The Blue Giant movie is scheduled for February 2023

The official Twitter account of the Blue Giant series announced the anime movie adaptation. The Blue Giant movie is scheduled for February 17th, 2023.

The announcement also revealed the series director to be Yuzuru Tachikawa. As the series will be produced by studio NUT, and the Screenplay by Number 8.

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Studio Nut also revealed a teaser visual as part of the original announcement:

Blue Giant Movie
@Bluegiant_movie (Twitter)

The series’ original creator Ishizuka Shinichi celebrated the announcement with a special illustration:

Blue Giant Movie

Key Visual and Characters of Blue Giant Movie

Blue Giant Movie

The official Twitter account of Blue Giant movie also released the key visual for the series calling the story “A touching story that challenges everything to music,” featuring the protagonist, Miyamoto Dai, with saxophone.

Trailer and Music

The trailer for the series was quite amazing and wonderfully set the tone for the entire series.

Dia Miyamoto, a basketball player, ignites a passion for jazz after visiting a jazz club with his friend. Drawn to the music’s allure, he embarks on a journey to master the saxophone, undeterred by his inability to read sheet music.

The music staff for the series includes Hiromi Uehara as the music director, Tomoaki Baba as the saxophonist, and the drummer, Shun Ishiwaka. If you’re looking anime movies/series to watch this February, browse our top picks for February 2023.

The plot of Blue Giant Movie

Dai is your average high school boy who lives a normal life as a basketball player in Sendai city. Despite juggling a part-time job and school activities, he always felt a void in his life until he visited the Jazz Club with his friend and saw a Jazz Trio in a bustling Nightclubs.

Enthralled by the music, he sets his sights on becoming the best saxophonist he can be, but the path to mastery demands more than mere words. Dai practices the saxophone, but will he be able to achieve his dream? If you enjoy the plot for the series, check out our top picks for the Best Shonen Anime.

About the Series

Blue Giant is a Japanese jazz manga series written and illustrated by Ishizuka Shinichi. The series first began serialization in May 2013 and ended in August 2016 with ten volumes compiled in tankobon.

The series sold over 5.8 million copies, receiving the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Award and the 20th Japan Media Festival Award.

Although the series has ended, the author, Shinichi Ishizaki launched two sequels: Blue Giant Supreme and Blue Giant Explorer.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Who are the Main Characters in the Blue Giant Movie?

Answer: The series follow the story of Dai Miyamoto, an aspiring saxophonist, Yukinori Sawabe, the pianist prodigy who started playing piano when he was a kid, and Shunji Tamada, Dai’s childhood friend.

Question: Will Dai master the saxophone?

Answer: Learning any instrument is difficult; it takes more than just dedication. Despite the challenge of not reading sheet music, Dai remains steadfast in his pursuit of saxophone mastery, determined to learn the instrument intuitively.

Question: Is Blue Giant movie worth watching?

Answer: Jazz enthusiasts and anime fans alike rave about this acclaimed musical anime movie. Which boasts a devoted following. If you’re a fan of Jazz music, this one’s for you!


The release of the Blue Giant Movie in February 2023 is now official. Studio Nut is responsible for the series production and they will release further information regarding the voice actor at a later date. Follow our Popular Anime News to stay updated!

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