Rimukoro Launches Show Me Your Love! New Manga

Rimukoro Launches Show Me Your Love! New Manga

Show Me Your Love Manga is here! The first chapter of Rimukoro’s new manga, Kimi no Love wo Misetekure! (Show Me Your Love! ), was released on Friday on Kadokawa’s Comic Newtype website.

Furthermore, in October 2017, Rimukoro released the manga Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (The Helpful Fox Senko-san) on Comic Newtype. The manga’s 12th collected book volume was released by Kadokawa on February 10. The comic received a Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards ranking of #16 in the web manga category for 2018.

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Rimukoro Launches Show Me Your Love! New Manga

The 12-episode anime adaptation of the manga debuted in Japan in April 2019. The Anime was directed by Tomoaki Koshida, Mitsuhiro Ogata and Satoshi Motonaga. The anime was produced by Tomoyuki Oowada, Aya Iizuka and Daisuke Iwasaki. Yoshiaki Fujisawa composed the music.

Show Me Your Love! Characters

Senko – Voiced by: Azumi Waki

Kuroto receives help from Senko, an 800-year-old kitsune who was brought from the spirit world to relieve him of his hectic and demanding schedule. Kuroto is the recipient of her selfless efforts that go above and beyond, including cooking for him and cleaning his house. She relocates to Kuroto’s residence and behaves like a supportive wife and mother.

Kuroto enjoys receiving pampering from Senko, including cleaning, massages, grooming, and lap cushions to help him sleep. Nevertheless, If Kuroto puts his health behind his work, she becomes upset. She seemed to be fixated on her silky, fluffy tail and ears, to her dismay.

Kuroto Nakano – Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe

Kuroto is a normal salaryman who, until Senko’s arrival, led an unruly existence. Before relocating to the city for work, he spent his formative years in the countryside with his grandparents. With Senko’s help, Kuroto’s health and spirit have become better over time.

Shiro – Voiced by: Maaya Uchida

Due to Senko’s initial trouble releasing Kuroto from the darkness engulfing his heart, another kitsune was sent to help. Furthermore, she views Kuroto as a servant and believes that humans should revere the kitsunes sent to assist them. She is far more egotistical and impulsive than Senko. Yasuko later becomes her buddy.

Yasuko Koenji – Voiced by: Ayane Sakura

Kuroto’s next-door neighbour is Yasuko. She is a manga artist who studies at a university and spends the majority of her time in her bedroom. Yasuko’s use of microwave dinners and her infrequent housecleaning demonstrate her laziness and messiness. Thus, Yasuko enjoys Senko’s company whenever he visits to clean up and provide meals for her.

Show Me Your Love! Plotline

The main character of the novel is Komichi Shij, a well-known manga author and popular high school student. She creates a popular love comedy manga, but she has never experienced true love. Furthermore, she experiences a slump and is unable to produce her manga.

One day, she unintentionally overhears a guy making a botched love confession in class, which motivates her to start writing once more. She challenges him to confess once more, but this time with her assistance. Komichi starts looking into real love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch anime for free?

You can watch anime for free on Crunchyroll.

How many episodes are there in The Helpful Fox Senko-san?

The anime consists of 12 episodes.

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