Barakamon Manga Is Getting TV Drama Adaptation

Barakamon Manga Is Getting TV Drama Adaptation

The Barakamon manga by Satsuki Yoshino will receive a TV adaptation according to an announcement made on Wednesday in the May issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine.

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He also disclosed that the manga, which had been absent for four years and four months, would begin a brief serialisation in the May edition of Monthly Shonen Gangan. Moreover, the magazine’s May issue was published on April 11, 2023. On Gangan Online, you can read the brief serialisation as well.

Barakamon Manga Is Getting TV Drama Adaptation

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On April 11, 2023, Satsuki Yoshino revealed on his official Twitter account that his manga Barakamon would be turned into a live-action television drama series.

The manga was first published by Yoshino in the 2009’s issue of Square Enix’s Gangan Online magazine. In 2014, the manga also started appearing in Monthly Shonen Gangan. In December 2018, the manga’s 18th volume marked its conclusion.

A 12-episode television anime series based on the manga debuted in July 2014. The show was broadcast live on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and in 2016 Funimation released it on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

Yoshino began the Handa-kun prequel to Barakamon manga in the October 2013 issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan. And then finished it in June 2016. All seven volumes have been published in English by Yen Press. A television anime that debuted in July 2016 was influenced by manga. In November 2018, Funimation released the anime on home video.


Barakamon Manga Is Getting TV Drama Adaptation
Credits – Crunchyroll.

MAL describes the plotline as:

Seishuu Handa is considered a prodigy in the calligraphy world. However, he is extremely egoistic about his work. And when a senior curator dismisses his award-winning piece as conventional and bland, he loses his cool, leading to potentially career-ending repercussions.

After seeing his son’s immaturity, his father⁠—also a master calligrapher—sends Handa to a village in the Goto Islands as punishment. Deprived of city comforts, Handa moves into a house in the local village. With the sole intention of spending his stay engrossed in calligraphy. However, the house he has moved into was previously the hideout for some rambunctious children. headed by Naru Kotoishi, who is unwilling to move out. Furthermore, the neighbours seem very interested in the calligrapher, who they see as an amusing oddity!

Despite Handa having been uprooted from his comfortable lifestyle. His experiences with the village and its people will teach him things about himself, life, and calligraphy.

You can watch Barakamon on Crunchyroll.

Well, the plot seems pretty interesting, What do you think of the upcoming Barakamon Manga TV Adaptation? Let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who ended up with Handa Kun?

At first, Miyoko was a sweet and reserved young lady who was just a random Seishuu Handa fan. But once he offers to help her, she develops a passionate love for Handa.

Is Handa Kun a prequel to Barakamon?

The serialisation of Satsuki Yoshino’s Handa-Kun, a spin-off/prequel manga, began in the November 2013 issue of Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan. It concentrates on Seishu’s high school years, which are six years before Barakamon.

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