Top 15 Anime Movies With Good Animation

Welcome back, my otaku friends; it’s so amazing to see you back here. I’ll try my best to entertain you with a list of anime movies with good animation. The list will include many old gems from the early 2000s and 90s

That’s true that the recent animation is different and more enhanced than the old masterpieces. However, nothing can be compared to the aesthetics and feelings these gems offer. No matter how much technology evolves, once a gem is always a gem! 😉

Before immersing ourselves in the list, let me just say that the ranking is done on a subjective basis!

Anime Movies That Will Enthrall You With Their Mesmerizing Animation


  • In this list, you’ll find many movies from the 80s, 90s, and 2000.
  • This list entertains the lovers of almost all the genres. You’ll find romance, drama, supernatural, and a lot more.
  • The entries are ranked on a Subjective basis!

15. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Anime Movies With good Animation--Mary And The Witch's Flower
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Fantasy and adventure lovers should feel over the moon! Why? Well, the answer lies in this movie. You’ll feel extremely pleased watching it; it’s that good. The story revolves around Mary, an adorable girl. Her life was pretty colorless when she moved in with her aunt, but eventually, it became less boring. 

Things take an interesting turn when she follows a cat that takes her into the middle of a jungle. There, she comes across some magical flowers that give her magical abilities. One thing leads to the other, and she finds herself exploring the popular college for the witches. 

When she attracts attention, she also attracts some evil eyes thirsty for the power she holds. Soon, troubles knock on her door, and she must find a way to end them. 

14. Castle In The Sky

Anime movie with good animation---Castle in the sky
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Get ready for another 80s masterpiece from none other than Studio Ghibli. A beautiful girl, Sheeta, is the center of the story. She holds a unique amulet which attracts many greedy eyes towards her. Soon enough, she gets kidnapped and finds herself helpless. 

In a twist of turns, Sheets gets a golden opportunity to flee from the abductors, and she grabs it right. On the run, she comes across Pazu, a boy who is on his way to the Castle in the Sky. The girl joins her on his journey, which definitely won’t be easy. So, without spoiling it further, I’d urge you guys to watch this movie as soon as you can!

13. Ponyo

Anime Movies With good Animation--Ponyo
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Ponyo tells the story of an adorable goldfish and her journey. On her way, she faces some odds and gets stuck in something. Thanks to Sousuke, the cute little boy who helps her out. He takes the fish with him, and eventually, the duo becomes friends. Ponyo wasn’t an ordinary fish but the daughter of a sorcerer and an ex-human.

The film takes a magical turn and we see Ponyo transforming into a human. Well, that’s where the twist begins! The natural balance in the world is disrupted, leading to chaos and disaster. Now, Sosuke must find a way to bring the world back to normal and help Ponyo.

There is magic, drama, and a lot more, making it a complete package. Ngl, its animation is clean and simple, offering a charm of its own. I agree it is not near the level of today’s CGIs but there is no denying that IT IS one of the anime movies with GOOD animation. Let’s not forget the old masterpieces with the evolution of technology!

12.  Kiki’s Delivery Service

Anime Movies With good Animation--Kiki's Delivery Serivce
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

It’s another one of the best award-winning anime movies with good animation. Studio Ghibli never fails to mesmerize us when we talk about the best animation in anime movies. The story is about an adorable witch, Kiki. Being a witch is a challenging task as it requires one to face the odds and win the life challenges all alone.

We follow Kiki in her compulsory training, where she must live alone for a year. Her struggle to accept the new environment and eventually find a way will make you feel motivated. Nothing in life comes for free, and this is one of the lessons we get from watching this one of the popular animation movies.

11. My Neighbour Totoro

Anime Movies With good Animation--My Neighbor Totoro
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

This masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki is one of the anime movies with good animation. After watching this movie, you won’t believe your eyes that it’s from the late 80s. The animation is so clean, clear, and fascinating that you will fall in love.

This is the story of two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, and how their lives changed after moving to the countryside. There, they come across Totoro, a cute forest spirit who makes their lives full of magic and adventures. 

Trust me or not, you’ll yearn to rewatch this movie again and again! Don’t believe me? Check for yourself!

10. Howl’s Moving Castle

Anime Movies With good Animation--Howl's Moving Castle
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

If you are a Millenial or a Gen Z and grew up watching anime, then you’ll love Howl’s Moving Castle. There are so many reasons why we should add this to this list of anime movies with good animation. It’s one of the best hand-drawn anime movies and will stay forever. 

Sophie is our gorgeous female lead whose life changes when she sparks the interest of the handsome wizard Howl. Unfortunately, when the jealous witch of waste gets a hint about it, she curses Sophie, turning her into an old woman. The movie beautifully explains the meaning of “True Love”! Are you confused about who will fall in love with an old woman? Then let this masterpiece prove to you that Love is UNCONDITIONAL!

Apart from the emphasis on love, the movie is a total roller coaster ride that makes you experience multiple emotions! There is drama, romance, action, and a lot more!

9. Arrietty

AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

The detailing, the art, the aesthetics, the drawings, and everything else are top-notch. It’s an award-winning movie that makes this one of the anime movies with good animation. This is the story highlighting the life of miniature humans aka “Borrowers”

Shou’s summer vacation becomes extremely fun when he discovers Arriety, a miniature girl. Intrigued by their small size and their unique way of living, he becomes friends with her. On the other hand, Arriety also couldn’t stop herself from befriending Shou, going against the rules. You’ll be intrigued learning about the daily life challenges of these mini humans!

If you enjoy watching anime movies with detailed art, then this is your chance to watch it! 

8. Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee The Tiger And The Fish
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Are you ready to watch a dramatic romance anime movie? If yes, then get yourself ready to watch Josee, The Tiger And The Fish. Tsuneo Suzukawa is a university student struggling to earn money for higher education. 

I bet many of us dream of studying abroad, and the lack of financial resources is the most common problem. This is also why this anime movie relates to many of us anime fans. To earn more money, Tsuneo agrees to be the caretaker of a physically disabled girl, Kumiko.

The girl came off as rude and cold at first, but the boy agreed to the job anyway. Spending time with her opens his mind and the audience. The movie highlights the challenging life of physically disabled people and the hurdles they face to achieve their dreams.

It’s not just one of the anime movies with good animation but also an eye-opener! So watch it as soon as possible! 

7. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I Want To Eat your pancreas
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Get ready to bawl your eyes out, as this movie will definitely leave you with misty eyes. Shiga Haruki was an introverted bookworm who hardly took an interest in other’s lives. His life totally flips when he reads the personal diary of his classmate Sakura Yamauchi.

It turns out that the girl has a few days to live as she is suffering from a deadly disease. Even though her life is short, she decides to live the rest of the days the best she can. Shiga chooses to accompany her at this time when the duo learns about the true meaning of life. 

When attachment develops between the two, it becomes extremely difficult to tolerate the thought of letting go of each other!

6. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Trust me or not, it’s an old gem worthy of being on this list of anime movies with good animation. The story begins when Prince Ashitaka gets cursed after saving his village from a Demon boar attack. To find a cure for the curse, he moves from place to place and enters the Iron Town

There, he learns about the ongoing conflict between humans and the forest spirits. Princess San is in favor of the forest spirits and is against Lady Eboshi’s idea of deforestation. The sweetest Ashitaka couldn’t stop himself from helping them and finding a way to bring peace. 

Whether he finds a cure for his curse or not, I’ll leave this to you to find out. Have a great watch!

5. Spy x family Code White

Spy X Family code White
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

This is one of the best anime movies with good animation from Wit Studio and CloverWorks. You’ll love this movie if you enjoy comedy, drama, and action. Loid Forger, the spy, is asked to resign from his job but to settle things out, challenges await his way.

One of the tasks is to make her daughter, the lovely Anya, win a cooking competition. Creating a perfect recipe took more work than you might think. To get this done, the family leaves for a vacation, where they end up in another trouble. The movie will keep you entertained throughout. Ngl, it’s famous for being one of the best action-comedy anime movies.

4. Your Name

Your Name
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Ready to shed some tears? If you enjoy being a sensitive fella and enjoy tear-jerking movies, then trust me, it’s a good watch. The story highlights the lives of Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana. Each one of them  is facing their own set of obstacles, 

Mitsuha had always dreamt of freedom and a peaceful life, and guess what? She wakes up to an unbelievable reality! The girl discovers herself in the body of Taki, sounds dramatic, and I know it! On the other hand, Taki couldn’t believe his eyes seeing himself in Mitusha’s body. 

The movie is a journey highlighting how “Soul Swapping” turns strangers into lovers. So, are you ready to dive into the beautiful world of Your Name? Enjoy!

3. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Let’s welcome another masterpiece from Kyoto Animation to this list of anime movies with good animation. It’s such a beautiful movie that no words can do justice to define what it offers. The lessons one learns in the hardest ways possible, anime movies teach you in a matter of time. 

Ishida Shouya is our elementary school student and the main character. He used to add colors to his life by stealing colors from others. Yes, he used to bully others just for short-lived amusement, not understanding the pain of others. 

However, his life changed when he bullied Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl. When her mother learns about it, she doesn’t even waste a second and transfers her to another school. When everyone starts to blame Shouya, he finds himself captured in the cage of REMORSE.

Many years passed, but he couldn’t kill the guilt that was eating him from within. So, he decides to atone for his sins by seeking forgiveness from the girl he bullied!

2. Spirited Away

Spirited Away
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Searching for good animated movies? I got you! There’s no way anyone can forget Studio Ghibli movies when we talk about anime movies with good animation. They have left a permanent mark on our hearts and souls, and we can’t thank the anime industry enough for that.

It’s a magnum opus that made the childhood of many memorable. This is also why one is bound to feel a huge dose of nostalgia as soon one plays this movie. Spirited Away highlights the life of Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl. 

The thrilling part of her life gets activated when she visits a creepy haunted park with her parents. Despite trying her best to stop her parents from staying there, nothing worked in her favor. Shockingly, Her parents turned into pigs! Now imagine this situation where a kid is all by herself running from spirits and ghosts. It’s haunting, isn’t it?

Luckily enough, she was able to find a way with the help of a kind boy. However, she must find a way to get out of this misery and bring her parents back to normal. Without spoiling it further, I would urge you to watch this one of the most epic anime movies with good animation. 

1. Violet Evergarden 

Violet Evergarden
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

In the depressing days of COVID-19, this anime movie felt like a blessing in disguise from Kyoto Animation. Having a good animation is one thing; there are countless other things that it offers to enthrall us. It magically spellbinds the audience with an enticing plot and beautifully designed characters.

It introduces Violet, an Auto Memories Doll helping people transfer their emotions in words. People used to treat her as a weapon, merely a tool used in wars. After living a life of misery and pain, Gilbert, the main character, brings her out of the darkness. He was just like a knight in shining armor that many of us dream about. He was the one who treated her as she deserved to be treated, and it all started when he gave her the name “Violet”.

The movie is a whole emotional ride, and the story keeps its momentum strong with constant ups and downs. The journey of Violet from being a tool to a full-fledged human understanding the true meaning behind emotions will leave you awestruck! It’s a journey of love, self-discovery, and much, much MORE! 

Final Notes

So, how was it? Did you feel entertained reading the list of movies with good animation? Please let me know about your experience and the movie you have selected to watch first. Let’s start a friendly conversation in the comments! If you are looking for more anime movie recommendations, then add Anime Fleek to your friend’s list.


What is the most beautifully animated anime?

Well, the list never ends if we talk about best-rated animation movies. The anime industry has never disappointed us. The answer to this question can be subjective, but I’d suggest you start with Kyoto Animation and Ghibli movies.

What is the top 1 anime movie?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. If you are a Shounen fan, you might want to say Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. Otherwise, most of the Ghibli movies enjoy the highest rankings. 

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