50 Best Male Anime Characters Of All Time

Anime rules the world for multiple reasons, and the main reason is its out-class characters. Anime kingdom is full of diversity, and it’s nearly impossible not to find any character you like. Male anime characters have a unique fandom; nothing can beat their level.

The anime characters are designed to steal hearts, be it shounen, shoujo, or any other category. The list is way too long for all of them to be mentioned here. Therefore, I will mention the best male anime characters of all time on popular demand. 

There aren’t only looks that make one outstanding but several other traits. I will cover anime men from different categories, including shoujo anime, shounen, and much more. So, let’s start with this spine-chilling discussion!

50. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

Katsuki Bakugo Best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Some characters complete the protagonist, right? I bet we all have seen the anime where the MC’s rival brings out the best in him. This one is no different at all. His attitude towards Deku makes him one of the best.

MHA is holding its place as the most popular anime of the decade. All thanks to its fantastic characters. Bakugo is a unique kid who displays the contradictory traits of a hero. Despite being one of the main characters, he is arrogant, challenging, and short-tempered, which makes him unique.

His actions, way of treating others, and entertaining personality make him worthy of being added to this list. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best male anime characters.

49. Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu)

Shoyo Hinata Best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Hinata sure is a volleyball prodigy who has inspired people on-screens and off-screens. Judging a person by his appearance is wrong, and Hinata proves it well. Apparently, he is a shorty, but he gives tough competition to the expert players. 

He is exceptionally skilled and knows how to take advantage of an opportunity. He learned throughout the series, and his journey of being one of the best volleyball players is worth watching. 

An innocent, clumsy, and simple-minded person would best define this one. Hinata is empathetic and supportive toward his teammates. His presence gives positive vibes, and it’s very common to laugh during his screen time. 

48. Son Hak (Yona Of The Dawn)

Son Hak best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Shoujo Lovers hold your hearts firmly because this handsome Hunk will make you fall in love. Son Hak is a popular name in the romance genre. He is a perfect friend, companion, and warrior. He is one of those male anime characters, who are known for their charm.

Watching him prove his loyalty and love for princess Yona will baffle you. There are certain characters that one wishes to see in real life, and Hak is one of them. His qualities and traits are desirable. 

As a person, he is sarcastic and blunt, which makes him attractive. The way he deals with the deadliest situations makes his character worth admiring. 

47. Takumi Usui (Maid Sama)

Takumi Usui best male anime characters of all rime
Credit: Crunchyroll

Usui Takumi is one of the ideal male anime characters for the girls. He has all the qualities that one wishes to see in a partner. It’s all thanks to Usui that girls couldn’t find someone suitable for them. Just imagine a charismatic man full of love, sympathy, care, and liveliness! Don’t you think he is the perfect definition of the word “Ideal”? Usui Takumi has it all!

He is unpredictable and heavenly gorgeous. Usui likes teasing his loved ones, which makes his character entertaining. Not only anime fans but manga fans consider him the ideal hero for shoujo anime. He is ready to go beyond limits for his loved ones. He will do anything to create ease for them! 

46. Sebastian (Black Butler)

Sebastian best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

A perfect butler and a bodyguard, what else one needs? Sebastian is a guy that everyone needs in their life. He is a handsome demon in disguise who would go to any limits to keep his master Ciel in peace. 

Hurting his master means a direct rivalry with Sebastian. Being a demon; he has a combination of good and bad traits. He knows how to use others for his benefit, but all the bad characteristics don’t make him a bad person. It just makes his character entertaining. 

His contradictory traits are the reason why many find him entertaining. Sometimes you’ll find him heartless and sadistic, whereas, the other time, the exact opposite. Though he has made a contract with Ciel, he cares for him genuinely. He is swift and fierce in his actions. Trust me or not, his fights, action, and style are worth praising. 

45. Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Kirito best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Friends who struggle to communicate but still try their best to play their role in their time of need are a blessing. Though our boy lacks multiple things, he is the best! Due to his lack of good communication skills, he lacked friends but gained some incredible friends with time.

He hardly loses his calm, even in the toughest of situations. Many Otaku who are game lovers admires him the most. Kirito is determined and will try his level best to achieve his goals. He definitely knows how to act in situations.

You can expect a great level of self-control and level-headedness from him. However, there are times when we see him getting controlled by emotions. This is what makes his character realistic. He is not just a friend but also a great lover. His chemistry with Asuna was adored greatly! 

44. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Do you guys remember the popular joker from the anime world? I bet you must have seen different cosplays of him. His appearance and beautifully designed character made him gain massive attention worldwide.

Hisoka is the perfect villain, full of ego and evil. He is so full of himself that he thinks he is the only one in this world. He will not even hesitate to murder people. For him, others’ lives don’t matter at all. 

He is very strong and admires strong opponents. This is one trait that makes his character different and cool. I mean, there aren’t many characters who enjoy fighting the toughest opponents, right?

43. Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)

Tatsuya Shiba best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Shiba comes from one of the most popular anime of this decade. He has managed to earn love and admiration from the Otaku community. His abilities and skills are astonishing. If we talk about magic users, he sure has gained a massive reputation among them. 

People usually admire magic users; therefore, gaining fame for Tatsuya wasn’t hard. His power logic makes him one of the best fighters. Last but not least, his attractive looks complete his character. 

42. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Osamu Dazai best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Characters who can easily make you laugh aren’t the best? Osamu Dazai deserves the praise for giving waves of laughter with his entertaining actions. However, don’t be fooled by his appearance! He is a mysterious guy who can be as deadly as one can imagine. 

Osamu doesn’t spare his foes; none can be more unfortunate than them. He was a mafia man and a perfect strategist in planning against his opponents. However, on the advice of his beloved friend, he left the profession.

As a famous saying goes, the ones who laugh a lot hide the most pain. The same goes for Dazai. His character was very well received by the fans, and he gained massive respect and sympathy from the fans. 

41. Dabi (My Hero Academia)

Dabi best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Villains who are calm-minded yet argumentative and rude have an exceptional aura. Dabi is one such villain whose appearance makes the scene thrilling. Giving tough competition to his opponents is not a big task for him. Being the antagonist, his hatred for heroes fuels him. Dabi is cold enough to sacrifice his allies if it is for his goals. 

He has almost all the traits that one would love to see in a villain. The more ruthless and negative a character is, the more it is fun to see him against the heroes. Another important reason why people can relate to his character is his back story. His childhood was full of pain and sadness that forced him to the extent of being evil. Who won’t say that he is one of the most attractive and powerful male anime characters!?

40. Naofumi Iwatani (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Naofumi Iwatani best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Naofumi is a name famous in the isekai genre of anime. The Rising Of The Shield Hero started gaining fame because of Naofumi’s unique character. He is a highly well-written character. Different from typical MCs, he was not OP right from the start. His character development took time.

The story plays a significant role in making him lovable. Naofumi faced the cruelest of scenarios all alone. Watching him rise as a shield hero is the most soothing part in the whole anime series. Many reasons make him the best, including his OP powers, character design, and top-tier action style. Indeed, he is and will always be one of the most likable male anime characters.

39. Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho)

Shigeo Kageyama best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Everyone’s favorite Shigeo, aka Mob, is one of the most popular anime characters. His stiff expressions are enough to gain attention. Mob is loved for his appearance, psychic powers, and behavior. Unlike cliche MCs, he is socially awkward and doesn’t do well around people. 

He only has one goal in his life: to impress his crush. His cute gestures make the anime comedic and entertaining. Is there anyone better than fun characters? NAH, and nothing can beat Mob Psycho in terms of entertainment. 

The power level he possesses is something that even he can’t control properly. Hence, he effortlessly becomes one of the strongest characters of all time.

38. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Natsu is one of the best mages in the anime world. Everything about him makes him one of the most dominant male anime characters. His magic abilities, combat style, and his carefree attitude make him the most famous. 

Whenever one hears the words selflessness and loyalty, one imagines Natsu. Ready to sacrifice himself for his friends and loved ones, Natsu is always the same. Compassionate, kind, and loyal to everyone. Think of some other hero qualities, and you’ll find them all in Natsu!

37. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken Kaneki best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Characters who face betrayal in love and tough treatment in life are very popular. Ken Kaneki is one of the few names whose journey of being OP is spine-chilling. He literally goes from a sensitive, kind-hearted boy to a badass guy.

The way his personality shifts towards a ruthless guy is mind-boggling. Moreover, his ghoul appearance and his knuckling style made him popular overnight! Cool would be the perfect word to describe this fella!

Characters like Ken Kaneki are rare to find, especially when they are perfect in terms of powers. If you still haven’t seen Tokyo Ghoul, then don’t waste any more time!

36. Gilgamesh (Fate)

Gilgamesh best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Reddit

The king of heroes, aka Gilgamesh, is a man bound to steal the viewers’ attention. Don’t be bewitched by his title; he is the exact opposite of that. He is one of the best and most significant antagonists of the anime. His uniquely written character makes him one of the anime world’s best and most entertaining characters. 

As expected from a villain, he is manipulative, evil, and selfish beyond his limits. He is self-centered and is so full of himself that he denies the authority of even the gods. His character goes through multiple changes throughout. His young version gained more praise. Surprisingly, after drinking a potion, his personality completely changed. He became sensible, cool, and logical. 

Watching both the good and bad sides of an antagonist is overwhelming. This one reason makes Gilgamesh one of the most popular male anime characters of all time. 

35. Asta (Black Clover)

Asta best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

I bet many of you reading this must have watched Black Clover already. If not, then it’s impossible to not know about its name. Asta’s character is praised widely because of his admirable traits. His character is considered very much similar to the legendary Naruto. This is also another reason behind his fame. 

His will to never give up and the courage to go against the odds is bewitching. The author has played a remarkable role in making this character intriguing. His character development is excellent. Watching him go straight from weak to OP is commendable. 

He makes sure to amaze the audience with his powers. Despite lacking magic, he is impossible to beat. Characters who prove themselves the best without having natural talents or common powers are worthy of earning respect. 

34. Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

A child? A boy? Or the Dagon’s Sin? Meliodas! He may be called however you want. One can never judge Meliodas at first glimpse. He has been designed to surprise others, as it’s impossible to ignore such characters. Meliodas is the sin of wrath; angering him means inviting death to the door. 

He is one of the best male anime characters, especially in the world of magic anime. Though he is a sin of wrath, he is very cool and calm most of the time. You will usually find him in control, which is why people fear him in anger on-screen and off-screen!

Him being a demon king and a user of demon powers makes him special effortlessly. Not gonna lie; Otaku have a unique admiration for MCs who are demon kings! Do you agree?

33. Shanks (One Piece)

Shanks best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

One Piece is among the first names we imagine while thinking about the anime world. The reason is its captivating plot and world-class characters. Shanks is simply one of the reasons to watch the show.

Shanks is the epitome of loyalty, honesty, and cheerfulness. Many remember him because of his sizzling red hair, and others remember him for his selflessness. Sacrificing himself for his loved ones isn’t a task for him, as proved by the fact when he sacrificed his arm for Luffy. 

Well, it’s not like it’s easy to lay a finger on him! The cool aura of this character and his kind persona makes him the most loveable character. Only One Piece fans can truly know the place this guy holds in their hearts!

32. Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

Minato Namikaze best male anime characters of all time

When we think about the coolest dad, husband, and powerful ninja, Minato Namikaze is the name that comes to mind. Not just Naruto himself, but his dad has won millions of hearts with his short-time presence in the series.

His kindness overpowers him, and his handsome looks make him memorable. He is popularly known as the YELLOW FLASH because of his immense speed and accuracy in actions. One can’t dare to dodge him; neither is it possible to match his pace. 

Minato has everything that one wishes to see in the main character. He has the style, looks, and strength one admires to see in their favorites.

31. Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sukuna best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Jujutsu Kaisen is praised for many reasons, be it its unique animation, storyline, or fantastic characters. Sukuna is the major antagonist of the series, but he is adored for countless reasons. His badass attitude, looks, charm, aura, and confidence is exceptional. He is the “King Of Curses,” and he owns the title beautifully.

He is highly OP and immoral. The story plays a significant role in making his character worth loving. He resides inside the body of the protagonist, Yuji, which makes his character unique. His intelligence is admirable, and as a negative character, he is extremely good at manipulation. 

Unlike typical characters, he acknowledges the abilities of his opponents! Watching him in action is seriously a treat for the eyes!

30. Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Yuji’s appearance, moral values, ideology, and perspective on life make him one of the best anime characters. Tell him he can’t do something, then get ready to regret it. Once he thinks about a task, he’ll breathe out only after completing it!

He is very friendly and pleasant; however, he can switch to an opposite version if someone pisses him off. Yuji is pretty impulsive in his action, which makes him realistic. He is aware of his weakness and plus points that make his character enjoyable. His superhuman physical abilities make him gain the attention of many shounen fans!

29. (The Misfit Of Demon King Academy)

best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Whenever we talk about OP characters, he is the first name we imagine. I bet many of you would agree with this statement. He was overpowered right from the beginning of the anime, and within no time, he blew away minds on and off screens. 

Messing with him is definitely not good, and he proves it fantastically. One snap and things are done! Self-confidence and perseverance dominate his personality. He is the demon king feared by the mightiest.

The interesting thing about him is despite being a demon king, he doesn’t have negative traits. Caring and loving are the two words that best describe his character. Though he doesn’t hesitate to teach a terrible lesson to his opponents, he is the kindest towards his loved ones. It’s just that one should not get on his worst list!

28. Hitsugaya Toshiro (Bleach)

Hitsugaya Toshiro best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Characters who appear as a child but are mature from the inside effortlessly intrigue others. Hitsugaya Toshiro is one such character. He is considered a perfect guy by many otaku. Hitsugaya has looks, personality, powers, and the right attitude. 

He is serious, but his kid-like appearance makes people perceive him wrong. His character is amusing to watch, and the fun gets just doubled along with his jolly comrades. He keeps surprising others with his powers and looks. 

Manga fans have already lost their hearts to his full form when he appears as a fully grown, handsome man. There is a reason behind his kid look but let’s keep it a secret! 😉

27. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Kakashi Hatake best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

The famous masked man and the best sensei in the anime world! Yes, we are talking about none other than the legendary Kakashi Sensei! His unique personality, way of teaching, and fighting are worth praising.

His battles have always been fascinating to watch. Especially when he sued his copy technique against Zabuza. That was the iconic battle that made him gain massive fame overnight. Besides, many still consider that scene one of the best in the Naruto series. 

The way Kakashi deals with situations is likable. Like many other characters, his backstory has influenced the fans in many ways. All thanks to his spellbinding backstory, fans could easily relate to him. He has almost all the traits that one wishes to see in a teacher and a friend. Think of as many qualities as possible, and you’ll find the most in Kakashi. 

26. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Do we need an introduction for this character? Sasuke is a name that even non-anime fans know. He is equally famous among girls and boys who adore him for countless reasons. His cold personality, infinite powers, and killer looks are indescribable. 

He is Naruto’s best rival and friend who brings out the best in him. Nothing can match their rivalry and bond in the anime world. At the beginning of the series, he appears evil, reckless, and highly arrogant. However, Naruto changes him for good. 

Sasuke is an essential character in Naruto and holds massive respect in the otaku community.

25. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami best male anime characters of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

Is there anyone who doesn’t admire genius minds? When we talk about geniuses and intelligence, then Death Note’s characters rule the list. Light, aka Kira, is a different character. Calling him an anti-hero would be more suitable. (Negative MCs are loved for multiple reasons so let’s not fall into that debate! XD)

Kira is famous equally in the manga and anime communities. How he uses his brain to hide his identity and murder his targets is phenomenal. His problem-solving skills and high sense of justice make him the best anime character of all time.

Despite being the protagonist, he is not good at his actions. Choosing an evil and ruthless way to fulfill his goal is not a big deal for him. Kira’s character is extremely intriguing, and one can’t refrain oneself from watching him.

24. L – Lawliet (Death Note)

Lawliet Best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Another cute genius from the Death Note series. Lawliet, aka L, has set standards for other geniuses in the anime world. Everything about him is love! The way he sits, eats chocolates, and uses his brain to capture Kira is mind-blowing. 

His rivalry with Kira makes Death Note a must-watch series. L is more of an antisocial person who is very secretive. Oddly enough, his personality and character are totally opposite to his looks. Judging him by his appearance would leave you with regrets. 

The way he finds the true identity of Kira through his deduction and analytical abilities is out-class. Last but not least, the viewers received his character very well. Characters who are easy to connect with are born to be the best!

23. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Oh, yes! We are talking about the handsome baldy! We sure have seen the OP MCs, but he has given everyone tough competition. No matter what, Saitama will knock out his opponents with a single punch! 

Unlike typical MCs, he wasn’t born talented. He has trained for years to attain the top level. His backstory and journey of being the best are very inspirational. Poor Saitama lacks the love and respect he deserves! However, the best part is he doesn’t bother their opinions much!

Saitama’s character is highly entertaining, and he manages to make the toughest people laugh! What’s better than characters who can make you laugh easily?

22. Koro Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

Koro Sensei best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Characters who force you to experience extreme emotions are highly appreciated. Koro Sensei’s character is iconic and unique. He is one of the best teachers in anime history. People love him for his massive powers, jolly yet scary personality, and mysteriousness.

Teachers who treat their students like their families are very rare. Watching Koro-sensei makes one wish for the same teacher in one’s life. Koro-sensei hasn’t only built strong connections with his students but also with his fans.

His character was intriguing right from the start, as he destroyed nearly half of the moon and threatened to destroy it entirely. Surprisingly, he was the one who taught his students the ways to assassinate him.

He kept on entertaining his students throughout, and the anime ended with heart-touching emotions. His backstory added more charm to his character.

21. Guts (Berserk)

Guts best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Guts is one of the most iconic characters of all time. Whenever we are told to think of a warrior, Guts is the first name to recall. The way his character is written and designed is award-winning. People fear him on-screen and off-screen. 

Life has made him a tough guy by bombarding him with hard times right from birth. Guts’ character development is worth watching, and you’ll constantly see him growing. His strength, combat style, and aura are enough to make anyone lose control. He is a true warrior and holds a massive fan base, especially in the manga community.

20. Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Dio Brando best male anime 
characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Not only the protagonists but the antagonists have an exceptional fan following. Dio is one of the best and most iconic villains in anime history. 

Whenever we talk about a power lover, Dio is the first anime to mention it. Nothing can beat his love for power and strength! He can do anything to attain power doesn’t matter if it requires taking lives or using people. Calling him toxic won’t be wrong. 

Despite being a negative character, this guy steals the spotlight for his super gorgeous looks. He uses his charisma to manipulate others. Dio Brando is a tough and challenging guy who is definitely not easy to defeat.

Well, behind every evil person are countless sufferings and pains. Dio wasn’t born evil but was forced to be one. His poor upbringing and childhood are the reasons behind his persona. Dio’s backstory has added more charm to his personality. 

19. Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

Eren Yeager Best male anime characters of all time
Credit: IMDB

Finding accurate words to describe this characters is hard. Mere words won’t be enough to define him. Fans wanted to see a legendary anime character from this decade, and Eren Yeager fulfilled the wishes. He is one of the best anti-heroes in the anime world. The way his personality changed from a kind-hearted, sensitive man to a negative character is magnificent. 

Eren’s combat style, powers, brutality, and skills make him the most overpowered anime character. He cared so much about the world that he went against it. His character development is award-winning!

Watching him as a hero and then as a villain is worth it. Eren went through a lot of pain and sadness throughout his life, which made him gain fans’ respect, love, and sympathy. Characters who can relate well to the others are the best. Countless reasons make him the best character of all time! 

18. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro
Credit: IMDB

A true friend, warrior, and hero are a few of the many words to describe Zoro. Not just the traits, he has got the best looks, tbh! (XD). Without a doubt, One Piece would have been no fun without him.

In fact, it was impossible to imagine the best plot without Zoro being a part of it. We all need a friend who guides us and keeps us on the straight path, and Zoro is one such friend of Luffy. 

He is undoubtedly the best swordsman in the anime world. Watching him skillfully using sword styles, especially three sword styles, is Oscar-winning. He is just according to the audience’s demands, who like tough and mature characters. A few characters force fans at the edge of their seats, and he is one of them. 

His battles are considered iconic by One Piece fans and overall in the Otaku community. Watching him in action instills goosebumps in the viewers. Is there anyone better than a character who can push you to the edge of your seat?

17. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman
Credit: IMDB

This one could not be skipped here, no matter what. Within a short time, he gave tough competition to legendary anime heroes. I bet we all know this name; Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular characters of this decade and of all time. 

Despite lacking Titan’s powers, he was no less than a beast. Watching him swiftly tear apart a titan is a treatment for the eyes. Heroes, who are cold, emotionless, and hardly have any expressions, are considered ideal by many (especially girls XD). Angering Levi is like an open invitation to Death. He can be ruthless if someone hurts his peers, and it’s proven multiple times in the anime. 

Moreover, his character is very intriguing. There are a lot of things that mesmerize and force the fans to learn more about him. 

16. Loid Forger (Spy X family)

Loid Forger
Credit: IMDB

Spy X Family has recently brought a storm in the anime world with its animation, plot, and hilarious events. All thanks to Loid’s profession that he gets to experience things that he never would have done otherwise.

He was forced to marry and adopt a child for the sake of a mission, which completely flipped his life. The best part is; his family is better than him at hiding things. Their true identities and secrets made the whole show commendable! His fake family was two steps ahead of him. 

Both the comedy and seriousness are award-winning in the show. He is a skillful guy with above-average intellect. Loid can easily understand the situation, which helps him as a spy. Floid has won an exceptional female fan following because he has set the standards for an ideal husband and father.

Though he fakes his relationship, he fakes it perfectly! Loid has displayed all the qualities that a man should have. He is full of love and kindness, yet messing with him is not a good thing to do. 

15. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Lelouch Lamperouge
Credit: IMDB

He has won a number of popularity polls and has been one of the most popular characters of all time. Unlike cliché heroes, he has a perfect balance of good and bad traits. He is a great leader and knows how to lead the army.

Lelouch is smart, handsome, capable, and sophisticated. He is a little selfish. Sacrificing others for his goals and objectives isn’t difficult for him. However, that is only when it comes to battles and conflicts. Otherwise, he is a kind-hearted man towards his loved ones. 

There are a few contradicted traits in him that make his character engaging. Not only the writing but his character is also designed uniquely. In short, Lelouch is full of talents and skills. To top it all off, the author has given his best shot at making this character relatable to the fans! 

14. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo Kurosaki
Credit: IMDB

Ah, what to say about this man? He is indescribable. It has been almost a decade since the series first aired, and this guy surely left a lasting impression from then on. He literally went from an ordinary college student to an OP hero. His powers are unimaginable, and he constantly levels up throughout the series. 

He is exceptionally handsome, calm, and realistic. Unlike cliche heroes, he isn’t clumsy but intelligent and mature. Ichigo is ready to go beyond limits for his loved ones. Hurting them would mean initiating a war with him. Everything about his character is love. 

Not only Ichigo but almost all the characters in bleach are admirable. Its characters and captivating plot made the series one of the BIG 3. He is surely one of the strongest anime characters of all time.

13. Denji (Chainsaw Man)

Credit: IMDB

This guy started winning hearts a long ago. He is renowned in the manga community and has now started gaining the same reputation in the anime world. Who doesn’t like pure-hearted people? Though he is a little impulsive at times, he knows when and how to act. He will not think twice about helping others which makes him the best.

Similar to many heroes, he is a little naive! (XD) It is very apparent that he needs love in his life. He is a loner, and only true love can help him. This is also the reason many feel sympathetic toward him. His handsome looks played a significant role in making him popular among female Otaku. 

Though he is kind toward people, don’t mistake him for being kind toward his opponents. He swiftly switches to the most brutal person. But there is no doubt, he is one of the most handsome male anime characters.

12. Obito Uchiha (Naruto)

Obito Uchiha
Credit: Crunchyroll

Another great name and one of the reasons behind Naruto’s popularity. He was a cheerful, kind-hearted, and simple-minded kid, but life turned him rebellious. Apparently, he died saving his friends, but that was the biggest plot twist of the anime. 

He came out as one of the major antagonists who gave a hard time to the heroes. However, he was pure-hearted; therefore, it didn’t take him long to realize his mistakes. Heroes who experience suffering and pain but still show courage effortlessly gain sympathy. 

Obito Uchiha was a true lover, friend, and hero! He was extremely OP and strong, so if he hadn’t been stopped, he would have brought chaos. (Actually, he did bring enough chaos! XD)

11. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo Satoru
Credit: IMDB

Ah, the guy with the most attractive eyes! He is Gojo Satoru, the OP MC who is one of the most popular characters of this decade. Gojo is loved for his contradictory personality. You will find him the nicest man and yet the cruelest guy. In short, the one with whom he interacts should be a nice person. His attitude simply depends on others! 

He is kind and cool towards his peers, but towards his opponents, he is extremely brutal. People admire him for his confidence and tremendous skills. He is a top-class jujutsu sorcerer, and he knows it very well.

He is one such character that has managed to bewitch not only female fans but males as well. Trust me or not, we all needed him in the anime world. This guy has brought refreshments to the anime world. He is and will remain a memorable male anime character in anime history.

10. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki
Credit: IMDB

We already know him, right? Naruto Uzumaki is the reason many people love anime. Even the non-anime fans know about this guy. His influence on people is unbelievable! This character is surely the best male anime character of all time. It’s not easy to be the best; Naruto took more than a decade to earn respect and the reputation he holds now. 

Characters who are unpredictable, sensitive yet strong, never give up, and always find their way through the impossible are exceptional. Naruto has all the mentioned qualities and a lot more. His words, actions, powers, love for friends and foes, and how he deals with situations are heart-winning. 

As a person, he is cheerful, intelligent yet stupid, and simple-minded. For him, every person matters, irrespective of whether they are his enemies or buddies. He is a character who is alive in the hearts of many. He has managed to teach us lessons that life couldn’t teach us!

9. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha
Credit: IMDB

Just thinking about this name makes me cry! He will forever be loved and respected. It’s not possible for every character to earn the position he has earned He was introduced as a negative character but turned out to be an unforgettable hero. 

He was forced by the circumstances to kill his parents, and then he made sure that his beloved brother hated him. He died bearing the hatred of his brother, hiding his innocence and love. No one can imagine themselves going through the pain and suffering Itachi has gone through.

Itachi’s personality, fighting prowess, actions, and selflessness is Oscar-winning. No character could match his aura, and there never will! 

8. Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Madara Uchiha
Credit: IMDB

How many of you have got goosebumps reading this name? I am sure Naruto fans can understand the thrilling aura of this man. He is the best villain in Naruto and the whole anime world. His entry is still one of the most splendid scenes of the anime.

He is definitely not a cliche villain. Unlike others, his ideologies, goals, and aims were to bring peace. Now can you call such a person negative? No, right? This is the beauty of Naruto’s characters; even the antagonists wanted peace! 

Madara stunned the people (on an off-screens) with his remarkability and powers! He alone was enough to wreak havoc and destroy the world. Though Naruto and Sasuke gave him a tough time, Madara still had the upper hand. All thanks to Kaguya; otherwise, it would not have been possible to defeat this guy! Mere words won’t be enough to prove why he is one of the best male anime characters of all time.

7. Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado
Credit: IMDB

We can’t miss adding Tanjiro to the list of best male anime characters. Characters who develop a special bond with their fans right from the start are meant to be popular. Watching innocent MCs lose their families makes the fans emotional. This is also why Tanjiro’s character is well-received by fans.

His hard work, hardships, and courage to go against the odds have won him a huge fan following. We always want to see heroes who are strong, pure-hearted, and willing to go against the winds! Tanjiro has all the demanded characteristics of a hero.

He is very kind and sympathizes with others quickly that makes him a perfect hero. Moreover, the journey of MCs who struggle to become OP is always liked by fans. Tanjiro’s journey of revenge was the spell-binding point in the story.

6. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

Credit: IMDB

Vegeta has a unique fan following who adore him for countless reasons. He entered as the antagonist but ended up as a hero. His rivalry and friendship with Goku are hugely praised. Usually, arrogance and pride aren’t commonly seen in MCs, but for Vegeta, it’s not rare. Despite being rude, he knows what’s wrong and right. The reason behind his harsh attitude is his pain and suffering.

His sarcasm and sense of humor have a particular fandom. Another reason for his fame is his massive overpowers. He is hugely OP, and the way he levels up throughout the series is spine-chilling.

This guy is the one who pushed Goku toward his limits. He literally brought out the best in him. Vegeta is a best friend that everyone needs in their life. Whenever we talk about perfect rivals and buddies, then Vegeta will forever top the list. 

5. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki
Credit: IMDB

Gintoki is hilarious, which is the main reason why he is adored. He will casually go around speaking without giving serious thought to it. Despite being financially unfit, he will lose his money on entertainment. You can’t call this guy responsible, but he knows when to act according to the situation, though rarely one sees him sane. 

His dialogues and actions will make you roll on the floor laughing. Most of the time, he Jokes around, but deep down, he needs love. Those who have watched the anime can easily feel the lack of love in his life.

Therefore, you’ll see him highly protective of his friends. This guy doesn’t look like it, but he will go beyond limits for his peers. He is one of the most entertaining male anime characters. His fun-loving personality has made him win the title of the best male anime character. 

4. Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Monkey D Luffy
Credit: IMDB

How can we miss adding Luffy to this list of best male anime characters? Without a doubt, he has done a remarkable job of keeping people on the edge of their seats. Usually, people get bored of watching the same character, but his demand has been increasing throughout. Not all clumsy and naive characters are admired; Luffy is the only ONE!

One can expect anything from Luffy, and that’s the best part. His ambitious nature and will to become the best have won him an exceptional fan following. Certain characters have built a strong connection with the audience, and Luffy is undoubtedly one of them.

He doesn’t have a balanced personality, and you’ll mostly find him being extreme at many points. Luffy can go to any limits for his loved ones, which just makes him the best!

3. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel
Credit: IMDB

Let’s talk about another iconic male anime character. I bet we must have heard about Cowboy Bebop, right? Spike is the MC of the show and the reason behind the anime’s fame. Spike is loved for his laziness because his laziness is entertaining. You’ll mostly find him complaining about things. Hardly would there be any moments when this guy will praise something. 

His worldview is unique, and the way he claims himself dead is very intriguing. Unlike cliché heroes, he is not willing to work for humanity. He very openly claims that whatever he does is solely for the sake of money and bounties. Witnessing anti-hero qualities in him is pleasing. His personality and attitude towards life and people have earned him fans worldwide. 

The best thing about him is that he is very kind and caring. He is not a person to show care, but deep down, he is a true hero who will do anything for his loved ones. Characters who hide their true self are always admired, right? 

2. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

Son Goku
Credit: IMDB

Not mentioning Goku on the list would be unfair, right? Goku is loved widely for many reasons. Goku’s character has inspired many top authors like Masashi Kishimoto. His character design and writing are top-level. The way his power system has been defined is mind-blowing. Throughout the series, he keeps leveling up, beating his previous OP version.

Like typical MCs, he is simple-minded, pure-hearted, and loving toward his peers. Hurting them means hurting Goku, which isn’t a good thing! He is a character who inspires many with his traits and actions. Many consider his fighting prowess the best among many legendary anime characters. He is a legend who has set the standard for many! 

A few prominent male anime characters are the face of the anime world…Goku is one among them!

1. Yhwach (Bleach)

Credit: IMDB

He is one of the villains that will only give you thrills and chills with his presence. Previously only manga fans could understand his character well. However, thanks to the latest anime season, he has become equally popular among anime fans. This guy has wreaked havoc with his massive powers. Yhwach is extremely brutal in his actions, and I bet we all have seen that in many trending anime scenes! 

Again, his ideologies don’t make him a negative character. Apparently, he does everything for the sake of peace and love. Standing in front of him is a task. He instills fear not only in his opponents but also in his viewers. He is one of the very few characters who deeply influence people. 

No one can beat him in terms of strength and power. This guy will not hesitate to shock you even once. Because of his mind-boggling powers, he was considered a God by many! I hope now the aura of this guy would be imaginable for you. Well, there is no denying that he is one of the best male anime characters!

Frequently Asked Question

Who are the strongest anime characters of all time?

Strength varies from character to character, depending on the setting they live in. There are many OP MCs; one can’t name a few. Besides, the answers vary from person to person.

Who are the most popular anime characters of all time?

There is a long list of popular anime characters. However, to answer it precisely, the characters of BIG 3 are extremely popular in the Otaku community.


Okay, fellas, I hope you enjoyed reading the list of best male anime characters. All of them enjoy a massive fan following. I shared a variety of characters who are both antagonists and protagonists. All of them are unique and entertaining in their own way. I’ll be back with another engaging topic for you all; stay tuned for anime updates!

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