15 Best Anime Movies Like Weathering With You-Ranked!

If you love a movie, then it’s impossible not to search for similar movies. I am sure that’s what brings you here to the list of best anime movies like Weathering With You. The movie is so beautiful that it entertains everyone because it has almost everything like  Drama, Fantasy, and Romance. 

In short, you experience everything visually, from twists and turns to powers and emotions. If you liked Weathering With You, it may be for many reasons, such as the stunning visuals, love story, FL’s abilities, or suspense. In the following list, I have tried to include movies with the same elements. Hold on, are you still here? Dude, get right into the list right now.

Anime Movies Like Weathering With You That Will Entertain You With The Best


  • Some of the movies in the list offer romance similar to Weathering with You, while others offer vibe, drama, and suspense similar to it
  • All of the following anime movies like Weathering With You will entertain you in a similar way Weathering With You did
  • The list’s ranking is based on my personal opinion

15. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

anime movies like Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Mystery, romance, adventure, and a lot more. If you watch this movie, you’ll be glued to it right from the very start. The insanely good visuals and nature will win your heart. This is the story of Asuna Watase, a talented and hardworking girl who does everything with sincerity

She manages her school and house all together. After completing her duties, the girl enjoys listening to the radio while sitting in a mountainous spot. After relaxing a bit, she returns, and this is her routine. However, one day, something happens out of routine, and she encounters a monster

Unable to fathom, she couldn’t do anything, but luckily, she saw a handsome boy slaying the beast. The boy turned out to be Shun, and she was grateful to him. The two became good friends and loved spending time with each other. Shun belonged to a different world called Agartha and not someone from her world. Time passed, and Asuna heard the worst news, Shun passed away in an accident. Moving on was hard, and her eyes constantly searched for him. So, guess what? She found a lookalike of Shun! Who was he? Many things make it one of the best anime movies like Weathering With You.

Spoiler: Shun’s death was just the story’s beginning, full of adventures, thrills, and action.

14. Hello World

anime movies like Weathering With You -- Hello World
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The movie takes us to a world living in 2027, and technological advancements are at their peak. In this technologically advanced world, we follow the lives of two classmates, Naomi and Ruri. Naomi is a socially awkward guy who can’t find the courage to approach Ruri, famous for her cold demeanor

One day, something unbelievable happened that changed the direction of his life. He witnesses something in the sky, and next is a mysterious man who claims to be his future self. He reveals that he and Ruri are future lovers, and he is in the past to prevent something tragic from happening to Ruri. 

Would you believe someone if you were in the boy’s place? Like the majority, he doesn’t pay much attention to him. Well, he must listen to him and act accordingly if he wants to protect the girl, but HOW? Trust me, the Drama and Romance will entertain you, which makes it one of the anime movies like Weathering With You.

13. Napping Princess

anime movies like Weathering With You - Napping Princess
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Just like Hina Amano had the ability to call the sun, here, female lead Kokone Morikawa has a unique ability. She has an exceptional power of dreams and is so invested in them that she gets confused between reality and her dream world.  

The world she has created is far beyond one’s imagination; it’s technologically advanced and full of amazing things. In fact, contrary to the real world, Kokone lives as a princess there. Things begin to be tough for her when her worlds develop complexities

Also, there is a family secret which if falls into the wrong hands can put her in serious trouble. This one is a must-try if you are searching for anime movies like Weathering With You.

12. To Every You I’ve Loved Before

anime movies like Weathering With You--To Every You I’ve Loved Before
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The concept of Parallel worlds doesn’t come as a surprise to me! Why? Because I believe in them, and why not? After all, we live in a multiverse. This movie introduces us to a world where people can travel to parallel worlds, a phenomenon you won’t find uncommon in this world. 

Koyomi Takasaki is our male lead whose life is a mess free from any happiness. His parent’s divorce adds more to the pain and suffering. One day, in his school, he comes across a girl named Kazuna who reveals a shocking detail. She claims to be her lover in the world she came from. 

The movie has a very interesting concept of Parallel worlds and the actions that lead people to travel through them. I am sure this one will grab your interest. My friend, please try it if you enjoy anime movies like Weathering With You. The male lead’s challenges together and the romance element will intrigue you, and you will find it quite similar to what you are looking for. 

11. The Place Promised In Our Early Days

anime movies like Weathering With You - The Place Promised In Our Early Days
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Hiroki and Takuya are the main characters who have feelings for their classmate Sayuri. They dream of visiting the Ezo Tower with the love of their life. To fulfill their goal, they build an airplane, but instead of a smooth path, they find many challenges stopping them. 

One of them was the military tensions arising in the country, and the biggest was the sudden disappearance of Sayuri. It turns out the girl is in a coma, and her condition is linked to the same tower. That’s where the element of mystery begins to keep you engaged. Why was she in a coma? 

I am sure this question will force you to watch this movie. Though the story is different, the drama and romance make it one of the anime movies like Weathering With You. So, if you are a lover of Drama and romance anime movies, just go for it!

10. The Tunnel To Summer, The Exit Of Goodbyes

The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes--anime movies like Weathering With You
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Trust me, it’s a fantastic movie, and if you watch it once, you might search for similar movies. It has much to offer you, including mystery, sci-fi, romance, and drama. It sure has things such as the main lead’s challenging life full of ups and downs, making it one of the anime movies like Weathering With You. 

Kaoru Tono is our main character, and he is fed up with his chaotic life. His sibling’s death and the parent’s separation have left him heartbroken and depressed. One day, he experiences something shocking and unbelievable. He enters a mysterious tunnel and spends a few minutes there. Surprisingly enough, he also found a bird that looked exactly like his late pet. 

Hold on, there is more to the surprise! 

After returning from the tunnel, he learns that the few minutes he spent there are equal to a week in the real world. You heard me right! When he returned, shockingly, the whole week had passed in the real world. It turns out that the tunnel is quite famous for granting people’s wishes. So, it creates curiosity in the boy, forcing him to re-enter the tunnel, hoping to wish for a peaceful life. However, this time, he wasn’t alone but was accompanied by the female lead, Anzu Hanashiro.

9. The Garden Of Words

The Garden of Words-anime movies like Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Suppose you solely liked the nature element and stunning visuals in Weathering With You. In that case, you might find this among one of the anime movies like Weathering With You. Above all, drama and romance are a double bonus to this visually stunning and aesthetic film. 

It portrays the student-teacher relationship and the complexities it brings when the two catch feelings for each other. Takao Akizuki is our male lead, passionate about being a successful shoemaker. Therefore, he finds a relaxing spot in his free time and creates impressive designs. 

One day, while working on his designs in a garden, he comes across a beautiful girl, Yukari Yukino. The two quickly become friends, and Yukari asks him for a designed pair of shoes. Time passes, and when the vacations end, it is revealed that Yukari is a teacher in their school. However, she faces many challenges because of the constant bullying forcing her to resign. 

Amidst this, the boy develops feelings for her, but he is a student, and she is a teacher. There is a large age difference between the two. I urge you to watch this beautiful masterpiece to know what fate awaits the two. 

8. A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away- anime movies like Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Miyo Sasaki is a heartbroken high school girl whose life is a mess. There is nothing that can ease her heart except Kento, her crush. Finding an escape from her chaotic life, she finds solace by interacting with him. However, the boy isn’t interested in her, which leads her to find a way. Guess what? She transforms into a White Cat and gets his affection. 

Unbeknownst to Kento, he treats her like a pet and shares his worries. When Miyo grasps the pain the boy goes through, she can’t do anything except to listen. After all, how much would a cat help a human? This realization puts her in a tight spot where she can’t stay forever as a cat and fears telling him the truth. What would you have done in her place? You will find the nature, vibes, and the main lead’s chemistry identical to your search. So, it’s definitely one of the anime movies like Weathering With You.

7. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service anime movies like Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Suppose you are searching for anime movies like Weathering With You because you enjoy the romance element. In that case, this movie won’t fit your needs. However, suppose you like nature, the weather, and the characters’ challenges. Well, if this is what intrigues you, then, you will fully enjoy this movie. 

Kiki is a 13-year-old aspiring witch who is so ambitious that she is willing to set out on her witch training for a year. Surprisingly, this is their family tradition that requires one to live alone for a year and face the challenges patiently that come their way. 

So, after saying goodbyes to her loved ones, our brave girl starts her journey. She finds a beautiful town near the sea, but guess what? The people there were not very welcoming to her. This gives her heartbreak, but soon she meets a pregnant lady, Osono, who runs a bakery. 

The lady gives her a place to live, and the next, she decides to start her own delivery service. On her magic broom, she delivers goods to people on orders. She just starts earning the recognition and love she deserves. Sadly, her witch training is not going to be smooth for her!

6. Ponyo

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Though there is no romance in it. However, suppose you are searching for anime movies like Weathering With You that includes beautiful visuals, aesthetics, adventure, nature, challenges, magic, and powers. In that case, this is a must-watch. 

Ponyo is the story of a goldfish with the same name who runs from her house because of his overprotective sorcerer father. Her father never wanted her to come across humans for some reason. Also, he sacrificed his humanity to live in the water world. 

On her adventure, she comes across a human boy named Sousuke, who takes her home. Spending time with him develops in her a desire to become a human. However, she didn’t know that her wish to become a human could put the world in trouble.  

Though she was able to fulfill her dream, her transformation into a human unleashed magical energies that brought calamities to the world. Now, Ponyo must do everything to undo what has been done. 

5. In The Forest of Fireflies’ Light

into the forest of fireflies' light-anime movies like Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is definitely the one you are looking for. Yes, you heard me right; it’s a beautiful film with amazing elements that make it among one of the anime movies like Weathering With You. Hotaru Takegawa is our female lead. Her life started a new chapter when she met a mysterious masked man named Gin. 

She was six years old when she became friends with Gin when he helped her in a forest where she was lost. At first, he appears distant and cold, but later, it is revealed he has a curse. Unfortunately, he can’t come into direct physical contact with anyone; otherwise, he will disappear like he never existed. 

Wanna know the plot twist? After years of friendship, the two fall for each other, putting them in a tight spot because their love story is not ordinary. If you liked the visuals, the vibes, the romance, the challenges, the suspense, and the drama in Weathering With You, you must watch it right now!

4. Your Name

Your Name
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

While the stories may differ, it does win one’s heart like Weathering With You does. This is also why it’s on our list of anime movies like Weathering With You. It’s the story of Mitsuha, a high school girl in a small town, and Taki, in a big city. 

The two want exactly opposites; the girl wishes to enjoy city life while the boy desires a peaceful life. Something surprising happens that changes the direction of their lives. They wake up in each other’s body, unable to fathom what happened to them.  

Eventually, their curiosity increases for each other to seek answers. While in search of the answers, they come across many shocking revelations. Please watch this awesome movie. It has everything you look for. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best anime movies with a good storyline. Trust me, you won’t regret watching it. 

3. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Nothing can beat the anime movies with powers that allow the main characters to time travel. This is a beautiful lesson-giving story that will entertain you throughout. It’s the story of Makoto Konno, a student with nothing exciting to do in her life. Academic pressure makes her life even more boring, but one day, something life-changing happens. 

Out of the blue, she finds the ability to time travel. What can you expect from a student who is given such awesome power? Like any other student, she goes back in time and improves her grade. Next, she starts using the power for fun, for extremely lame reasons, until she realizes that the power has a limit. 

This realization makes her regret misusing her abilities as she finds herself in a situation where she needs this power to fix everything. A lot of drama, suspense, and more await you. Also, it has many things that make it among the anime movies like Weathering With You. Just like Hina Amano had a unique ability, and its usage put her in a tight spot, the same happens to Makoto. Also, this is definitely one of the best movies with life lessons. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 

2. Princess Mononoke

anime movies like Weathering With You- Princess Mononoke
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Princess Mononoke has everything to offer you, including the beauty of nature, conflict, drama, thrill, adventure, and suspense. Without this movie, our list of anime movies like Weathering With You would have been incomplete. 

The story begins when we are introduced to the handsome and selfless Prince Ashitaka, who can do anything for the people of his town. Sadly, he got cursed by a demon boar in a recent fight with it. The curse is eating him from the inside. 

It’s urgent to find a cure for it. Otherwise, he can lose his life. In search of it, he goes to Iron Town, where he learns that a heated conflict between Princess Mononoke and Lady Eboshi disturbs their peace. The lady favors Deforestation, while the Princess is against it, worrying about the forest being home to the Forest Spirits. Ahsitake decides to find a way to resolve the conflict and bring peace. He has no time to indulge in something time-consuming and must find a cure ASAP!

1. Suzume

anime movies like Weathering With You -Suzume
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Trust me or not, this is a fantastic masterpiece, and it deserves to be on the top of our list of anime movies like Weathering With You. It has many similarities to what you are in search of. First of all, the visually stunning animation of nature; second, the heroines’ abilities linked to nature; and lastly, the chemistry with the male lead and their challenges. Trust me, you’ll love this film!

Suzume is our school student who comes across a handsome and attractive man named Souta on her way to school. He asks her about a place, and she sends him to the nearby abandoned area. However, some thought crosses her mind, and she follows him to the area. 

She finds a mysterious door leading to a beautiful place she saw in her dream. To top it off, her meddling with the door and her failed attempts to barge into the place brought a cat statue to life. She gets scared and runs, and soon after, she sees giant worms coming out of the same door. 

The horrible sight makes her go to the same place where she sees Souta trying hard to close the door. It turns out that because of her actions, the gate is opened, and the worms are trying to wreak havoc in their world. The statue she moved was the Keystone keeping the door closed, but now it’s open. 

They must find and put the cat in place to avoid further destruction. To cope with the problem, Souta temporarily closes the door with a key. Suzume regrets her actions and decides to undo what she has done. There is a twist, though. Guess what? Things become interesting when the cat turns Souta into a chair, putting both of them in a tight spot. You heard me right. 

P.S  If you enjoy this movie, then feel free to search for anime movies like Suzume!

Final Notes

Here, we finish the list of anime movies like Weathering With You. Feel free to pick any movie you like with your popcorn and juices. I hope they will bring you everything you were looking for. Well, if not all, I sincerely hope you find at least one movie that can make you happy. I’ll wait for your response in the comments!

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What are some anime movies similar to Weathering With You?

Top anime movies like Weathering With You, such as Suzume, Princess Mononoke, In the Forest Of Fireflies’ Light, and more. 

What makes Weathering With You stand out among other anime movies?

Weathering With You is a complete package that offers romance, drama, suspense, and stunning visuals. There are many anime movies to watch if you like Weathering With You, Such as Suzume and Your Name. 

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