The Legendary Hero Is Dead! Premiere In April 2023

The Legendary Hero is Dead! Is a fantasy adventure series to premiere in the spring of 2023. LIDENFILMS, will produce the series and it will air in April. The official release date will be out sometime before release.

The Twitter account for the series made the official announcement and revealed Ayana Taketatsu as the voice of Anri Haysworth. The higher ups updated the news on the website as well.

The official announcement of the show came with a key visual and a trailer PV. The list of key staff members and a complete list of cast members also came to light.

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You can see the key visual below:

The Legendary Hero Is Dead!, Yuusha ga Shinda!

The official key visual for the series featured the four main characters, Touka Scott, Anri Haysworth, Yuna Eunice, and Marguerit Farom standing in front of the kingdom.

The list of cast members was revealed as Shinichi Toki voicing Touka Scott, Ayana Taketatsu as Anri Haysworth, Hibiku Yamamura as Yuna Eunice, Yurika Kubo as Marguerit Farom, Yuuichi Nakamura as Kyle Osment, Shunichi Toki as Sion Blandon, and Sakura Shifuku as Millie Eunice.

The key staff members for the series include Rion Kujou as the series’ director, Youji Simizu as the sound director, Mineyo Oonishi in charge of color design, Yousuke Yabumoto for character and Yuu Satou for series composition.

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! PV Trailer

The PV trailer featured the main characters. The character design was incredibly well done and the overall vibe for the series seem to be very comedic.

The ecchi elements were also quite strong in this one, perhaps that’s how this series will try to stay afloat.

The plot of The Legendary Hero Is Dead!

A long time ago the threat of demons invading the human realm was growing strong when Hell’s gate appeared, but before the demons had a chance to invade, a legendary hero by the name of Sion Bladearts sealed off the gate.

Unfortunately, the seal has come undone, and the threat of demon invasion and come back, but there is nothing to worry about because the hero, Sion is coming to reseal the gate and save everyone.

Everything was going well until Sion fell down to his death in a spiked pitfall. Scott Touka, a perverted farmer dug the hole. He was building his own defense against the demon army.

As the threat of demon invasion is still there, Anri Haysworth, a necromancer takes Touka’s soul and forces it into Sion’s body so that he may carry on the duty of the hero.

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About the series

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! is a Japanese manga series. Subaruichi has written and illustrated it. The series began serialization on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website from December 2014 to December 2020.

The series currently has 20 volumes in circulation with 202 chapters available to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Scott Touka and Sion Bladeart look the same?

After Sion Bladeart died in the spiked pitfall, Anri Haysworth took Touka’s soul and forced it into Sion’s rotting corpse to successfully close the hell’s gate. Scott had a different appearance before his soul transfer.

Who is Yuna Yunis?

Yuna is Scott Touka’s childhood friend, after seeing what had happened, she tags along their journey to reseal the hell’s gate.

What is the coolest anime show?

There is a long list of anime that are extremely cool. Some of the popular ones are JJk, Naruto, Bleach, and MHA.

Source:, Yuusyagasinda Twitter


Fans are super excited for this epic anime series. The coming year is giving us hopes that it’s going to be full of entertainment. thanks to the Anime Creators for never letting us down!

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