Saint Cecilia And Pastor Lawrence To Be Released In April 2023

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence is the newest fantasy romance series to be announced for April 2023, the show is set to premiere in the Spring season and is being produced by studio Koba Dogo.

The official announcement for the series was made on the series’ Twitter account and later updated on their website.

Saint Cecilia is a fantasy series set in a peaceful town where love will blossom between the church’s pastor and the saint.

The announcement for the series came with a key visual and the series’ trailer, and the list of staff members and character cast was also updated.

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You can see the key visual below:

Saint Cecilia And Pastor Lawrence

The key visual featured the two main characters, Pastor Lawrence and Saint Cecilia sitting with their backs against each other and behind them is the church.

The official announcement also revealed the voice cast for the two main characters as Hime Sawada voicing Cecilia, and Kaito Ishikawa voicing Lawrence. The additional voice cast will be revealed sometime before release.

The list of staff members was also updated and featured Sumie Noro as the series’ director, Masanori Tsuchiya as the sound director, Ruka Kawada for music, Hiromi Nakagawa for character design, Chieko Nakamura as the art director and Yuka Yamada for the series composition.

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Trailer

The official preview trailer for the series came out in October 2022, it featured the voice actors playing the main characters and revealed the key visual.

Nothing was shown in regard to the overall animation; however, the art design for the character looks extremely well done.

The plot of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

The overall plot for the series is extremely wholesome filled with plenty of cutesy moments between the two characters. The story takes place in a small church on the outskirts of a peaceful town.

The pastor, Lawrence is responsible for guiding people to the church to take blessing from the holy saint, Cecilia who helps them find a way and gives them sincere advice.

However, this role of a saint is exhausting for Cecilia, she sleeps throughout the day waiting for the next visitor to arrive, and all the responsibilities of taking care of the church fall onto Lawrence.

Their friendship soon blossoms and Cecilia began seeing Lawrence in a romantic way, but how will she convey her feelings toward the dense and overprotective pastor?

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence characters

Lawrence is the protagonist of the series, he’s the pastor of a small-town church and his duties involve guiding people to the church to meet the holy saint. He is serious at all times and takes his duty very seriously. He’s overly protective of Cecilia and is completely unaware of her romantic feelings toward him.

Cecilia is the female lead, she’s a saint who one day comes to the city where Lawrence lives and resides in their church. She is adored by everyone in town and helps people with their problems at the church.

She behaves appropriately in public as a true saint but things are different when she’s alone, she sleeps all day and lets Lawrence do everything.

About the series

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hazano Kazutake, the series began serialization in Kodansha’s online magazine, Shonen Magazine R in April 2017.

The series currently has 10 volumes in circulation with the 11th volume on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cecilia have romantic feelings toward pastor Lawrence?

Cecilia came from out of town to serve as the saint in Lawrence’s church, she soon develops romantic feelings toward him but has no earthy idea of how to convey those feelings to him.

Source:, Shiroseijyo-tv Twitter

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