Beastars Third And Final Season Is Set To Premiere In 2024

We’ve been waiting, and our patience is about to be rewarded! Our final season of Beastars will be out soon! Let’s hope it’s good!

Beastars is a Japanese anime series that debuted in 2019 and has since become a worldwide hit with fans. It tells the story of Legoshi, a grey wolf who lives in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals. Despite the differences in species, Legoshi meets his fellow Beastars—other animals who accept him for who he is.

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It is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by Paru Itagaki.

Beastars’ final season will undoubtedly be thrilling. The show will provide plenty of action and drama for viewers. Legoshi and his friends will face their opponents and must make difficult decisions about their future.

Beastars Third And Final Season Is Set To Premiere In 2024

Where to watch Beasters Final Season

Fans of the popular Netflix anime series were overjoyed on September 7, 2022. This was when it was announced on Beastars’ official website that the final season would premiere on Netflix in 2024.

Beastars aired on Fuji TV’s “plus ultra” programming block in Japan.

Beastars’ previous two seasons each had twelve episodes. However, because the anime must cover the remaining source material, we expect 24 episodes.

We also expect that the third season will be divided into two parts, with part one consisting of 12 episodes and covering the events of the Interspecies Relations Arc. Part 2 is expected to arrive later, with an additional 12 episodes covering the story’s final arc, Revenge of the Love Failure.

The main production staff from the first two seasons is returning, along with Orange. Director Shinichi Matsumi will be at the helm and Nanami Higuchi writing the script, ensuring the continuation of the same high-quality CGI work and story.

The Plot

It is based on the story of Legoshi and Haru. Legoshi is a carnivore, whereas Haru is a herbivore, and the two come from very different social classes.

Legoshi, an awkward teenage grey wolf, struggles to reconcile his romantic feelings for a white dwarf rabbit named Haru with his predator instincts. As they continue their journey, they come across a talking squirrel who had a very strong opinion on the matter – “It’s not the size of the wolf, it’s the size of the love in his heart!”…ahem, there was no squirrel. He learns more about himself as he learns more about her, and the two become inseparable.

Though this world appears to be civilized, there is still tension between the two species. He negotiates the complex social dynamics of a world that is both familiar and foreign to him. Meanwhile, a murder mystery unfolds as Legoshi searches for the carnivore who brutally devoured his friend, an alpaca named Tem.

As their paths cross, Legoshi and Haru must reconcile their differences and learn to accept one another for who they are.

No official trailer for the third season has come out yet. Here is its most popular OP song in the meantime.

What to expect from the third season of Beastars

The murder mystery arc in Beastars season 2 concluded with the revelation that Riz, a brown bear, and fellow Cherryton Academy drama club member, was responsible for killing and devouring Tem. Rather than reporting this information to the authorities, Legoshi chose to fight Riz himself.

Legoshi could control his predator instincts by working with carnivore therapist Gouhin. However, his intense training and abstinence from meat left him too weak to defeat Riz in battle.

In the end, Louis invited Legoshi to eat the lower half of his leg, which kept Louis alive but gave Legoshi enough strength to fight Riz. Both Legoshi and Riz were arrested, and while Legoshi was released, the devouring incident is now on his permanent record.

The relationship between Legoshi and Haru was largely put on hold during Beastars season 2, but the final scene suggested that there will be a progression in season 3. Haru warns Legoshi that she will find another boyfriend if he doesn’t decide to date her.

The next story arc in the manga is “Interspecies Relations.” Legoshi leaves school and must learn how to survive in the outside world while also maintaining his relationship with Haru as she begins university.

In the final season of Beastars, Legoshi and Haru face their most difficult challenge yet. They must now confront the reality of their world and accept what it means to be different. Along the way, they will discover the power of friendship and understanding and how even the most bitter enemies can sometimes become the closest of friends.

As the final season of Beastars, the anime will cover the remaining source material, which includes the following arcs;

Interspecies Relations, Chapters 100-123.

Chapters 124-196 of Revenge of the Love Failure

Beastars Third And Final Season Is Set To Premiere In 2024
Credits: Shonen Champion Comics

Similar Works

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All in All

The series has received praise for its fresh take on the traditional anime genre and its blend of comedy and drama. The show has also received praise for its provocative themes of identity, loyalty, morality and its original take on the classic predator-prey dynamic.

Viewers will be able to see how the characters grow and learn to accept one another as they grapple with their place in the world and their relationships with one another. The series also has beautiful visuals and intricate character designs, making it a must-see for any anime fan.

With the final season of Beastars approaching, now is the ideal time to catch up on the show. Beastars is sure to please all anime fans with its action, drama, and thought-provoking themes. So grab your popcorn, take a seat, and get ready for the final season of Beastars!

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