Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Anime Film Will Get Novel Adaptation

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Anime Film Will Get Novel Adaptation

To the surprise of the entire fanbase, Black Clover’s first film, Sword of the Wizard King, will get a light novel adaptation. One week before the movie opens, on June 9, 2023, the light novel will be released.

In contrast to the norm, which is that anime movies are often adaptations of already-published light novels, in this instance. The fastest novelization at Shueisha Mirai Bunko would be achieved, according to the statement.

Although the final episode of the series was released on March 30, 2021, the public is now anticipating seeing their favorite characters on the big screen.

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Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Light Novel

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Anime Film Will Get Novel Adaptation
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The Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (Black Clover: Mahtei no Ken) anime film will receive a novel adaptation on June 9, according to the Black Clover manga’s official Twitter account, which made the announcement on Monday. .

Even with the scant information we currently have, it is safe to assume that Asta, Yuno Grinberryall, Yami Sukehiro, and Julius Novachrono will receive prominent attention in the film. The former Wizard Kings that the aforementioned characters will battle are the plot’s antagonists.

The film’s main adversary will be Conrad Leto. When Julius Novachrono took the throne, he succeeded him as the Wizard King. The Black Bulls team will be called upon once more, putting their abilities to the test as they battle to save the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Staff

The novel’s principal supervisor and original character designer, Tabata, is credited with creating the original work. The author of the book is Atar Kuma, while Johnny Onda is in charge of the plot.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced a postponement of the movie’s intended March 31 opening date to June 16. On June 16, Netflix will release the movie on its platform.
In addition, Tabata is the film’s principal overseer and original character designer.

Staff members from the anime television show are back for the movie. The movie is directed by Ayataka Tanemura (Black Clover), the characters are created by Itsuko Takeda, and the music is being created by Minako Seki.

A former Wizard King named Konrad Leto (English name Romanization not verified) will be portrayed by Toshihiko Seki. The original character Milly Maxwell will be voiced by actress and model Marie Iitoyo (character name Romanization not confirmed).

The enigmatic wizard Jester Galandros, who was connected to the last wizard king, will be portrayed by Fumiya Takahashi (romanization not confirmed). In the movie, Houchu Ohtsuka will portray Edward (character name romanization is pending) and Miyuki Sawashiro will play Princia.

Black Clover Series

A new chapter of the Black Clover manga is expected to be published on April 17, 2023, and it is currently moving along steadily. The series has so far published 356 chapters that are divided into 11 story arcs.

  • Chapters 1–10 of the Magic Knight’s Entrance arc
  • 11–21 of the Dungeon Expedition arc
  • Chapters 22–37 of the Royal Capital Assault arc
  • Chapters 38–56 of the Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc
  • Arc of the Seabed Temple: Chapters 57–74
  • Chapters 74–101 of the Witches’ Forest arc
  • Chapters 102–149 of the Royal Knights arc
  • Chapters 150–228 of the Elf Reincarnation Arc
  • Chapters 229–260 of the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle arc.
  • Chapters 261-331 of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc
  • Chapters 332–356 of Arc 11 (continued)

The anime adaptation of Black Clover has been postponed for a while. There have been 170 episodes in total, with the last one kicking off the Spade Kingdom Raid narrative. The air date for this episode was March 30, 2021.

Although the anime will take a little longer to return because the studio will be concentrating on producing the film. As the anime caught up to the manga chapters, one of the main causes of this was the lack of content in the original source.

The manga has advanced considerably, though, and Studio Pierrot now has a respectable quantity of material to work with.

Frequently Asked Question

1. When will the light novel be available?

as per the announcement, to the surprise of the entire fanbase, Black Clover’s first film, Sword of the Wizard King, will get a light novel adaptation on June 9, 2023.

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