Chainsaw Man Stunned Fans After Its Finale

Chainsaw Man ended so did our will to start a new Anime. The 2023 anime says otherwise. We wanted more of it, but alas we’ll have to wait for the 2nd season to come out. The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man Stunned Fans After Its Finale. A lot of things happened at the end and we didn’t see that coming.


Now, About the Finale of Chainsaw Man. It was beautiful, the plot and the animation by Studio MAPPA. Despite the fact that the series’ plot has always been clear-cut, some viewers may find the plot twists in episode 12 puzzling.

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Chainsaw Man Finale

Let’s rewind a little back to Ep 8. Sigh. As they finally faced off against Katana Man, Aki, and his team. Fans were right to expect the demon to be brutal, but the fans were still in disbelief when Himeno was killed during the battle. This won’t be Chainsaw Man’s most significant death. But it still hurt a lot of us.

Aki’s “Easy Revenge”

Chainsaw Man Stunned Fans After Its Finale
Credits – ComicBook

The episode begins with Aki attempting to free himself from Ghost Devil while remembering the time he spent with Himeno when she persuaded him to light up a cigarette. The Ghost Devil suddenly hands him the same cigarette that says “easy revenge” on it.

He ends the Ghost Devil and Kobeni joins him to capture Akane.

Goofball Duo: Denji and Power

Chainsaw Man Stunned Fans After Its Finale
Credits – Leisureable

Power and Denji are off to teach Katana Man a lesson. As usual, they were goofing around in the elevator and they reach the 7th floor and come across zombies. Denji warns Power not to make any noise or else they will be spotted as the elevator opens on the seventh floor and we see a swarm of zombies.

Power, being her, bursts into laughter and challenges the undead to a duel. She then proceeds to slay all the zombies. Of course, Denji left her alone, unbothered.

Chainsaw Man VS Katana Man

Chainsaw Man Stunned Fans After Its Finale
Credits – ComicBook

Everyone was waiting for this battle and IT WAS EPIC. MAPPA did it again. The animation and the graphics were Amazing here. On the thirteenth floor, Denji runs upon Katana Man, who accuses him of killing his grandfather.

The battle begins on a rooftop, and finally, it moves to a train. Now here we see both of them giving their best. Denji outsmarts Katana Man and finishes him.

Denji and Aki arrange a competition in which they kick Katana Man’s crotch and see who can make him scream the loudest. He doesn’t like the idea that Katana Man will only do time in jail for killing Himeno.


In his dream, Denji encounters a younger version of himself who has arrived at a door. But the moment he tries to open the door, Pochita tells him not to. Denji recalls experiencing the same dream in the past, but she consistently forgot about it. They introduced a new character Reze. well, we have to wait for S2.

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Where can I watch Chainsaw Man?

You can watch Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll.

How many episodes are there in Chainsaw Man S1?

There are 12 episodes in total

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