40+ Best Chinese Anime Of All Time

best chinese anime of all time

Hi friends! Thanks for coming back to animefleek. I am here to entertain you guys with the list of the best Chinese anime. Though Chinese anime are not as popular as Japanese anime, they rule a huge fandom. They are popularly known as Donghua! So in this list, you can expect some entertaining Donghua based on a different genre. 

There will be a long list of recommendations, so feel free to grab your favorite meal while reading the list. I hope you will find the best donghua of your choice from the list below. 

Let’s not wait any longer and dive into the World of Chinese animation!

41. Nuwa Chengzhang Riji: Nuwa Growth Diary

Nuwa Chengzhang Riji best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Twitter

The main focus of the anime is a young orphan named Xiao Xiao. People believe she is not an ordinary girl but the goddess of creation. The story becomes intriguing when people ask her to use her powers and authority for the betterment of the world. 

Now whether she is truly blessed with God-like powers, let’s keep it a secret. The anime involves excellent humor, and I hope we know the combination of comedy and fantasy is worth watching. 

40. The Legend Of Ancient Soul

The Legend Of Ancient Soul best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Amazon

If you are even a little bit interested in Chinese culture, then mate, trust me, you will find this donghua interesting. This Chinese anime revolves around the conflict between Gods and to what extent they can go for power. 

However, the gods were later sealed. They have been waiting to be back again so they can achieve what they want to achieve. It is believed that they can get back with the help of some artifacts bound to the members of a clan named HuaXia. 

There is action, adventure, mystery, and fantasy, so you can expect something entertaining from this one. Last but not least, this one has just 24 episodes, making it an easy-to-watch anime. 

39. Zhanguo Fan: The Seven Online

Zhanguo Fan best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This one is another short anime with only 15 episodes. Though it is short, it offers much more than expected. The anime brings a unique plot where we follow the lives of seven different people, as suggested in the title. They are like heroes who try their best to help their beloved land with their abilities and powers. 

Their use of powers makes them unique because they can mix magic with technology. Isn’t that great? For anyone who admires action fantasy is going to love this donghua. This one has a historical touch to it as well. In addition, the way it portrays the war period is worth watching. So my fellas, have a good watch. 

38. Mo Dao Zu Shi-The Founder Of Diabolism Season 1

Mo Dao Zu Shi-The Founder Of Diabolism Season 1 best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Have you ever thought of becoming immortal? I bet many of us have this thought at some point, right? This Chinese anime has focused on this thought. The story is set in a world where cultivators try their best to achieve one goal: to be immortal. 

Wei Wuxian, the main character and a cultivator, tries experimenting with something new yet dangerous way for the same goal. A lot happens in her journey, and he ends up dying a horrible death. In fact, it would be correct to say that his closest friend betrayed him.

 Oh, but the main character doesn’t die, right? So after a long wait of 13 Years, this guy is reincarnated in a different body, and from that moment onwards begins a mystery that effortlessly will keep you entangled. 

Don’t worry about the animation quality; this donghua won the best animation award. It’s safe to say it’s one of the best Chinese anime. 

37. Doupo Cangqiong: Fights Break Sphere

Doupo Cangqiong best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

We all know that the strong ones rule the weak; one of the world’s harshest realities. Fights Break Sphere highlights this reality entertainingly. The anime highlights a world where the powerful ones lead, and the weak ones are forced to obey them no matter what. 

Xiao Yan is the main focus of the story, who was once known for being one of the most talented individuals. However, one day his life flipped upside down, and he found himself without his powers and lost his reputation. 

The story continues while building suspense about how Yan lost everything and who is behind this tragedy. Whether he will get his powers back is a mystery you will have to unfold. So good luck! 

36. Duan Nao: Die Now

Duan Nao best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This anime is based on mysteries that engage viewers from the beginning. The anime is all about the mysteries of collision universes. It highlights the conspiracies involving anti-humans and the universal secrets that are linked with countless murders. 

The sci-fi element of the anime made it one of the most popular Chinese anime, and fans enjoy watching every bit of it. It’s only a 16-episode anime, so finish it as soon as possible. 

35. Bai Ye Ling Long: Whited Nighttime

Bai Ye Ling Long best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This is a school-themed romance story following the daily messed-up life of a girl named Ling long. No matter how much she tries, she always ends up in trouble. To top it off, she is an introvert, which dulls her life. 

After losing contact with her only online friend, she lost hope completely. However, she never felt lonely for long as she gained the ability to see ghosts and started befriending them while protecting others from evil spirits. Sounds thrilling, right?

34. Kitsune No Koe: Voice Of Fox

Kitsune No Koe best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

How many of you love listening to music or feel like pursuing music in the future? This is one of the best Chinese anime for all those who love music. Hu Li is a 16-year-old guy passionate about being a singer, but it is not easy for him to achieve his goal. 

The number one problem is her poor financial condition; the other problem is that he doesn’t have the right looks, according to people. However, nothing stops our boy, and he starts uploading his music videos online while wearing a fox avatar. Each episode brings something exciting, and one is forced to watch the next one. If you like music, then I can bet you will end up binge-watching the show. 

33. Di Wang Gong Lue: The Emperor’s Strategy

Di Wang Gong Lue best chinese anime of alll time
Credit: IMDb

This anime story highlights the themes of history, politics, drama, and struggles to achieve a specific position. Chu Yuan is the protagonist, and we follow his journey to prove his competence as the new emperor. Where everyone struggles to gain power, Chu Yuan is trapped between conspiracies, corruption, and much more. 

Any wrong decision will make the boy lose everything; therefore, he can not take risks. However, things in his life changed with the entry of Xinan King Duan Baiyue. The anime’s story is a little complex as it solely focuses on the tensions between different states and how the higher authorities cope with them. Those who like politics will enjoy watching this one, while it might be boring for some of you. 

32. Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng: Chinese Mystery Man

Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Suppose you enjoy watching monster stories where the heroes are usually busy skating them. In that case, this one is definitely made for you. Although this anime offers a pretty cliche story, it’s intriguing to watch. 

The anime is set in a world where monsters lurk everywhere, and people fear them since they feed on human flesh. Against these beasts, we see people using magic. Li Xue and Wang are the main characters whose daily life goes through encountering these monsters. 

31. Tong Ling Fei: Psychic Princess

Tong Ling Fei best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

I hope you have guessed the genre of this anime by reading the title. It includes romance, drama, and some good comedy. So, rest assured that you will enjoy watching this sweet anime. In this one, we follow the life of a psychic princess named Qian Yunxi. 

People find her psychic abilities strange; therefore, they send her to stay in the mountains by marrying her with the prince of the enemy clan. According to the higher-ups, this marriage could benefit them in maintaining peace and harmony. 

The anime later focuses on the princess’s ups and downs in her married life and how she handles them with her psychic powers. The anime is good overall, with cute romantic scenes and a little drama that effortlessly engages the viewers. 

30. Da Yu Hai Tang Or Big Fish & Begonia

Da Yu Hai Tang Or Big Fish & Begonia best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

If you want something very short yet entertaining, watch this anime movie. The story revolves around a world of spirits. There is a girl named Chun who, according to their traditions, performs the ritual of going to the human world. 

The experience doesn’t prove to be overwhelming, and she gets trapped in a fishing net. However, a mysterious human boy helped her but he died during the process. The incident forces Chun to feel extreme guilt and regret; therefore, she vows to revive the boy. 

Though it was not an easy task, and the thing that she did was against the natural laws. So, Chun must be ready to face some real consequences of this act. 

29. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl And Sapphire

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl And Sapphire best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This anime is based on the BL story and is the adaptation of the manhua. The story highlights the relationship between two boys named Beryl and Sapphire. They are exactly the opposite, with one being shy and the other being confident. 

The good thing about this donghua is that it offers something new. Almost all of its episodes begin in different worlds. In each episode, the duo struggles to meet each other by overcoming the problems of time and place. It’s for those who enjoy watching sweet love stories. 

28. Yao Shen Ji: Tales Of Demons ⩓ Gods

Yao Shen Ji best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Anime Planet

Nie Li is the main character who regrets not saving his home once due to being weak. The incident impacted him a lot, and he vowed to become stronger. He trained himself and became one of the strongest demon spiritists. 

Life was not easy for him, and he died during a war between deity beasts and a sage emperor. As we know, heroes don’t die; therefore, the story continues with him returning to his life at 13. He used his past life’s knowledge to improve himself and started his journey to become one of the strongest and fastest. 

This time our boy vows to be strong enough to protect his loved ones and to save them from the disasters that ruined their lives previously. It’s an overall remarkable story worth admiring animation. I hope you have fun watching this one. 

27. Mi Yu Xing Zhe: Uncharted Walker

Mi Yu Xing Zhe best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This is undoubtedly one of the best Chinese anime on the list. It offers entertainment by entangling the viewers in unending suspense and mystery. In this one, we follow a boy named Ning Yuan, whose life changes when he finds himself trapped on an isolated island with two others. 

One was a gangster named Zhiyang and a doctor named Su Jin. The problem is not being isolated, but the island is full of viruses, mutations, and hostile tribes. The trio decided to forget everything and help each other by escaping safely from this island. Their journey of survival is full of fun, thrill, and entertainment. 

26. Meng Qi Shi Shen: Adorable Food Goddess

Meng Qi Shi Shen best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This donghua entertains the viewers with comedy, drama, slice of life, and isekai. Now, what else does a viewer want? Ye Jiayao is the main lead who dreams of becoming the best chef. However, things do not always happen according to our plans. 

Jiayao’s life changed when she traveled back in time to imperial China. Guess what? She was not in her body but in a new body. While she was thinking about her situation, someone kidnapped her, and that was just the beginning of an adventurous life. The anime ensures to entangle viewers with suspense, comedy, and drama. 

25. Shuangsheng Lingtan: Twin Spirit Detectives 

Shuangsheng Lingtan best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Sun Xiaohu and Sun Xiaotu are two brothers who do the job of paranormal investigation. The story highlights their everyday dangers and what things they face. One day, on their mission to investigate a pair of twins, they were surprised to learn some secrets of the supernatural world that made them the target of many hauntings. 

Like one can guess, the story has engaged the audience with psychological thrillers and mysteries. If you like watching stories that intrigue the viewer from the beginning, this is the one for you. 

24. Shao Hongniang: Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Shao Hongniang best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

If you want to watch a romantic anime, then this is the most suitable one to watch. This donghua is a complete package, offering comedy, drama, historical, and supernatural. It highlights the love story of a human and a Youkai. 

Since humans are mortal and Youkai are immortal, it was quite troublesome for the lovebirds. However, their problem was solved as Youkai had found a way to reincarnate humans with the help of a fox spirit matchmaker. 

This is the story of a Taoist named Yuechu, a human, and a fox spirit named Susu. Both were trapped in their own problems and wanted freedom from them as soon as possible. Yuechu wished to escape the rule of the Yi Qi Dao League, whereas Susu aimed to be a matchmaker. Fate brings the two together, where they learn about their true potential and what they can do. 

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23. Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai: I’m Joybo

Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This is the story of Jiang Xiaobai and his complicated life. He lost his memories in a tragic incident, and now not knowing anything about his past, he works in an Editorial office. However, he usually dreams about a girl but can’t remember her face. 

He is promoted to work as an editor for one of the top authors, Tong Li. Little did our boy know that Tong Li remembers him from her school days. Fate brings them together, and Jiang starts remembering the face he sees in his dream often. There is drama, romance, and slice of life all packed in this one! So enjoy! 

22. The Daily Life Of The Immortal King

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The story revolves around a high school student named Wang Ling. Apparently, he is a relaxed and calm guy, but surprisingly has the power to destroy the world. To keep his powers in control, his parents found a solution to mitigate the powers.

It could be done with the help of an amulet. Unfortunately, with time, the amulet gets weaker and weaker and can break anytime. Therefore, Wang Ling and his father are searching for another solution to this problem. Now why Wang Ling has these powers and how he will control them is a question that intrigues one from the beginning. So my friend, have a great watch!

21. Aishen Qiaokeli-Ing: Cupid’s Chocolate

Aishen Qiaokeli-Ing best chinese anime of all time
Credit: FB

If you enjoy watching harem stories, this will entertain you. Jian Hao Yi is the main character, and the anime highlights his high school life. His life takes a 180-degree turn after eating chocolate. No, dude, that was no ordinary chocolate, but a cursed one. 

The chocolate made him a harem king, and every girl started fangirling over him. Though it’s a cool curse, Jian is looking for a way to lift it, which is possible only if he fulfills the girl’s wishes. What do you think would be the girl’s wishes? And do you think he could lift the curse or not? 

 20. Yaoguai Mingdan: Monster List

Yaoguai Mingdan best chinese anime of all time
Credit MAL

Feng Xi is the main male lead whose life changes after meeting a world monster girl named Su. The duo becomes close in no time. The girl vows to protect him from every problem, especially other monsters who can cause him harm. 

Meanwhile, a priest girl named Guo Shang also follows Feng to protect him from danger. Soon, the boy finds himself trapped between Su, Guo, and the other monster. Now our MC  must act maturely because he holds power to protect the world. 

19. Feng Li Yu Xiu: Spirit Wind Elegance

Feng Li Yu Xiu best chinese anime of alll time
Credit: MAL

China is known for its martial arts, and the good thing is this Chinese anime is based on the martial arts theme. In this anime, we follow a martial artist named Bai Yiu Xiu and a thief named Feng Ling. The duo travels all around the world without hesitation. 

Bai is believed to be the strongest martial artist and the most difficult to defeat. The duo is completely unaware that certain people are conspiring against them. Now how will they face the challenges? If you want to know, then sit back, grab your favorite drink and play the anime. The good news is the anime has just 12 episodes. What else do you wish for? 

18. Ze Tian Ji: Way Of Choices

Ze Tian Ji best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Things in the world change after a meteor crashes into the world. As per expectations, people started getting curious about the meteor and what it’s new about it. Several thousands of years have passed, and now the anime focuses on the life of a boy named Chen Chang. 

He was an orphan plus was suffering from an illness. To cure his disease, Chen Chang vows to challenge his fate. The anime highlights the boy’s connection with the meteor.

17. Hitori No Shita: The Outcast

Hitori No Shita best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

 Zhang Chulan is the protagonist who visits his grandfather’s grave. In the graveyard, he was surprised to find the walking dead. The zombies tried to attack him, but luckily, a mysterious girl saved his life. After the incident, our boy sees the same girl at his university. 

The incident changed the boy’s life as he started seeing unique people with unique abilities. His life becomes no less than a mystery itself. There is action, supernatural, and a lot of suspense which won’t let you get bored even for a second. 

16. Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai: Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The story highlights the life of a powerful money king. The king was once a free-living creature that traveled from the heavens to the earth. Sadly something happened that angered the gods, and they imprisoned him on a mountain. 

Time passed, and the monkey king couldn’t find a way to escape. Finally, after a long wait of five years, his wait ended. A boy was running for his life from the monsters and reached the mountain where the monkey King was sealed. 

Unintentionally, the boys end up realizing the monkey king. In return, the monkey King helps the kid and vows to protect his town from the monsters. The story brings something new and different, and I bet you will be pleased watching the anime. 

15. Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang: The Beauty Blogger

Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang best chinese anime of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

I can bet the girl anime fans will absolutely love watching this anime. It highlights the life of a beauty blogger who gets isekaid in the virtual reality game world. Since this is a game, the girl must complete the challenges to return to her world. 

However, things don’t seem easy for her as the tasks become more demanding and challenging. This is a simple story but it makes sure to entertain the viewers with the best.

14. Xiang Ling Ji: Tales Of Exorcism

Xiang Ling Ji best chinese anim eof all time
Credit: MAL

This is an action fantasy anime that highlights the life of a 19-year-old girl named Hua Jiu. The girl goes around exercising spirits. During her missions, she met an evil spirit named Qi Ye. The story continues with the evil spirit being the spirit servant of Hua Jiu. 

The duo sets on their journey together, where they face multiple problems and enemies that are plotting against them. The story is not like a typical one, and it keeps the viewer hooked till the very last moment. 

13. Wangpai Yushi: Ace Censorate

Wangpai Yushi best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Do you believe in supernatural beings? If yes, have you ever wondered what will happen if the balance between their world and our world is disturbed. This anime highlights the somewhat same scenario. The world’s balance gets disturbed and humans and monsters start to exist. 

The story continues with people fighting demons to protect their world. This one is a simple story but very enjoyable to watch. 

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12. Shi Xiong: Zombie Brother

Shi Xiong best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Like the anime title suggests, this story revolves around zombies and how they attack people. We know that zombie stories are typical most of the time. Therefore, you can expect the same from this one, yet it is thrilling to watch. 

It is the story of XiaoFei, whose city is attacked by the walking dead. In fact, the zombies resulted from a virus, and it’s spreading rapidly. It’s thrilling yet fun to watch the survival of XiaoFei and how he saves his loved ones.

11. Ling Yu: Spiritual Domain

Ling Yu best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

The anime is set where human warriors and spirits have been classified differently. There is a continuous war between human warriors and the evil clan of the other race. The story highlights the lives of Qin Lie and his friends, who were asked to fight against a self-devouring beast. Little did our boy know that he was in a trap. Things start to get interesting when Qin Lie unleashes his powers. 

10. Huan Jie Wang: Eudemon Quest

Huan Jie Wang best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This is the story of a guy who lives in a world where almost everyone has spiritual powers except him. Despite lacking powers, he vows to become the king. After meeting a spy girl, his life gets pretty messed up and busy as he is forced into an unwanted fight. It’s an engaging anime filled with action, adventure, and fantasy. So don’t worry about yourself being entertained. 

9. Wo De Tian Jie Nuyou: My Cultivator Girlfriend

Wo De Tian Jie Nuyou best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

In their world, where cultivation is uncommon, the stronger ones rule the weaker ones. People are forced to obey the laws no matter what. Ma YingXiong lived a pretty ordinary life until he met a cultivator girl. The encounter changed his life completely, as unintentionally, he ended up getting the girl’s powers which turned him into a cultivator. Now, our boy is forced to perform the duties of a cultivator and has no other choice. The plot gets intriguing when some villains enter the show to cause trouble for the duo. 

8. Lan Mo De Hua: Lan Mo’s Flower

Lan Mo De Hua best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Lan Mo has been living like a tomboy, and people hardly got attached to her because she lacked femininity. Her life changed entirely when she found a magical hair clip. With the help of the hair clip, she could effortlessly transform herself into a gorgeous girl. She found it an easy way to attract her childhood crush Liu Yifeng. The story is not simple, and the magical clip may not be a coincidence. The question is, if it was not a coincidence, then how did she get the pin? 

7. Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi: My Holy Weapon

Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

This anime has a pretty cliche plot. In this one, we follow the main character Chang Tian and his adventure. One day he is attacked, and he unintentionally invokes artifacts without knowing what to do. This incident changed his life. 

All thanks to the artifacts, he didn’t get hurt and was saved. Things become mysterious when he finds himself in the battleground, where he sets out to invoke some other artifacts. Many people consider this anime similar to the fate series, though I personally found it different. 

6. Quanzhi Fashi: Full-Time Magister

Quanzhi Fashi best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Hey, what if one day you open your eyes to a world of magic that looks exactly like yours? Yes, everything is the same, except that the world has replaced science with magic. The same was the condition of our protagonist named, Mo Fan. The people of this world train themselves by using spells to fight off the monsters that lurk here and there. 

His relationships, family members, and everything else is the same. Mo Fan decided to join a magic school for his father’s sake. Unfortunately, he finds himself in trouble because he is poor in magic, which is quite understandable. However, people started making fun of him. Well, this time was only for the time being, and soon, our MC started his journey of being the best and most unique magician. 

5. Ling Qi: Spiritpact

Ling Qi best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

If you think you are low on luck, my friend, don’t lose heart; you are not alone. You Keika’s life is a series of unlucky and unfortunate events. He has poor financial conditions and to make ends meet; he works as a part-timer. 

One day he meets a mysterious white-haired man, and he finds himself as a spirit. It was then revealed that he had died in a terrible accident and now lives as a spirit! (Ah, nothing can get more unlucky for him, poor soul! ) with time it is revealed that the mysterious man is none other than the high-ranking exorcist. 

The exorcist makes a deal with Keika, in which he offers the boy safety, and in return Keika will have to work as his spirit shadow. The story highlights the duo’s ups and downs in the spiritual world. 

4. Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-Tachi No Utage: Spirit Blade Mountain

Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-Tachi No Utage best chinese anime of all time
Credit: MAL

Do you guys believe in prophecies? And have they ever come true? The anime is set in a world prophesied to be destroyed after the passage of some comets. It was believed that the comets would disturb the balance between heaven and the earth. 

However, the prophecy was proved wrong, as nothing happened when the comets passed. During the incident, a boy named Ouriki was born in an ordinary village. Twelve years after the incident, the higher-ups belonging to the five supreme sects try their search for talented individuals for the position of disciples and sages. 

Ouriku decides to participate in the process, but multiple challenges await him. The story is filled with comedy and fantasy so consider this one worth watching as it’s one of the best Chinese anime. 

3. Quanzhi Gaoshou: The Kings Avatar

Quanzhi Gaoshou best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Game lovers can be glad now because this game-themed anime is full of entertainment. Ye Xiu is the protagonist famous as the Battle God for his remarkable achievements in the world of an online game called Glory. 

He has not earned this title in a glimpse but results from his continued efforts over the years. After retiring from the team, he starts living an ordinary life by working in an internet cafe. Things get exciting in his life when Glory launches its tenth server, and our boy can’t refrain from trying the game again. 

Game lover things, you know (XD)? This time he joins the game as a new character named Lord Grim. As he was an experienced player, gaining fame wasn’t challenging for him at all. However, with time, he faces specific problems, and the anime is about how he handles the ups and downs. If you like suspense, and action, this is the one for you! 

2. Zhen Hun Jie: Rakshasa Street

Zhen Hun Jie best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This donghua is based on a similar manhua. In short, it means the manhua received praise so much that we have its anime now. That means you can consider watching this anime as it’s undoubtedly one of the best Chinese anime. 

This anime shows the world where humans and spirits co-exist. As the name of the anime suggests, there is a special street called Rakshasa Street which only special ones can enter. The ones who are soul users and have guardian spirits. 

Xia Ling is our hero, living everyday life as a university intern. However, something happened in his life that changed everything. Now what happened, and why did it all happen? I am leaving this to you to find out while watching the anime! You can thank me for building enough curiosity in you to start with this one. (XD). 

1. Douluo Dalu: Soul Land

Douluo Dalu best chinese anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

I believe that you must have heard the name of this donghua at least once. This is because this is one of the most popular Chinese anime. It is known for this action fantasy and romance genre. Tang San is the main character known for being the best disciple of the art clan.

Per expectations, the higher-ups had high hopes in him due to his talents. However, Tang does something unpredictable. He chooses to obtain something forbidden. To top it off, if someone tries their hand at something forbidden, their punishment is no less than death. 

The story becomes interesting when Tang ends his life by jumping from Hell’s peak. Well, well, not everything happens as we plan them to! Therefore, surprisingly, instead of dying, Tang reincarnated in a completely different world named the Soul Land

The land where everyone has spirits that make them unique. Where everyone was bestowed with special spirits, Tang has one of the most useless spirits called Blue Silver Grass. No way, right? You and I know protagonists never have anything useless, so watch the anime curiously! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Donghua and anime? 

Chinese anime are commonly known as Donghua, while specifically, Donghua are the anime adaptation of manhua. On the other hand, anime is a term widely used for Japanese animated series. 

What is Korean Anime Called?

Korean anime are popularly known as Hanguk Aeni or simply Aeni.


Chinese anime has a separate fan following, and it has been increasing with time. People like donghua for its unique animation and beautiful character design. While most Chinese anime are historical, I tried to mention at least one from each genre. 

I really hope you will find at least one according to your demands. Chinese manhua are more popular, and many manhua fans wish to see their favorite stories on screen; therefore, we see many manhua adaptations these days as well. Don’t forget to name your favorite Chinese anime and manhua in the comments below! 

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