Scott Pilgrim vs The World- Review

If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World, then go watch it now. And if you feel confused, then stay with me till the end, and you’ll get countless reasons to watch it. Thanks to Bryan Lee O’Malley for presenting us with such an incredible story.

With the release of the Netflix anime Season Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, people have been curious about it even more. I’m confident that a lot of you are here after giving the anime season a try. It has been over a decade since this movie was released to captivate us.

It’s good enough to think that it was way ahead of its time back then. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World- Plot

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The movie closely aligns with the storyline of the animated series. However, the major difference is that it’s not an animated season. Michael Cera has beautifully portrayed the role of Scott Pilgrim. Not just him; all the characters have done a remarkable job.

The story is all about the handsome Scott, whose simple yet messy life takes a sharp turn after his dream. Within his dream, he encounters a stunning girl who happens to be Ramona Flowers. He loses his heart instantly, but there is no fun if things are easy to get. 

Things unfold, and he eventually crosses paths with her in the real world. That’s when he breaks up with his current girlfriend, and the romance between the two begins. Unfortunately, soon after, Ramona’s league of exes arrive to destroy their peaceful life. 

They’re opposed to the notion of their ex-girlfriend finding joy and a lasting happiness with someone new. Mathew Patel, one of Ramona’s exes, tries his best to make things tough for the couple. He is just an awful person and probably the most hated ex. A lot happens: tensions rise, and fights take place, but things end well at last. The plot may not be straightforward, but it’s filled with numerous twists and turns.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World Review

Those who have watched the film consider the movie commendable. It is believed to be the best action romance comedy. Edgar Wright has beautifully directed it, making each and every scene fabulous. The music is amazing, and it would definitely make one feel alive.

The fact that it is very different from the cliche movies and has a unique style makes it worth watching. The humor is there and it becomes impossible for one to not laugh. Extremely well played characters by all the cast members.

The sound effects, the screenplay, the special effects and the visual aesthetics talk about anything the film lacks. The band practice is another thing that makes it awesome. It’s simply the best and most satisfying adaptation of the comic book. You’ll quickly find yourself smitten with. Honestly, I don’t think that this movie will ever get old, well, not at least for now, since this was way ahead of its time.

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Fans’ Reactions

Fans and the overall audience loved their experience watching the film. It is very much popular and enjoys good ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Metacritic. There is no denying that it gives the best and the most stunning visual experience with the perfect humor. 

Some fans believe that it would be great to read the graphic novel series beforehand to avoid any confusion. Since the transitions get a little bit consuming during the movie. Kudos to the whole production team, as they have done justice to the comic book series!


Who is Scott Pilgrim’s girlfriend?

Ramona Flowers, his dream girl, is his girlfriend.

How many ex-boyfriends are in Scott Pilgrim?

The number of problematic boyfriends is 7. They all bring bad news in the couple’s lives.

Is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World a comedy?

It’s a romantic action comedy!


Everyone deserves to watch something new and different from the cliche action romance comedies. It’s a must-watch film for anyone who enjoys experiencing something unique and satisfying. Trust me or not, if you watch it once, you will rewatch it again. 

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