25 Best Madhouse Anime Series Of All Time

Almost all of Madhouse’s anime series are popular. It is one of the most popular anime studios that is known for quality content. Fans wait for its productions, and its anime are considered a hit even before airing. Right from 1972, it has been bombarding anime fans with worth watching anime series.

Many anime studios are famous, but Madhouse has been winning hearts right from the beginning. Studio Madhouse has inspired many and has continued to do so. It’s not only the best but one of the oldest anime studios.

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Be them anime movies or series, Madhouse’s work is famous. I’ll list the 25 Best Madhouse Series Of All Time. So, get ready! 

25. Den-noh Coil

Den-noh Coil best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime’s story revolves around the adventures of a girl named Yuuko. She lives in a world where augmented reality is not a rare thing. She moves with her family to a new city. It is believed that the citizens of the city disappeared due to reasons unknown.

After moving to the city she learns about the secrets of the city. Her grandmother, aka Mega-baa, has formed an agency where she trains children to deal with the illegal activities of the virtual world.

As expected, Yuuko also joins the group and finds herself trapped in the mysteries of the virtual world. She gets tasked with finding information about the mysterious virus, which is causing trouble for the team. The story brings something new, and it’s for all those who enjoy watching adventures and drama. 

24. Prince Of Stride: Alternative

Prince Of Stride: Alternative best Madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is another sports-themed anime. Nana Sakurai, the MC, is inspired by the School’s sports team. The sports involve free running, Parkour, and a lot more. Nana shares the dream of joining the academy with her classmate Takeru.

However, when they wished to join the stride team, they were surprised to find that the club had deactivated the team because there were not enough members. The story continues with Nana and Takeru finding ways to revive the stride club. 

23. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is one slice-of-life anime with a touch of comedy. It follows the daily activities of a cat named Chi. The cat’s life gets entertaining after getting adopted by a boy named Youhei. It’s a must-watch anime for everyone who adores animals.

The good thing about this anime is that each episode’s duration is short. If you want to watch something new, this is it, guys! 

22. Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Phantom best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: I MDb

The story is set in a world where people fear the name “Boogiepop.” People believe that Boogiepop is behind all the murders that started five years back. Yet many people consider the stories fake and ignore the rumors completely.

The anime has a horror touch to it, and it will give you spine-chilling vibes once you start watching. The story is full of suspense and twist that will keep you glued to the story throughout the end. Each episode brings something new where people are seen battling with demons. You can consider watching this one, as it has a good plotline. 

21. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime is set in Italy, where a welfare organization uses girls to fulfill its evil motives. They target the bedridden hospitalized girls and give them hope of getting back to life fit and healthy.

They bring them back to normal with their cybernetic advancements. The story highlights the struggles these girls face daily, yet the only thing they want is LOVE. The action drama and sci-fi elements of the anime make it worth watching. 

20. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

So guys, if you were looking for a romance anime filled with drama, here you Go! Paradise Kiss focuses on the life of a high schooler named Yukari. Her life changes soon after she meets a strange guy who starts looking weirdly at her.

She runs from the boy but faints on her way. Yukari opens her eyes and gets surprised that the guy was a designer and wanted to hire her as his model. Though she rejects the offer, the head designer vows to make her his model.

It’s a simple story that has brought something new for the Otaku. If you like lighthearted and refreshing anime, you’ll enjoy watching this one. 

19. Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Can you imagine a world without God? Besides, have you ever heard that God has left the world? No worries if you haven’t, because Sunday Without God has brought a similar scenario.

The story is set in a world where God has abandoned people leaving them trapped. Neither can humans die nor can they enter the world. However, God was kind enough to create grave keepers, that is, people who can put the dead to rest.

Ai is the main character who is just one of the grave keepers. Each day brings some new duties for Ai. One day, a man kills the people in her village, and surprisingly the man is believed to be her dad. Not knowing what is happening, Ai faces the odds with courage. 

18. All Out

All Out best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Similar to many cliche sports anime, this one has the same story. All Out is based on Rugby. Kenji Gion is the main character of short height. His perspectives about his height change when he watches a rugby match.

He realizes that Rugby is a sport for all irrespective of height and stature. From that moment onward, he vows to become the best rugby player. The story is pretty simple but entertaining, so have a good watch! 

It’s not only the best sports anime but also the best Madhouse anime series of all time!

17. Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It is a sports anime based on a card game named Karuta. Chihaya, a sweet and goregous girl is the main character. This cute little girl only wants to see her sister become the top model. 

Her primary focus is her sister’s life, but her focus changes after she meets Taichi. After a series of incidents she is forced to play Karuta. The game is not easy to play as it requires the players to be talented and intelligent.

It’s the journey of her becoming a well-known player. The anime highlights the ups and downs of Chihaya’s journey entertainingly. 

16. Btooom! 

Btooom!  best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the life of a gamer named Ryouta. He is one of the best players in the game, named Btooom. Games are the only thing at which he is good. The more he was fond of games, the more his life became adventurous.

One day, things change when he finds himself in a mysterious place. Soon he realized that he was inside a game world similar to Btooom. Yes, his life became just like a game. He faces the same dangers a player faces in the game. With time he accepts his new life and becomes optimistic after meeting fellow players. 

15. Rainbow

Rainbow best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime revolves around five teenagers and their lives. On some charges, they get imprisoned, and their lives become miserable. In prison, they befriend a well-known boxer. They become friends with many others who share the same dream of meeting each other outside the prison.

The way they manage in prison despite the odds is admirable. The anime has a unique story, and it is full of suspense. Many moments full of drama, tragedy, and sadness will engage you throughout. 

14. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of two siblings, Sora and Shiro, whose lives revolve around games. The duo is pretty famous in the world of online games. Little did they know that their lives would someday become adventurous.

One day they get a mysterious message which sends them to a different world. The world is named Disboard, ruled by a God named Tet. Their lives change completely after their encounter with Tet.

With time, they learn about the world’s secrets by meeting different people. Meanwhile, they meet a girl named Stephanie, who needs help to regain her father’s throne. The duo decides to help the girl achieve her goals while getting used to their new life. 

13. One Outs

One Outs best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s a must-watch sports anime for all those who love baseball and gambling. Toua is the main lead and is a well-known player. However, he finds his life boring because, for him, sport means nothing.

The story continues, and we see the sport turning into gambling. Certain circumstances put Toua in a situation where he must pitch an out and earn five million yen or lose fifty million. The way the matches are played will keep you entertained throughout the anime; otherwise, the story is average.

12. Diamond No Ace

Diamond No Ace best madhouse anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It is a baseball-based sports anime that follows the life of a boy named Eijun. The boy was obsessed with baseball but unfortunately couldn’t make his name in middle school. They lost terribly in Middle School, but this didn’t stop them.

Eijun and his team decide to win next time. The MC’s life changed when he received the invitation to join an elite high school after the higher-ups saw potential in him. Eijun starts making his name in the new School.

However, he was faced with difficulties because surpassing the talented players wasn’t an easy task. The anime highlights the ups and downs in his journey. It’s overwhelming to see him becoming the best baseball player! 

11. Death Parade

Death Parade
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most unique stories, and it proved refreshing for the viewers looking for something different. When people die, they enter a mysterious bar where the bartender forces them to play deadly games.

Based on these games, he passes a judgment on whether the person will get a new life or not. The anime is short, but each episode brings something new to the audience. It’s one of the unique anime produced by Madhouse. Because of its uniqueness, it’s safe to say that it’s the best madhouse anime series of all time. If you are fond of watching thrilling and suspenseful series, this is the best one. 

10. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Rokurou, a salaryman. He was struggling to work for the company, and his life took a 180-degree turn when his company’s business deal went out unexpectedly.

The Lagoon Company kidnaps him, and to top it off, his own company abandons him. The story begins when Rokurou joins the group of kidnappers instead of going back. Yes, guys! When you can’t find the way out, find the way to survive inside!

It takes time for him to adjust to the new environment. However, things become more and more challenging for him. He is forced into a situation where he must make the right decisions to survive. What do you think is it easy for a salaryman to survive in the illegal world? 

9. High School Of The Dead

High School Of The Dead
Credit: IMDb

Things become messy in Japan after the entry of the walking dead. They started creating havoc in the country. This anime follows three friends, among whom Takashi is the main character.

When the zombies attack their school, the trio tries their best to survive. Unfortunately, one of their friends loses himself to he zombie, and Takashi is forced to kill him to save the others. This moment proved to be life-changing for them.

Takashi and his friend Rei find other school students who survived the attacks with their skills. They all team up to find a way to survive. The anime will give you chills and thrills throughout the end. It’s indeed famous as one of the best madhouse anime series of all time.

8. Claymore

Credit: IMDb

Those who love watching girls in action should not miss this anime. The story takes place in a world where people fear Youma (shape-shifting demons). They are famous for eating humans.

To fight them, appears a girl named Clare. She is not an ordinary girl but a half-human and a half-Youma. Watching her slay the demons efficiently will make you go crazy for her. The anime is full of action and adventure, plus it provides entertainment at each step! 

7. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo
Credit: IMDb

Ippo’s journey from being the weakest to the most OP guy has been admirable. He was a guy who used to get beat up form the bullies and couldn’t reciprocate. Thanks to a renowned boxer who took the boy in, which eventually benefited Ippo.

Ippo found his hidden boxing talent and started training for the best. The action sequences are the most entertaining to watch. Watching once-weak Ippo against strong opponents is an overwhelming sight. I genuinely hope you’ll love the anime.

6. Trigun

Credit: IMDb

It’s worth watching anime full of action, adventure, and entertainment. Vash the Stampede is the main character that everyone fears. He has a massive bounty on his head and is a wanted person.

However, his terror is so that people can’t dare to cross his line. Well, there is a twist; in reality, Vash is a kind man and is exactly the opposite of the rumors. Why everyone fears him, and why is he famous as a criminal? The anime is suspenseful, and it will surprise you multiple times. Vash’s journey is worth watching, and I suggest you start binge-watching it right now! 

5. The Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School
Credit: IMDb

It’s another Madhouse Studio’s masterpiece. Magic and action, what a deadly contrast!!! The ones who like watching action fantasies would love this one. It follows the lives of two siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki. Their lives change when they join an elite school.

There is visible discrimination among the students as they are divided into groups. Those who are good with practicals consider themselves superior to the ones who aren’t. Tatsuya is in the lowly-ranked group, which intrigues the audience from the start.

Eventually, the suspense unfolds, and we learn the true potential of the main character. The story is intriguing and entertaining, and if you haven’t watched the anime yet, start watching it now! 

4. Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte The Maxim
Credit: IMDb

Looking for something thrilling? Consider this perfect action themed madhouse anime series of all time. It is a must-watch anime for everyone who loves watching action, horror, and thriller. Shinichi Izumi is the main character whose life flips upside down with alien Parasites’ entry into the human world.

The parasite came on a mission to rule the human world by controlling their brains. Instead of entering Izumi’s brain, a parasite attaches itself to his hand. This results in Izumi gaining some supernatural abilities.

Izumi controls the parasite in his body and tries his best to save the world with the help of the parasite. Watching Izumi in action is exceptionally entertaining. 

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man
Credit: IMDb

Time for one of the best action packed Madhouse anime series of all time. The caped baldy has won an exceptional fanbase for his personality and an unending will to be the best. Unlike cliche heroes, it took Saitama a lot to be a hero. He has trained to the level of defeating the opponent with a single punch.

Yes, guys, Saitama’s punch is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this show. It doesn’t matter if you are an overpowered character; you can’t withstand Saitama. The baldy is bored of winning easily; therefore, he looks for a stronger opponent.

The story continues with Saitama training Genos. Their bond is admired a lot in the Otaku community. In fact, Genos Vs. Saitama is one of the most famous fights in the manga community. 

2. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter
Credit: IMDb

This anime is famous for its dope characters and the main character’s thrilling adventures. Gon Freecs is the main character, and the anime revolves around his adventures. He idolizes his father and wishes to be a well-known hunter like him.

This mission is important to him because he believes that he will meet his father someday by being a hunter. Being a hunter is not an easy task; it requires being fearless and capable enough to pass the exams.

Gon’s journey has been admirable throughout the series. The anime is mainly loved for its action sequences and shounen fans are obsessed with them. I hope we are aware of the popularity of action anime worldwide. Let’s thanks Madhouse for introducing HXH as it’s the best Madhouse anime series of all time.

1. Death Note 

Death Note
Credit: IMDb

This anime needs no introduction because it has been popular among fans for over a decade. The psychological and thriller themes of their anime are incomparable. Death Note highlights the lives of two geniuses. It entertains the viewers with the duo’s Tom and Jerry fights. 

Kira is the main character living a pretty ordinary life before using the Death Note. The writer gets the power to kill anyone of his choice. The genius boy decided to make the world better by killing criminals.

The deaths were mysterious because there was hardly any proof of the killer. Therefore, the higher-ups hired the second genius main character, L, to resolve the mystery. From that moment onwards, fans were entertained throughout the end of the series. There is suspense, thrill, and almost everything that effortlessly entertain the fans. Death Note is undoubtedly best Madhouse anime series of all time.


Okay, fellas, let’s end our list of the best Madhouse anime series of all time. I genuinely hope that you like all of the mentioned anime series. All of them are famous for their quality, engaging plots, and much more. So grab your popcorn, and chill while watching your favorite anime. For similar anime news, keep following Anime Fleek!


Is Madhouse the best anime studio? 

Undoubtedly, Madhouse is one of the most popular and successful anime studios, and many consider it one of the best. 

What is Madhouse Famous for?

Madhouse is famous for its quality anime.

Did Madhouse become MAPPA?

No, but Masao Maruyama the former producer of Madhouse is the founder of MAPPA!

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