kouya Madoka and Haruka Asahina. Kouya is a freelance photographer, while Asahina is a car racer. For his work, Kouya somehow attends an event where he encounters Asahina. 

His sudden crossover with Formula Racing makes his heart beat faster. Car racing intrigues him to the point that he wishes to pursue it all while helping Haruka in his dream. It’s also when he is introduced to Kawaki Motors, the team of which Haruka is a member. 

Overtake – Character Interaction

Those of you thinking the main characters become friends instantly, then let me clear it’s not like that. In fact, both of them find it hard to go along, but that is how the character development begins. Thus soo, we learn that both of them had very challenging lives full of trauma. 

However, with time, the duo’s relationship improves, and they become friends. Their bond and interaction are also what makes it intriguing. Both have opposite personalities. This show really gives a clear message of Friendship and what it means to understand each other. Kouya’s challenges when we learn makes us connect with him more. 

Overtake – Character Development

The fact that because of his traumatic experiences, he feels it hard to photograph people makes us sympathize with him. With Kouya’s entry into the team, things quickly started to become better for all of them. On the other hand, Haruka’s life is challenging in a different way. Many of the fans enjoyed watching the anime through his lens. There are a lot of huge character moments, not just involving the main characters but supporting ones as well.

Apart from the character development and their interactions, we absolutely can’t miss the track moments. The way the drivers race and use their skills on the racing track gives us goosebumps. It’s highly impossible to watch this anime without falling in love with Formula Racing. So make sure you know that before you start watching it. 

The rivalries with other teams, winning the first stop, the struggle to reach it—all of it makes it a binge-worthy masterpiece. Many characters give loud lessons to the viewers. They teach us that accidents happen on the track. However, you don’t blame it on others but take responsibility and learn from it. 

The way the directors have directed it makes it fantastic. Each and every angle, scene, and aesthetic is so on point. The sound of the cars creates different emotions, and only car enthusiasts can feel it. 

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Fans’ Reactions

overtake anime visual

Credit: IMDb

Fans know what a true gem means and how to find it. Everyone who has watched the overtake anime finds it extremely well-animated and one of the best sports anime. The drama, the emotions, the comedy, and the intense situations make it a perfect watch. 

The season is deep, and kudos to the character writers for writing them so beautifully. The dialogues, their delivery, and the anime’s pacing are all phenomenal. In fact, I believe that the anime deserves an 8.5 or 9/10 rating on MAL. It’s still underrated, and it’s not just me. The majority thinks like that.

Not just the start and the middle, the anime season has a very satisfying ending. So, the anime that has a good start, end, and middle, what do you have to say about it!?

After watching it, we wish to see more of it. If you have watched it once, ngl, you would love to rewatch it. It’s easily the best anime of the year. 

Where to Watch?

Like always, Crunchyroll has got our back, so feel free to binge it there. We are all familiar with the quality the platform provides, so there are no what-ifs when we wish to watch it here. The fact that the anime enjoys a 4.4 / 5 rating there forces us to watch it. 

Have a great watch!


Does it overtake an anime original?

Yes, it’s an original anime TV series!

How many episodes of overtake anime are there?

The masterpiece has 12 episodes.

Is Overtake anime worth watching?

Every otaku who enjoys sports anime must watch it ASAP!


There aren’t many anime that are balanced perfectly. This is because some lack in character designs and animations, or the other lacks in story and character writing. Overtake anime is one such sports anime that entertains us with a little bit of everything. Do you want a Thrill? Check! Want drama? Check! Want the best character development? Check! If you are a fan of racing and yet you haven’t given this one a shot, then dude, you are missing A LOT! Kudos to the entire animation production team for nicely animating it. The creators, directors, and producers have once again won the hearts of otaku.

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