Fan-Favorite Character Is Back In Chainsaw Man

One of the most popular new anime series in 2022 was Chainsaw Man, which faced competition from Spy x Family and Blue Lock, and a few others too. Fan-Favorite Character Is Back In Chainsaw Man. We came across all fantastic characters, but one of them really stood out. It’s none other than Denji’s pet devil-Pochita.

We saw him sacrifice himself for Denji. Even though the most recent episode of the anime is the final one for the first season, it finished in a big way by ending the struggle between the Chainsaw Devil and the Katana Man as well as with a comeback that many fans might not have expected. We saw Pochita, warning young Denji about opening a door.

Not only was this information revealed in the climactic moments of the season finale. But Chainsaw Man’s anime also used the occasion to tease the appearance of the enigmatic character known as Reze. Without giving anything away, the young woman is expected to have a significant role in the anime adaptation’s second season, which Studio MAPPA has not yet made official.

Fan-Favorite Character Is Back In Chainsaw Man
Credits – Crunchyroll

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Chainsaw Man Finale

Chainsaw Man’s Finale was a massive surprise. After the killings of Devil Hunters, Public safety didn’t sit quiet. They came back and came back stronger. Fortunately for Makima’s warriors, Denji was able to defeat Katana Man by using a secret ability that the Chainsaw Devil hadn’t previously displayed.

He burst a chainsaw blade from his thigh, splitting the villain in half. Denji, Power, and Aki may now take a well-earned break after this exciting victory as a result of their opponents. Well, who later caused them some difficult circumstances.

Denji is shown a secret door that transports him back to his childhood in the episode’s closing moments. He is also introduced to a returning character who hasn’t shown since episode one. Which provides a foreboding signal about the future of the anime adaptation.

Fan-Favorite Pochita is back

We all know how Pochita and Denji shared a special connection. He automatically became our Favorite character. At the end of the last episode-Denji is depicted as a little child in the season finale of Chainsaw Man being warned not to open a secret door by, you guessed it, Pochita, who has grown to be the Shonen protagonist’s heart.

A little backstory. He was severely injured during a struggle with devils, and as a result, Pochita’s little dog-like appearance is how the spectator first encounters him. Pochita discovered Denji sobbing at his father’s grave while acting in his customary hostile manner toward humans at first.

Fan-Favorite Character Is Back In Chainsaw Man
Credits – GameRant

Pochita, who is physically frail, can no longer maintain his balance and falls over. Denji saves Pochita by offering his blood because he is aware that human blood can heal devils. As Denji had inherited his dad’s debt, Yakuza sent him out for killing devils.

Unfortunately, he ends up falling into a trap the yakuza devised for him once he is no longer required. Pochita volunteers to become Denji’s heart just as he is ready to pass away, saving Denji’s life. Denji now has the abilities Pochita formerly possessed as a chainsaw devil, providing him the means by which he can escape the Yakuza’s trap.


Why is Pochita so strong?

Pochita was a chainsaw devil and he was pretty strong. Although, the devil gets stronger if they sense fear. Stronger the fear, the stronger the devil.

Where to watch Chainsaw Man?

You can watch Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll.

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