Nikaido Hell Golf Manga Will Be Launched By Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Nikaido Hell Golf Manga Will Be Launched By Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Nikaid Jigoku Golf (Nikaido Hell Golf), a new golf manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto (Kaiji), will debut in the summer, according to the 19th issue of Kodansha’s Morning magazine this year. The narrative centers on a golfer named Nikaido.

He bears the avarice and karma of all golfers, according to the manga’s released copy in this week’s Morning. Nikaido is his name. In 1996, Fukumoto’s Akagi made its debut.

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Nikaido Hell Golf Manga

Nikaido Hell Golf Manga Will Be Launched By Nobuyuki Fukumoto
Credit: © Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Takeshobo

Following the publication of the manga’s initial one-shot in the Kindai Mahjong magazine in May 2019, Fukumoto began serializing the Yami Ma no Mamiya (Yami-Mahjong Fighter Mamiya, seen right) in the publication in July 2019.

The first section will conclude on May 1 in Takeshobo’s Kindai Mahjong magazine. On December 28, Takeshobo released the sixth volume of the manga’s compilation book. The manga is a continuation of Fukumoto’s Akagi manga, which was published in February 2018 in the magazine.

The manga’s plot takes place 20 years later. This contains a spoiler for the preceding stories, so beware. To view the spoiler, highlight the words. [Akagi’s death]. The protagonist of the manga is Mamiya, a novice player who uses mahjong to resolve conflicts.

In 1992, Fukumoto began the Akagi manga series in Kindai Mahjong. It lasted for 27 years. The manga served as the basis for a 2005 television anime produced by Studio Madhouse, which Crunchyroll began to broadcast in 2013.

The summer of 2015, a 10-episode live-action television series based on the manga was also broadcast on Crunchyroll. In October 2017, the second season of Akagi “Ryzaki, Yagi-hen” “Ichikawa-hen” (Akagi “Ryzaki, Yagi Arc” “Ichikawa Arc”) debuted. In May 2018, a three-episode live-action miniseries debuted.

Nikaido Hell Golf Manga Plot

In 1996, Fukumoto’s Akagi made its debut. According to Denpa, the first volume is as follows:

“Ne’er-do-well A yakuza visit abruptly disrupts Kaiji Itou’s routine existence. Kaiji, who is weighed down by debt and resentment, is forced to gamble for his pointless life. Kaiji must at last take control of the future as the stakes increase and the rules get weirder.

Nobuyuki Fukumoto, a renowned manga artist, finally makes an appearance in English. The book that served as the basis for the infamous anime series of the same name and the Netflix live-action feature Animal World immerses readers in a world of debt, excess, and delusion in order to show them the shadowy side of Japan’s post-bubble economic civilization.”

Kaiji, a manga about gambling by Fukumoto, was the source of two anime shows and two live-action movies. Looking forward to Fukumoto’s perspective on golf!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where to read the manga?

Right now it’s not confirmed when will the manga be available to read online but it is confirmed that the manga will be launched in the summer.

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