The 100 Girlfriends Episode 12: Release Date & Where to Watch

Get ready, rom-com fans – the long-awaited season finale of the hit anime The 100 Girlfriends is almost here! This highly anticipated episode will wrap up the first season of our protagonist Rentarō’s hilarious adventures in navigating relationships with his ever-growing group of soulmates.

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Will Rentarō finally confess to Hakari? Will more unexpected girls mysteriously become his destined partners? How will this unconventional harem situation continue to unfold? Be sure to tune in for all the laughs, romance, and quirky fun that has made The 100 Girlfriends so popular. With its positive spirit and feel-good vibe, this finale is the perfect way to conclude a fresh and upbeat first season.

The 100 Girlfriends Episode 12: Release Date

Airing December 24th at 10:30 PM Japan Standard Time on Tokyo MX, this concluding Episode 12 caps off a hilarious first season following kind-hearted protagonist Rentarō.

Make sure to watch the long-awaited The 100 girlfriends finale in your time zone across streaming platforms 30 minutes after the 10:30 PM JST initial broadcast. The release times are as follows:

  • 6:00 AM Pacific Time
  • 9:00 AM Central Time
  • 9:00 AM Eastern Time
  • 11:00 AM Brazil Time
  • 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time
  • 3:00 PM Central European Time
  • 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time
  • 10:00 PM Philippines Time
  • 11:30 PM Australian Central Time

No matter where you are located, clear your weekend schedule for the must-see conclusion!

The 100 Girlfriends Recap

The popular romantic comedy anime “The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You” is based on the manga of the same name by Rikito Nakamura and illustrated by Yukiko Nozawa. The story follows the kindhearted protagonist Rentarō Aijō, who despite his many admirable qualities, has always struggled in his love life. After one hundred rejections in middle school, Rentarō visits a matchmaking shrine and makes a wish to get a girlfriend. However, the God of Love who appears lays out an unexpected stipulation – Rentarō is destined to meet 100 soulmates.

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the 100 girlfriends
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The 100 Girlfriends Previous Episode

In the climactic previous Episode 11, tensions mounted between Rentarō and his girlfriend Hakari’s disapproving mother. Unexpectedly, she confessed a desire to date Rentarō herself before awkwardly laughing it off. She used a lie detector machine on Rentarō and his tsundere girlfriend Karane to test the protagonist’s devotion. While the machine forced Karane to articulate her true feelings, Rentarō emphatically professed his love for Hakari. Still skeptical, Hakari’s mother was soon interrupted with news that Hakari planned to jump from her window!

Rushing to her aid, Rentarō successfully calmed Hakari down before she slipped and nearly fell to her demise. With some quick thinking, Rentarō rescued his distraught girlfriend, kicking off the wall to land them safely in the pool. Finally convinced of the depth of his feelings, Hakari’s mother emotionally embraced Rentarō and asked him to care for her daughter. In a surprising twist, she then whispered for Rentarō to join her alone in her room later that night.

With only one episode of The 100 girlfriends remaining, the upcoming episode, the season finale, is set to build on these moments and further explore Rentarō’s unconventional romantic journey. Having won over Hakari’s mother, his connection with her and his loving group of soulmates will likely deepen.


As Rentarō navigates an ever-growing circle of enamored soulmates while facing unpredictable twists, “The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You” provides a uniquely endearing blend of quirky comedy and genuine romance.

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So mark those calendars with the appropriate broadcast times, settle into your perfect viewing spot, and get ready to see how this unconventional protagonist handles the bombardment of love headed his way! Whatever surprises are in store, viewers across the globe will no doubt enjoy following Rentarō’s journey when the curtain finally closes on a first season that cleverly warms the heart just as much as it elicits laughs.

Don’t miss out on seeing how the story progresses for Rentarō and his 100 girlfriends! Stay tuned for more anime updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I catch this show?

Anime fans residing outside Japan can stream The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You episode 12 on Crunchyroll, along with a wide selection of other shows.

How much is a subscription there?

The platform offers three plans to its viewers. The basic Plan costs $7.99 monthly, the Mega Plan costs $9.99, and the Ultimate Fan Plan costs $14.99. All three plans come with a 14-day free trial at the start.

When is season 2 coming out?

The official website and Twitter have confirmed season 2 and it will be out by 2024. Also, no exact date was given.

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