Synduality Original Sci-Fi Anime Coming Worldwide On Disney+ In 2023

Synduality is the latest Sci-fi anime series to be coming out in the year 2023, the series will be produced by studio 8bit and will premiere worldwide on Disney+, and the official release date for the series is yet to be announced.

The official announcement was made on the series’ newly created official website and it was latest posted on their Twitter account as well.

Sensuality is a Sci-fi animated series where humans have to escape underground to avoid the deadly environment on the surface and live among the AI.

After the initial broadcasting announcement, the official website for the series also revealed a second PV trailer and update its list of key staff members and casts voicing the characters.

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You can see the key visual below:

Synduality, Synduality Noir
Credit: website

The key visual featured the three main characters, Noir, Ciel, and Schnee standing in front of an AI robot.

The official cast members for the three main characters are listed as Nagisa Aoyama voicing Ciel, Aoi Koga voicing Noir, and Mao Ichimichi voicing Schnee.

The official list of staff members was updated on the series’ website and revealed Yuusuke Yamamoto as the series director, Hajime Kamoshdia for script and original character design, Takashi Aoshima as the series composer, Kenta Masuda as the art director, and Masato Nakayama is in charge of the music.

Synduality series’ trailer

Now, this is how you open a trailer, no time wasting and getting straight to the best part. The trailer featured all sorts of high-end sci-fi machinery and some highlights of the one and only, Noir.

Judging by the metal music, you can guess the series will be full of action-packed fight scenes in a high pace environment.

The plot of Synduality

Years have passed since the tears of the new moon fell from the sky and wiped out the entire surface, humans were forced to live underground to avoid the radiation and the monsters born from it.

The humans built an underground high-end facility to continue their existence where they meet an Artificial Intelligence named Magus who knows a lot more about the surface than the humans do.

The series is about AI and humans living together and figuring out their next move to take back the surface from the monsters.

List of Characters

Noir is a magus who woke from a deep sleep and has no recollection of her past memories, she’s also unable to dress properly or do anything by herself. However, she’s extremely efficient at combat and doesn’t hold back.

Every anime needs a vocalist, Ciel is a mysterious magus who loves to sing.

Snow is an elegant and quiet magus, there is nothing wrong with her behavior, it’s just that her partners are a bit unusual.

About the series

Synduality is a Japanese mixed media project that was originally a game created by Bandai Namco Group, but now there is an anime television series being produced by Bandai Namo Filmworks with 8bit as the animation studio, the series is set to premiere in January 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you I want Synduality?

The series will premiere in January of 2023 and will be available to watch on Tokyo TV stations and worldwide on Disney+.

What are the monsters in Synduality?

The monsters in Synduality are the amalgamation of the mysterious rain cloud that wiped out the entire surface and engulfed the world in its clutches.

Source:, SYN_noir Twitter

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