30 Best Anime To Binge Watch

Greetings! Hope my friends are doing great, as always. I am back with another entertaining topic. On your popular demands, I’ll enlist the best anime to binge-watch. Only anime lovers can feel the pain of waiting for new episodes.

However, I am one who waits until the season ends and then binge-watch it in a snap. I am glad many of you have the same preferences. Luckily, I have watched plenty of such anime that you can watch without waiting. Below, you will get some completed anime and some on going, but all of them are short enough to binge-watch. So, let’s not wait anymore!

30. Yona of the Dawn Anime

best anime to binge watch Yona of the Dawn
Credit: Wiki Fandom

A perfect love story full of heartbreaks, thrilling adventures, action, and suspense. Yona is a beautiful princess with red hair who is the apple of the eye of her father. She has the best bondings with her cousin and lover, Soo-Won, and her bodyguard and best friend, Hak. 

Yona was passionate about marrying her lover, but unfortunately, he became a traitor. He brutally betrayed her by killing her father and capturing her. All thanks to our handsome Hak, who stood with Yona against the world and protected her with everything. 

The anime is a perfect one with the excellent character development of the main characters and the supporting main characters. It’s a perfect and the most popular anime series to binge-watch, with only 24 episodes. 

29. Black Prince And Wolf Girl Anime

Best anime to binge watch Black Prince And Wolf Girl
Credit: IMDb

This one is one of my favorite anime for multiple reasons. It’s a cute love and a captivating story of badass Sata and naive Erika.Some girls fear losing people for certain insecurities. Erika is one such girl who fears that her friends will leave her for not having a boyfriend. Therefore, she lied to them, showing the picture of a stranger. 

Unbeknownst to her, everyone knew the boy except her. The stranger was none other than a popular boy from class 8. She was in the worst-case scenario where she was trapped. To save herself from trouble, she seeks Sata’s help in faking their relationship. 

Sata was opposite to her expectations. He agreed on a cost! Erika, in return, must act like Sata’s dog. She must obey all his orders irrespective of the place or time. Aren’t you intrigued to know how the love blooms between them? Get started with watching this super beautiful anime.

28. Maid Sama Anime

best anime to binge watch Maid Sama
Credit: IMDb

I bet everyone is already familiar with this one, especially shoujo lovers, right? Maid Sama started gaining fame with its manga and then anime. It’s a beautiful romantic comedy full of entertainment. 

The story revolves around Misaki, a school student and her tough daily life. She studies on a scholarship and works as a part-timer as well. Misaki keeps her part-time job a secret from everyone as it’s not allowed by the school, especially for scholarship students.

Her school was turned from a boy’s to Co-education, but girls’ strength was still less. Everyone used to fear her aura, and she was responsible for maintaining discipline in school. 

One day her worst nightmare came true when the charming Usui Takumi found her secret. He got the chance to stand against Misaki, and the daring Misaki had to bear him patiently. Usui started teasing her, and Misaki was helpless against him. Usui was impressed by Misaki’s courage and hard work, which marked the beginning of special feelings between the two. The duo is one of the most lovable characters.

Their love story is ideal, and everyone dreams of having such life partners. So if you’re a shoujo lover and haven’t watched this masterpiece, don’t waste any more time.

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27. Promised Neverland Anime

Best anime to binge watch The Promised Neverland
Source: The Promised Neverland anime

How many of you enjoy watching thrillers? I was shocked to watch this anime as it managed to keep me on the edge of my seat till the last second of the anime. The plot is full of suspense and thrill. The anime kicks off by showing the orphan kids in an orphanage. 

Everything was mysterious in the orphanage as the kids were marked with some odd tattoos on their bodies. The orphans were strictly prohibited from crossing the main gate. The story focuses primarily on the caretaker, Isabella, and the three geniuses, Emma, Norman, and Rey. 

Norman and Emma, by chance, learn the heinous secret of the orphanage when they witness a monster eating their fellow. The sight shocked them, and the duo vowed to escape. They seek help from Rey and plan to escape, but it isn’t easy for them. The opposition was much more than their predictions.

Now whether they easily escape or not is for you to find out. Thank me later for filling you up with enough curiosity to start watching the show. 😉

26. The Devil is a Part-Timer Anime

best anime to binge watch The Devil is a Part-Timer
Credit: IMDb

The name of the anime alone is enough to force the audience to watch this one. Demon Lord Satan was one of the cruelest of its kind. Everyone used to fear him, and he vowed to conquer the world. His demon armies were wreaking havoc all around. 

Luckily, there was a hero who stood against them. The hero forced the demon king out of their world via a portal. Satan was shocked to find himself on Earth, where there was no concept of magic. He was finally losing his supernatural powers because magic couldn’t work there. 

The people treated him as a prisoner full of pride. Satan’s appearance was also changed. With time, he learned that surviving in the new place requires money. Therefore he changed his name and identity and started working as a part-timer to make both ends meet. It’s one of the most hilarious and thrilling anime everyone must watch. Losing this one would surely bring you regret.

25. Black Butler Anime

best anime to binge watch Black Butler
Credit: IMDb

Black Butler is one of the most entertaining anime, full of mystery, action scenes, and much more. The story highlights the life of a boy named Ciel, who lived a life of a slave. He was treated brutally, and to save himself from the terrible life, he made a contract with the demon named Sebastian. 

He agrees to help and protect Ciel, but in return, Ciel will feed him with his soul. The duo of Ciel and Sebastian is worth watching. The way he protects and works as his loyal butler is heart-stealing. One wrong eye toward Ciel, and you’re done for good! I bet you’ll wish for the same butler in your life after watching the anime. 

24. Vampire Knight Anime

Best anime to binge watch Vampire Knight
Credit: IMDb

Vampire anime are never dull; they have an exceptional charm that beats every other anime. This love triangle makes the story charming, Yuki is the main female lead, and a vampire hunter, Zero, and a vampire Kaname are the main male leads. 

Kaname is a heartthrob that every girl wants, but he is head over heels for Yuki. Our female lead also likes him, but her interactions with Zero complicate the story. You will remain intrigued throughout finding out who Yuki will end up with. 

This vampire anime is full of action, thrill, and mind-boggling scenarios. I advise you not to ship any couple at the start of the anime. Otherwise, you’ll regret it. The good news is it has only 2 seasons, and each has 13 episodes, so you can easily binge-watch it. It’s safe to say that it’s the best anime to binge-watch.

23. Charlotte Anime

best anime to binge watch Charlotte
Credit: IMDb

Yuu Otosaka is the main lead who is blessed with the ability that everyone wishes to have. He can take over anyone’s mind and body. Though for a few seconds, it has been beneficial for him to succeed in exams. 

His life changes after his encounter with Nao Tomori. She wants him to join Hoshinoumi academy full of students with unique abilities. Their goal is to join hands with the ability users to stop other users from getting involved in harmful activities. 

The anime is full of charm, comedy, action, and much more. 

22. Angels of Death Anime

best anime to binge watch Angels of Death
Credit: IMDb

Angels of Death is one of the most thrilling and scary anime I have binge-watched. Multiple moments in the anime will force you to the edge of your seat. This is full of suspense which adds more entertainment to the anime. 

The plot revolves around a girl named Rachel and a psychopath named zack. Rachel has only one wish, and that is she wants to die. She opens her eyes to a building with multiple floors, each with a specific boss. 

Rachel finds herself on the hospital floor, where a doctor threatens her. She runs for her life and meets Zack, who also wishes to kill her. However, she amazes him by asking him to kill her. Her wish intrigues him, and he agrees to fulfill her wish but at the cost that Rachel will help him get out of the building. 

Their relationship is very different and unique; therefore, there is no reason you will get bored watching the anime. If you were looking for the best thrilling anime to binge-watch, this is the best.

21. Deadman Wonderland Anime

Best anime to binge watch Deadman Wonderland 
Credit IMDb

Ganta Igarashi’s life flips upside down when he sees a red man brutally murdering his class fellows. He is shocked when he opens his eyes to find that everyone calls him a  murderer. Unfortunately, he was thrown to the Deadman Wonderland prison, where the prisoners were used to amuse the audience. 

After the tragic incident, Ganta finds himself with a mysterious power the red man gave him. The prison is full of weird individuals, and one can’t distinguish the bad from the good ones.

After successfully facing daunting and deadly tasks, he befriends a group of people. They plan to escape together from this ruthless place. It’s an excellent anime for everyone who enjoys action, superpowers, and suspense.

20. Made In Abyss Anime

Best anime to binge watch Made In Abyss 
Credit: IMDb

It’s another excellent anime full of action-packed adventures and suspense. Riko is the main lead who vows to explore the deep abyss like her mother. The abyss is made of multiple layers, and the more one goes down, the more it becomes impossible to get back to Earth.

Those who reach the very bottom of the abyss are famous as White Whistles, and Riko’s mother was one of them. Even though it’s hazardous to explore, she jumped into the abyss with her robotic friend Reg. 

Seeing her exploring different layers of the abyss with courage and struggle is entertaining. The anime is good to watch, especially if you want to binge-watch.

19. To your Eternity

To your Eternity
Credit: IMDb

This one has one of the most unique stories. It’s the story of an orb that can take any form. We see the orb taking the form of a rock, then of a wolf, and later of a man named Fushi. He can only take the other’s form after their death. 

Someone mysterious sent him to Earth who wanted to see the orb grow and learn different things. Fushi starts his journey and meets different people; he learns different things from each of them. 

He learns about human emotions, language, and countless other things. The anime is full of sorrows and emotional moments, so watch it at your own risk. If you are a sensitive person, you’ll surely shed multiple tears watching this. Apart from being emotional, it’s a must-watch anime to binge-watch.

18. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Credit: IMDb

This anime has perfect animation; I loved the art and the visuals. It’s full of suspense and mysteries. The plot revolves around Madoka and her friend Sayaka. Their peaceful lives remained no more peaceful after they met a talking cat.  

The cat gives them the offer to be magical girls, and in return, the cat will fulfill their wish. However, the life of a magical girl isn’t easy; they are forced to jump into the dark world and fight the witches. Not just that, but they die a brutal death.

The biggest mystery is why the cat wants them to be a magical girl and why they live a terrible life. It’s a short anime full of action and adventure. It beautifully highlights the meaning of hope, friendship, and sacrifices.

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17. Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Ao Haru Ride
Credit: IMDb

Futaba Yoshioka is a beautiful girl that everybody wants. However, now she is in a stage where she hates getting boys’ attention. Therefore, she has changed her feminine personality to avoid attention. The other reason was the lack of friends; forever, other girls had disliked her forcing her to remain lonely. 

She had a crush on a boy named Kou, but it couldn’t be fruitful as he left the school. She finally finds her crush in high school, but she is surprised to see him change. Kou has changed completely. He used to be a kind-hearted boy; now, he is a cold and emotionless guy.

Futaba vows to approach Kou and to find the reasons that changed him as a person. It’s a beautiful love story with sweet moments!

16. Horimiya

Credit: IMDb

Izumi is a nerd who spends his time reading. On the other hand, Kyouko is a girl who has maintained her specific personality in her school. She is the opposite, having to look after her loved ones at home. 

Surprisingly, Izumi is also different from how he appears. He has no interest in studying and is more like a delinquent with a body full of tattoos. The duo becomes friends out of school after a fruitful encounter. However, do they really know each other’s realities? What would happen if they didn’t know each other?

Don’t wait any further and start binge-watching this beautiful anime!

15. Dororo

Credit: IMDb

It’s a very emotional and sad anime that revolves around a boy named Hyakkimaru and his partner Dororo. Hyakkimarus’ father made a deal with the demons which resulted in Hyakkimaru being born with amputation. 

Miraculously, he was surviving without the most crucial organs. His cruel father ordered his servant to abandon him. The universe decided to help the boy by making him meet a Doctor who gave him artificial body parts. The doctor acted as a father figure in his life. Hyakkimaur didn’t have eyes, but he had a strong sixth sense which he used to save Dororo from a monster. 

Dororo liked him and vowed to accompany him on his journey to regain his body parts. Whenever Hyakkimaru would defeat a monster, he would gain a lost body part. It was a soothing sight to witness, and I bet you will shed multiple tears. There is a lot of drama, action, adventure, and thrill, so prepare beforehand!

14. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs
Credit: IMDb

Atsushi is a helpless and shelter-less kid wandering the streets starving. He was forced out of his orphanage after the tiger attacked there. On his way, he saved a genius guy Osamu Dazai. The man feeds him in return. 

Osamu revealed that he is a supernatural detective searching for the same tiger. The trio decides to capture the tiger, and it is then revealed that Atsushi is the tiger. He was a weretiger who could transform.

Osamu adds Atsushi to his team and begins his detective missions. There is supernatural, action, and thrill. It’s a must-watch anime for every shounen lover.

13. Fire Force

Fire Force
Credit: IMDb

Shinra Kusakabe lives in a world where people can control fire. There is a unique phenomenon where people suddenly catch fire. Those controlling it are called Pyronkinetic, while the others are called infernals. 

The infernals get out of control and cause havoc; therefore, there is a pyrokinetic team called Fire force to stop them. Shinra is a talented pyrokinetic who joins the fire force. He has a sad past where he lost his family in a terrible incident, and people blame him for that. 

He joins the team and learns there is a lot more to the story. The human combustion phenomenon is a good mystery. There he finds many things related to his mother’s death. The anime has a perfect pacing and suspense that will help you binge-watch it easily!

12. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia
Credit: IMDb

If we talk about the number of seasons, then it’s pretty long. However, if you take it season by season, you can easily binge-watch it. The first one had only 13 episodes, making it easy to binge-watch. 

MHA revolves around a boy named Deku (Izuku Midoriya) and his passion for being a superhero like his idol, All Might. Unfortunately, he is one in a million born with a rare medical condition. The condition makes him deprived of Quirk. The world he is living in is full of people with quirks that allow them to use their superpowers. 

Even though he lacks the prime and the most important thing, he doesn’t lose hope. He tries his best to find ways to be like his idol. Deku is not afraid of stepping into danger to help people in need. All Might knew that Deku had something that made him a hero, even without powers.

Therefore, he bestows him with his quirk, ultimately making Deku a HERO! This changed everything for him. This sounds easy, but it isn’t. Deku had to work day and night to build his muscles and to be worthy of that power. It’s a beautiful journey full of passion, action, adventure, and lessons. If you are a shounen lover, then you’ll love this one. 

11. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
Credit: IMDb

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of this decade’s most popular and entertaining anime. It has perfect animation, plot, and characters. Yuji Itadori used to be an ordinary kid till the moment he engulfed Sukuna’s cursed finger. 

Finding the cursed energies and sorcerer isn’t a big deal in his world. Sukuna is feared for his immense power and evil. Unfortunately, Yuji eats the finger, becoming his vessel that only one in a million could be.

Now he has created a way for Sukuna to get into power once again. Therefore, to stop him comes Gojo Satoru, a top-level Jujustsu sorcerer. He vows to teach Yuji Jujutsu and how to master his new powers. Besides, the only way to kill Sukuna is to kill the vessel! 

Whether Yuji will survive is a mystery you’ll have to unfold! Season one has only 24 episodes and season 2 needs to come! So my friend, don’t waste a second more and have a good watch!

10. One Punch Man

One Punch Man
Credit: IMDb

This anime needs no introduction. The caped baldy is popular among shounen anime fans already! Saitama dreamt of being a superhero, and he made it happen. He trained for days and nights without thinking about anything else.

After years of training, he made his name as One Punch Man. No matter how strong the opponent is, he’ll lose at the hands of Saitama, and that too with a single punch. This sounds cool, but it’s very dull for our baldie. He is in continuous search of some tough opponents. 

Meanwhile, he meets a boy named Genos who wishes to learn from him. Therefore Saitama decides to teach him. There is comedy, action, and some fantastic characters. Besides, the good thing is the anime has just 2 seasons for now, with 12 episodes each. So don’t worry; this is one of the best anime to binge-watch. 

9. Way of The Househusband

Way of The Househusband
Credit: IMDb

If you like comedy, then you’ll love this one. Tatsu is one of the most famous gangsters who is feared by many. Once a gangster is now living as an ordinary househusband. To your surprise, he is the exact opposite in her house. He is usually busy with house chores and lives as a typical house husband. It’s only because he wants peace in his married life.

Watching him cook, bringing groceries, and surpass multiple housewives in this field is enjoyable. The concept of anime has won enormous praise. I am sure you’ll enjoy watching this one. 

8. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone
credit: IMDb

This is one of the sweetest anime on the list. Trust me, you’ll fall head over heels for the cutest Kotaro. He is simply a munchkin that easily grabs attention. The kid is exceptional in every way. He lives alone in a house and is willing to do anything to hide from his abusive father. 

On the first day of his shift in the new apartment, he gifts tissue boxes to his neighbors. The neighbors get shocked seeing such a young kid living alone and doing house chores. Kotaro is very mature for his age, but still, he has many things similar to a kid.

The neighbors started considering him as their family and used to look after him. It is a simple story full of mixed emotions. Sometimes you’ll laugh, and sometimes you’ll cry. Watching Kotaro live alone is funny and sad at the same time. This is a masterpiece, so don’t miss this one! 

7. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy
Credit: IMDb

If you like OP MCs, then you are gonna love this one. Anos Voldigoad will amaze you with his potent magic. 

He was a famous demon Lord who was feared for his name. However, he was tired of watching the war between demons and humans. Therefore, he thought sacrificing himself is the best option. Now, after centuries, he is back. Anos finds it surprising that no one remembers the correct version of him. People have different ideals about him. 

He sets on a journey to find the responsible people behind all this. Meanwhile, he doesn’t forget to entertain the audience with his looks and breathtaking powers! 

6. The Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School
Credit: IMDb

This anime became the favorite of many for multiple reasons. Number one is the magic system this one has portrayed, and number two is its outclass main characters. Tatsuya is the male lead who joins an elite magic academy with his sister.

He doesn’t perform well in practice and therefore becomes part of the weeds category. On the other hand, his sister became a part of the blooms category because she had excellent magic skills. 

Things get mysterious and highly intriguing when Tatsuya shocks everyone while using magic. It was later revealed that he kept it a secret and created a poor image on purpose. This one has excellent mystery and action, so be glad to find this masterpiece! 

5. Noblesse

Credit: IMDb

Rai is the main character who is extremely OP. He opened his eyes after decades of sleep and found himself in the era of advanced technology. Just like an ordinary person, he took his time to adjust to the new reality. Meanwhile, Rai hides the fact that he is awakened because people are already busy searching for his blood. 

The plot progresses with the entry of certain villains who try to harm Rai’s friends. Rai hates seeing his loved ones hurt. Therefore, he revealed his true powers. The MC is so Overpowered that he can finish the villains with a single snap!!! You heard that right! 

Now, who is Rai, and how is he so powerful? To get the answers, you know what to do!!! 😉 

4. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya-sama- Love Is War
Credit: Crunchyroll

It’s another great romantic comedy full of entertainment. The story revolves around students Kaguya and Miyuki. They are popular enough that every one ships them as a couple.

The duo develops feelings for each other but stays quiet. None of them was ready to express their love first. In fact, both were egoistic and wanted the other to confess first. Therefore their war in love began! 

They started planning to force each other to confess. Now, who will win this war of love? To know more, start binge-watching the show. It’s a short anime, and one can easily binge-watch it. 

3. Erased 

Credit: IMDb

It is a complete package that offers supernatural, suspense, thrill, and adventure. This anime has almost everything that forces the audience to binge-watch it. 

Satoru is a 27-year-old boy who finds himself getting accused of his mother’s murder. The mysteries begin when he finds himself back in the past. Now he is a kid who remembers his future. He treated it as a chance to stop the mishaps and started his journey to stop the murders of his loved ones.   

Surprisingly, he finds the murders related to each other. Whether he could save his loved ones or not is up to you to find out. Let’s keep it a mystery so that you enjoy watching the anime. Not gonna lie; you’ll love the anime because it’s the best anime to binge-watch.

2. Another

credit: IMDb

This one is exceptionally entertaining as it provides the perfect thrill. It’s full of suspense throughout. A boy named Sakakibara joins a school where he finds a girl named Misaki interesting.

He was surprised to see her ignorance each time he tried to befriend her. Not just that, but not even a single class member was ready to talk about her. No one believed that a girl named Misaki existed. 

With time, things got mysterious, and those who tried to speak about her started dying. Sakakibara was full of curiosity and horror. Eventually, it was revealed that the class was denying Misaki’s existence on purpose… but what was the purpose? Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the details because this would be a spoiler. So get ready to binge-watch this fantastic anime. 

1. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite
Credit: IMDB

This one portrays a very unique school system. Ayanokouji is the male lead who joins an elite school. Only capable students are selected to be a part of this school. The school is divided into different sections, and the good students are a part of class A. 

On the first day of school, the students get shocked to get a lot of money in their accounts. They could use it to do anything. The teachers didn’t explain the reasons behind giving the money. Therefore, the students took it for granted and started taking studies non-seriously.

After a month, while waiting for the money, they were shocked that they wouldn’t even get a penny. Sounds surprising? Trust me, you’ll get multiple such surprises while watching the anime. Start right now, and you’ll find this one the best anime to binge-watch. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What anime are good to binge-watch?

Erased, Black Prince and Wolf Girl, and Classroom Of The Elites are super fun to binge-watch.

What is the top 10 most-watched anime?

According to MAL, MHA and One Punch are among the most-watched anime

What is the big 3 anime?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are popularly known as the big 3 anime.


Okay, my lovely fellas, let’s end our list of best anime to binge-watch. After reading this list, I want to re-watch the mentioned anime (XD). If you have already watched any of them, share your experiences below. I would love to hear your thoughts on the list. I’ll be back soon… Happy New Year! For more anime news, stay connected.

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