Must watch Anime for Fall 2022: We’ve got you covered

The Fall is right around the corner, and so are our favourite Animes. The best way to end your hectic day is to indulge in our favourite anime season. So. here’s the list of Must watch Anime for Fall 2022 and where you can watch them.

Must Watch Anime for Fall 2022

This Fall season is jam-packed with the greatest animes we know so far. From My Hero Academia to Chainsaw Man, they are back and back with full force. All the fan favourites have finally returned after a really long wait. So Let’s dive right in!


My Hero Academia Season 6

This fall, My Hero Academia will return with a brand-new season! The Meta Liberation War arc of the manga will be adapted for the sixth season of My Hero Academia. Deku and the other heroes will battle the Meta Liberation Front under the leadership of Tomura Shigaraki, the villainous apprentice of All Might’s nemesis, All For One, and the grandson of Nana Shimura ( That was surprising, I know). 
Season 6 of My Hero Academia is streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Disney+

Anime for FallMOB 100 SEASON 3

Anime for Fall

Mob 100 is back with S3 and picks on after the defeat of the evil esper Toichiro Suzuki and his terrorist group Claw, finding Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama at a turning point in his adolescent life. The young psychic must decide on some of life’s most important decisions as the Helmet Cult that Mob unintentionally gave rise to in size.

These decisions include what sort of person he wants to be and what line of work he should pursue. But he won’t have to face these issues alone; Arataka Reigen, his mentor, and his friends will be there for him as always. The Third season of Mob is streaming on Crunchyroll, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


Spy x Family

Another Anime for fall, Yes, our favourite “family” is back. Returning with a brand-new batch of episodes is Spy x Family! A new foe in the form of a terrorist bomber puts Loid Forger’s (also known as Twilight) quest to stop a conflict from starting between the neighbouring nations of Ostania and Westalis in danger. Loid will need to enlist the aid of his assassin wife Yor and psychic daughter Anya in order to get rid of the danger without exposing himself to enemy territory! This popular anime series is co-produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks.
Spy x Family is streaming on Crunchyroll, Disney+ and Hulu


Must watch Anime for Fall 2022

Over 300 of Japan’s best and brightest young soccer players are the subject of Blue Lock, which follows a number of characters as they compete for the coveted position of ace striker for the Japan Football Union. They will need to engage in a brutal winner-takes-all training tournament against one another in order to do this. Though, if they want to advance and become the greatest. Think of Squid Game, except instead of real death, the danger is just the death of one’s goals and dreams as soccer balls are hurled at them.

Blue Lock is currently Streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix


To Your Eternity

In To Your Eternity, an immortal creature named Fushi. He flee’s to a lonely island in quest of serenity following the events of the previous season. Fushi once again sets out on a personal adventure to defend humanity. From a species of terrible monsters known as the Nokkers after being contacted by their strange creator. Season 2 of To Your Eternity will begin streaming on Crunchyroll, Netflix and HBO Max on October 23.


Must watch Anime for Fall 2022

Based on the widely praised action-horror manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw Man tells the story of Denji, a poor boy who must hunt Devils. Powerful supernatural creatures born from all of humanity’s fears and traumas—in order to pay off his father’s debt to the yakuza. Denji joins forces with his pet Chainsaw Devil Pochita after being deceived and left for dead to create Chainsaw Man. It is a potent Devil-human hybrid with the power to call forth chainsaws from his flesh. MAPPA is in charge of the animation, We’re in for a treat Chainsaw Man is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu


Must watch Anime for Fall 2022

Studio Pierrot has returned to create a new classic anime adaptation centred on the final arc of  Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. It will feature Ichigo Kurosaki and his Soul Reaper comrades engaged in a full-scale conflict with the Quincy empire of Wandenreich over the fate of all life. Character designer Masashi Kudo and composer Shiro Sagisu are among the members of the original production crew that have returned for this new season. You can watch Bleach; Thousand-Year Blood War on Hulu.

Let me know what was your favorite Anime for Fall. Click here for more anime updates.


How many episodes would Thousand-Year Blood War be?

26 Episodes

Is My Hero Academia season 7 out?

My Hero Academia season 7 has been announced. But the release date is not confirmed yet.

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