Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 Release Date

The Ancient Magus Bride season 2 is on its way to entertain us. It is a supernatural anime series with some creepy creatures, a strong storyline, and amazing art. It is one of the best supernatural series out there. The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 is coming out in 2023.

It got famous for its art style, character design, and storyline. It was even called the best mystery-supernatural anime of 2017. Not just that, it’s the anime adaptation of its manga which is loved widely. Happily, the production company: Twin Engine has announced that the second season will be coming out soon. The anime first came out in October 2017 with 24 episodes in season one.

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They confirmed a new second season and also released a special poster for the announcement. The season will release in April 2023 and is currently under production. However, the exact release date is not out as of yet.

Considering the ending of the first season, many fans are even more intrigued to know what will happen in the second season. Read along to find out about the upcoming season and what to expect.


ancient magus bride
Chise, Elias | The Ancient Magus Bride

The story revolves around Chise Hatori, 15-year-old Japanese girl. She is sold at a slave auction to a tall masked gentleman. Having lived a tragic childhood and lonely life, she is desperate to sell herself to any buyer just so she could have a place to go home to.

Hesitantly chained and walking with the tall gentleman, she overhears conversations between men along her path. She hears them gossiping and complaining about how the buyer got lucky by purchasing a rare “Sleigh Beggy”.

Completely ignoring the gossip and remarks, the mysterious man guides her to a study. There he reveals himself to be a magus aka Elias Ainsworth. After a small conversation and some teleportation magic, the two find themselves in Elias’ cute cottage in rural England.

Beautiful fairies and magical creatures greet them. Since then Chise’s story as an apprentice and bride of the ancient magus begins. She finally finds love and a place to call home.

Not only is the plot splendid, but the character design, animation, and overall fantastical elements. Kudos to the voice actors/voice cast and the animation studio for bringing the manga characters to life. They have remarkably done their jobs to add emotions. They are the ones who made it a popular anime.

Ancient Magus Bride Season 2: Characters

ancient magus bride
The Ancient Magus Bride: Characters | Season 1

The main cast members from season 1 will continue to play their roles in season 2. Atsumi Tanezaki will play Chise Hatori, the young female protagonist, . Ryota Takeuchi will reprise his role as the tall sorcerer, Elias Ainsworth. Aya Endo will play Silky, the house fairy. Mutsumi Tamura and Satoshi Hino will also play Alice and Mikhail Renfred as they did in the previous season.

What to Expect in Ancient Magus Bride Season 2

ancient magus bride
The Ancient Magus Bride Wallpaper

The details and story of Ancient Magus Bride season 2 are not out yet from authentic sources, just like the release date. But based on the plot and pace of the first season of the series and the movie, it is easy to guess what the second season will be about. Hopefully, the creators will update us soon about the release time and release of episode. Just wait, and one by one, everything will be out. We can also expect the anime trailer soon.

Plus, it’s safe to predict more romantic scenes between Chise and Elias.

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Will ancient Magus bride have a season 2?

Yes, it will be on the screens very soon.

How old is Chise in season 2?

The beautiful Chise is 15.

How many episodes are there in the ancient Magus bride season 2?

You can expect 12 episodes!


We are super excited and really looking forward to Ancient Magus Bride’s second season. The previous episodes engaged the fans a lot. So, we can expect the upcoming episodes to be full of entertainment. It is full of supernatural moments, romance, magic, and fantasy. It’s challenging to wait for the anime fans. Therefore, feel free to read the manga. The manga hints that the coming season is going to be worth watching. The story is based on the original manga. What are your views about everyone’s beloved manga and the upcoming television anime season? Anim enthusiasts feel free to join the discussion in the comments below. For more anime updates, keep following Animefleek.

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