Chillin’ in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army Release Date

Chillin’ in My 30s after getting fired from the demon king’s army is an amazing fantasy series to come in the year 2023, the show will be produced by studio Encourage Films and will be released on January 7th.

The official release date announcement was made on the newly created Twitter account for the series and their website was later updated as well.

The series is set in a fantasy world where the concept of magic is too common, where demons rule over domains and the heroic forces fight against them.

Along with the official announcement, the series also revealed the key visuals along with the series trailer, they also updated the list of all the staff members and cast for the characters.

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You can see the key visual below:

Chillin' in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King's Army
Credit: Ankokuheishi official website

The key visual featured the two main characters, Marika and Dariel on the sunny side and the demonic evil characters on the other side, and both these places are divided by the hero’s sword.

After the official announcement, the website for the series updates its cast for the characters including Akane Fujita as Marika, Tomokazu Sugita as Dariel, Atsushi Abe as Bashubaza, Satoshi Tsuruoka as Bezalia, Mai Nakahara as Doroye, Kenji Hamada as Envil, Keiko Watanabe as Erica, Akari Kitou as Radey, and Rumi Ookubo as Zabiantes.

The list of staff members working on the series was also updated and revealed Fumitoshi Oizaki as the series director, Hiroto Morishita as the sound director, Himoti Amemiya in charge of script and series composition, Hinano and Akari Kitou for theme song performance, and Satomi Yonezawa as the chief animation director.

Chillin’ in My 30s series trailer

If there is no other good show coming out this year for you, you should give this relaxing fantasy series a watch and you might enjoy it.

The character designs and animation shown in the trailer definitely exceeded my expectations, the voice acting was spot-on for these characters as well.

The background music also cleared the overall tone for the series and it seems like this will be another laid-back series where our character decides to forget his past life and move on.

The plot of the series

The plot of the series is definitely something we haven’t seen before. The protagonist, Dariel is a soldier in the demon lord army even though he can’t use magic, he is dismissed from the army during their recruitment of new soldiers.

Having no place to go, Dariel decides to enter a village and save it from the hoard of monsters, he is then invited to stay at the village where the thinks about his future outside the demon lord’s army.

Even though he couldn’t use magic, Dariel is incredibly powerful when it comes to combat so will he use his overpowered strength to make his life easy?

List of Characters

Dariel is the former assistant to the four generals of the demon king’s army, he did his very best to assist the demon king despite lacking magical powers.

Marika is a bright and energetic human girl who is also a bit more powerful than any normal person, when Dariel saved her from monsters, she invited him to stay in her village.

Gashita is the only adventure in the small Rakus village, he is usually cheerful but it doesn’t take him long to complete if he sees something unfair happening, he considers himself to be Dariel’s rival.

Bashubaza is one of the four demon kings, he is considered the strongest among all others and he is confident in his power.

About the series

Chillin' in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King's Army
Credit: Ankoku Heishi light novel cover

Chillin’ in my 30s after getting fired from the demon king’s army is a Japanese light novel series written by Rokujuyon Okazawa and illustrated by Sage Joh. The series was originally serialized in the user-generated website Shousetsuka ni Naro in November 2018.

I was later picked up by Kodanashi who published its three volumes under their Ranobe books imprint.

A manga version of the series is available with artwork by Rurekuchie and it was serialized in Kodansha’s Young Magazine from August 2019 to April 2021.

The light novel series currently has 3 volumes completely concluding the story and the manga version has 8 volumes currently in circulation with more on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Dariel kicked from the Demon Lord’s Army?

Even though Dariel was a loyal soldier and had always assisted the demon lords however he could, he was suspended from the demon lord’s army because he couldn’t use magic.

How strong is Dariel?

Dariel is by far the strongest soldier in the Demon Lord’s army, even though he can’t use magic, his physical abilities rival even the demon lords.

Source: Ankokuheishi official website, Official Twitter

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