25 Best Episodes Of One Piece

One Piece needs no introduction! It was, is, and will remain the best anime. It is one of the longest-running shows and is still running. People have grown up watching this masterpiece. There is one problem, though, those who haven’t watched One Piece find it hard to watch the entire series which is approximately 1000+ episodes.

If you are one of them, don’t fret! This post is about One Piece best episodes. Suppose you can’t watch all of it. In that case, you can watch the important ones to build enough curiosity to complete the the entire episodes. I’ll explain why the following ones are best and worth watching!

For those who have already watched them, they should have no problem rewatching them! 😉 To be honest, One Piece has provided the audience more than expected. Choosing just 25 out of a significant number is challenging. Besides, it varies from person to person. 

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Not every One Piece fan has the same favorites, but there are some that almost every fan likes. Being a One Piece fan, I love everything about it, but I’ll try to mention the best 25 episodes of One Piece! (Though some next-level scenes have yet to come!)

25. E-312 (Thank You Merry! The Sea Of Separation In The Snow)

best episodes of One Piece
Credit: IMDb

Heartbreaking and sad episodes are always memorable. Though we never wanted to imagine the scenes, we are forced to say goodbyes. In this episode, the beloved ship “Merry” of the Straw Hats gets destroyed.

Apparently, it was just a ship, but it was much more than that. It was like a living being who helped our heroes in their times of need. Oda Sensei has done a remarkable job connecting us with each and everything in One Piece. This, indeed, is one of One Piece best episodes as it gives one the right feelings!

24. E-877 (The Parting Time – Pudding’s Last Wish)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: One Piece

This was indeed one of the most emotional episodes of One Piece. We see the end of a love story. I bet many of you are familiar with the three-eyed girl of One Piece. In this episode, she leaves Sanji’s world by saying her final goodbyes. 

The sad part was her moment with Sanji. She kissed him and then removed all his memories with her. She didn’t want to see him in pain, cherishing his memories with her. Therefore, she decided to be the only one with their memories together.  

Once she was one of the major antagonists, but spending time with Sanji changed her. She fell in love with him, regretting her actions and the harm she did to the team of heroes. Let’s have high hopes from Oda sensei regarding Sanji’s and Pudding’s cute love story!

23. E- 43 (The End of the Fish-Man Empire! Nami is My Friend!)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

The way Oda sensei has portrayed the true meaning of friendship and loyalty in One Piece is incomparable. As one can guess from the name, we see Luffy highlighting the meaning of friendship! 

Moreover, this episode is exciting as it involves Luffy’s battle against Arlong.

When Luffy predicts that Nami was abused for drawing maps, it forces the anger out of him. The way he destroys the room full of maps just for Nami was a heart-stealing sight! This is one of One Piece best episodes from the beginning of the anime!

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22. E- 151 (The 100,000,000 Man! The World’s Highest Authority and the Pirate Blackbeard)

best episodes of One Piece
Credit: Wiki-Fandom

Many fans loved this episode because of Luffy’s fight against Bellamy. However, there are many other reasons for it being entertaining. Sarquiss thought the bounties on Luffy’s head were fake and expected little from him. 

Neither Bellamy nor Sarquiss expected Luffy to be powerful enough to beat them. This is what made the episode thrilling! It was a fantastic sight to see where Luffy beats Bellamy so that the print of his fist is left on Bellamy’s head. This was when Sarquiss believed that the bounties weren’t fake! XD

21. E- 24 (Hawk-Eyes Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro Falls Into The Sea!)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

Watching Zoro in action effortlessly moves you to the edge of your seat. As the episode number suggests, this is the very start of the anime. Those who find it hard to stick to the anime can watch this episode. 

In this episode, we see Zoro vs. Mihawk. Despite using his best skills, Zoro badly loses the battles against him. Hawkeye could quickly kill Zoro, but he left him to improve himself. At that moment, Zoro vowed to never lose again. This episode simply forces one to wait and watch the coming battles of Zoro.

There are countless episodes of One Piece that are the best, but this episode has an exceptional charm. Hawk-Eye pushed Zoro to his limits and gave him the aim to be the best. 

20. E-958 (A Legendary Battle! Garp And Roger!)

best episodes of One Piece
Credit: IMDb

This episode is considered one of the most important episodes of One Piece as it highlights the history of Rock Pirates. Sengoku elaborates on how Garp defeated the Rock pirates by joining hands with Roger Pirates.

As we know, One Piece is known for its story-building. Therefore, this episode can never be missed! We learn about the big names, including Whitebeard, Kaidou, Big Mom, Roger, and Garp!

19. E-995 (Raid! Inheriting Oden’s Will)

best episodes of One Piece
Credit: IMDb

This episode is one of the most popular ones for multiple reasons. The bigger the episode number, the better its animation and art. The same goes for this one. In terms of details and story building, this was an important episode. 

We see Momonosuke revealing his identity to Kaidou. Meanwhile, Prospero fights against Marco. The animation, art, and other characteristics are also admired in this episode. We learn about the importance of multiple characters in this one.

18. E-1000 (Overwhelming Strengths! The Strawhats Come Together)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

This one shows the straw hats fighting against the Beast pirates. The team of heroes remembers their past experiences and adventures with each other. Though the straw hats were stronger, it was not an easy fight.

We also see some flashbacks, which adds more charm to the episode. It’s safe to say that it was one of One Piece best episodes. We got to learn about their strengths and weaknesses!

17. E-544 (Big Clash! Straw Hat Pirates vs. 100,000 Opponents)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

The name says it all! The title itself is enough to give goosebumps. In this episode, we see the Straw Hat Pirates against 100,000 opponents. When the hero realizes they are being outnumbered, Sanji suggests that each should take 10,000 opponents at a time.

While they are still discussing, Luffy moves past them and shocks everyone on-screen and off-screen. We see him defeating 50,000 opponents with a single attack. Man! The scene was just phenomenal. Even the opposition was shocked to see Luffy in power. No one imagined this from Luffy except Zoro and Sanji!

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The next moment after that just surpassed everything else. Luffy stepped toward Hody and cleared him of the fact that “there can only be one pirate king!”. Yes, dude, you heard that right! The feelings the viewers get while watching this episode are not explainable!

16. E-972 (The End Of The Battle – Oden vs. Kaido!)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

Like the episode title hints, we see Oden vs. Kaido in a one-on-one battle. One Piece battles have a different fanbase. One Piece is the first choice for any shounen lover who wishes to watch incredible action sequences. Therefore, this one is famous as one of the best action anime.

Kaido and Oden proved the screen time watch worthy for the audience. Of course, Oden couldn’t win against Kaido, but still, it was a great battle to witness. Later, we see Oden executed after being imprisoned.

15. E-870 (A Fist Of Divine Speed- Another Gear 4 Application Activated)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

Watching the main character in action has always been the most awaited moment for fans, irrespective of the anime. When we talk about One Piece, each fight is worth watching, and nothing can beat the screen time where we see Luffy in action.

In this episode, we see one of Luffy’s best battles, where he levels up and enhances his powers. Standing against Katakuri wasn’t easy, but our hero managed to defeat him remarkably. 

The fight was thrilling and the toughest battle. No one could say at the start that Luffy would win, but he shocks everyone with his moves. It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite battles from One Piece!

14. E-717 A Decisive Battle in Midair! (Zoro Vs. Pica)

Best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

One Piece is famous for multiple things, but the action remains on top. Watching the main characters in action has always been a treat for the eyes. Especially when we are blessed to watch the best Zoro using his skills to baffle the people on and off the screen.

Zoro vs. Pica was a sight soothing to see.

Pica threatened the people of Dressrosa as he vowed to crush the King’s Plateau. The conflict between antagonists and protagonists isn’t something rare in One Piece. However, this episode helps us know the potential of Zoro, especially after the time skip.

Almost all of Zoro’s fights have a separate fanbase, but this one is exceptional. Standing against Pica wasn’t easy, and our Zoro has remarkably shocked everyone.

13. E-1017 (A Barrage Of Powerful Techniques! The Fire Attacks Of The Worst Generation)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

Is there anything better than seeing the team of heroes in action altogether? No matter what anime one watches, nothing can offer more than watching heroes fighting opponents.

In this episode, we see Kid, Luffy, Zoro, Law, and Kaido against Big Mom and Kaido. This battle was undoubtedly worth watching, full of creativity and fantastic animation. However, if you plan to watch One Piece from scratch, it will cost you a lot of patience and determination to watch it.

12. E-733 (Attack On A Celestial- Luffy’s King Kong Gun Of Anger)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

This episode bestowed fans with the most awaited moments. We witness the fight between Doflamingo and Luffy. Every episode where we see Luffy defeating the opponents has to be one of One Piece best episodes.

His fight with Doflamingo is considered one of the top fights of the series. There were moments during the fight where we see Luffy losing control against him, but heroes are heroes. 

There is nothing good without ups and downs. Luffy remembers his time with Rayleigh and uses his learning against Deflamingo. It did take time, but eventually, Luffy earned the victory!

11. E- 126 (I Will Surpass You! Rainfalls On Arabasta!)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

The start and the climax of every arc in One Piece bring something special. It always gives us goosebumps to watch the beginning of a new arc, and how it will end is the most awaited moment for everyone. 

This episode is loved because it provides the climax of the Arabasta Arc, and finally, we see Luffy defeating Crocodile. Luffy shocks Crocodile with his power and all those who think he will easily be defeated. This arc is very entertaining to watch, especially for the starters, as it spellbinds the audience perfectly. 

10. E-309 (Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy’s Full Power Gatling)

best episodes of one piece
Credit: IMDb

This episode is memorable because we see Luffy defeating Lucci in this one. Defeating Lucci was a challenging task. Their battle was worth watching, which made the episode take its position among one of One Piece best episodes.

Not just Luffy and Lucci, but we see Ussop, Nami, and others in action. So overall, this episode was full of action and fights. Luffy’s strength in this fight was worth admiring.

He was almost defeated but watching Lucci ready to defeat Ussop gave him enough strength to stand up again. Watching Luffy put his feelings into fists was undoubtedly a soothing sight. 

9. E-236 (Luffy vs. Ussop! The Spirit Of The Clashing Men)

best episode of one piece
Credit: IMDb

Watching two friends stand against each other is undoubtedly not an incredible sight, but it can’t be missed. Ussop and Luffy had a duel where Ussop forces Luffy to come at him with everything he has. 

However, our innocent boy tries his best not to hurt this friend harder. Ussop didn’t come slower at him at all, and in the end, we see Luffy winning the duel. It was an entertaining fight, but it will also make you emotional. No matter what happens, no fans love to see the two buddies standing against each other.

8. E-808 (A Heartbreaking Duel- Luffy vs. Sanji)

best episodes of One Piece
Credit: IMDb

The name of the episode says it all. It was definitely one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the anime. Can someone imagine two best buddies fighting each other for real? Luffy wanted to talk with Sanji but he was not ready to speak. 

He started fighting him by seriously injuring Luffy. On the other hand, Luffy tried his best to not use his Haki because he just wanted a discussion. In the end, Sanji left after making Luffy unconscious! 

Later, after gaining consciousness, Luffy claimed he would not be the pirate king without his buddy Sanji! ;’). Watching the two friends standing against each other was never expected, but that’s the beauty of One Piece; you will find it unpredictable!

7. E-316 (Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age!)

E 316
Credit: IMDb

Watching Shanks and Whitebeard in action has always been the most awaited scene for fans. Moreover, what’s better than watching both against each other? Shanks goes to meet Whitebeard at his ship, and trust me, his entry was AH-MAZ-ING!!! He uses his Haoshoku Haki, and the ship members faint as soon as he starts walking. 

The duo clashes the sword after discussing Ace, and not gonna lie; it was a thrilling sight to watch! Solely because of their interaction, this episode is considered one of One Piece Best episodes!

6. E-481 (Ace Freed! Whitebeard’s Final Captain’s Order!) 

E 481
Credit: IMDb


5. E-483 (Looking for the Answer – Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield)

E 483
Credit: IMDb

I bet not only One Piece fans but all the weebs are familiar with the best buddies Ace and Luffy. The duo is loved for countless reasons. Watching them work together and fight against their opponents was one of One Piece best episodes.

Episode 481 is best if you want to learn the meaning of brotherhood and friendship. Watch two more episodes; you’ll find 483, one of the saddest. Both are undoubtedly the best One Piece episodes, as they will make you feel multiple emotions. Watching Ace die was one hell of a moment. Nothing could beat the scene if we talk about the most heartbreaking moments in anime history.

Almost all the scenes in which we see Ace are cherished by One Piece fans dearly. A few characters create a special place in one’s heart, and Portgas D. Ace is the master of winning hearts.

In episode 481, we see the brothers teaming up against the opponents. They also remember their similar past experiences. Watching the duo working together was one hell of a sight. This was also why episode 483 made the fans cry more than expected.

4. E-485 (Settling The Score- Whitebeard vs. The Blackbeard Pirates)

E 485
Credit: Whitebeard vs. Blackbeard

This was a great episode as it involves thrilling action and makes one feel mixed emotions. In this one, Whitebeard fights against Blackbeard to avenge his son Ace’s death. Though he loses the battles and dies, this episode was worth watching. 

The long rivalry of former crewmates had ended with Whitebeard’s death. This was one of the saddest episodes where fans mourn for not only his death but for Ace’s as well. However, heroes never die, and Whitebeard satisfies us with his words that Ace’s will can never be distinguished!

3. E-77 (My Crewmate’s Pain Is my Pain Zoro Fights Prepared To Die)

E 77
Credit: IMDb

Ohh, man, Zoro never leaves a chance to steal hearts. This man is exceptional! There was never such a character in the anime world, and it will never be. His loyalty to his friends is commendable.

In these battles, we see Kuma against Zoro. At first, he tries to go against Luffy. Unfortunately, Luffy was already going through the aftereffects of his battle against Moria. To protect Luffy, Zoro vows to sacrifice himself for him. 

He claims to sacrifice his dream of becoming the best swordsman for him. Not just him but Sanji also vows to sacrifice himself for Luffy. This episode was heart-winning and heartbreaking at the same time. It taught the fans the meaning of loyalty, true friendship, and selflessness.

The way he was ready to tolerate Luffy’s pain despite being ready to collapse any moment was Oscar-winning. Even the words aren’t enough to describe the charm and level of this episode!

2. E-405 “Disappearing Crew – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew”

E 405
Credit: IMDb

The name of the episode has given the context already. Watching Luffy distraught and heartbroken when he cannot help his teammates was one hell of a sight. He was worried about Zoro and even cried for him. 

No one was ready to tell him what had happened to him. Watching him fight against Kuma will force you to the end of your seats. He was worried about Zoro while Nami had disappeared. This episode was one of the most thrilling episodes I have watched. Watching Luffy cry in despair for not being able to save his friends was the most heartbreaking scene.

1. E-1015 (“Straw Hat Luffy – The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King”)

E 1015
Credit: IMDb

There are hardly any heroes who live without aims. Luffy has a dream to become the Pirate King, and we all have been waiting for decades to see the moment. In this episode, Luffy declares that soon he’ll achieve his dream. 

He will become the pirate king. The moment was so appealing it forced me to rewatch the episode again. Other than that, it was an entertaining episode, where we learn about the prophecy that Luffy will defeat Kaidou.

Meanwhile, we also watch some flashbacks of Yamato’s time with Ace and how they discussed their dreams. The way Ace talked about Luffy would definitely bring you to tears because he was one of the best characters of One Piece.


What is the best season of One Piece?

Enies Lobby Arc (Season 9) is considered one of the best arcs of One Piece.

Is One Piece the most loved anime?

Yes, it’s one of the most loved and popular anime series of all time.

Who is Ace’s best friend?

Of course, Our very own Monkey D. Luffy


So, my dearest friends, I hope you enjoyed reading the list of One Piece best episodes. As I said, it varies from person to person, but I tried my best to enlist the best episodes! Share your experiences watching One Piece in the comments. It would be fun to discuss our favorite series altogether! What do you say?

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