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dragon ball new fusion saiyan

Dragon Ball always builds its hype over a long period of time by featuring a bunch of powerful characters. Out of these powerful fighters, fusion warriors are far more powerful and incredible especially when two Saiyan (an alien race) merged. After getting the news of the New Fusion Saiyan, fans were too excited to learn about him.

Since the introduction of fusion in Dragon Ball World, fans have always expected to see the fusion of their favorite characters. We have already seen plenty of fusion warriors, such as Gogeta, Vegito, Fat Gotenks, Namekian Fusions, Super Buu and Fused Zamasu, and are looking forward to more.

There are times when Saiyan Goku and Vegeta have difficulties facing powerful opponents in their base form such as Black Goku, Majin Buu, and Broly. Then they used fusion as their ultimate move to defeat them. While doing fusion, their power level went to the highest level.

They also achieved incredible powers and techniques that greatly helped him deal with powerful opponents. Fused Characters not only appeared in the original series of the franchise. They also appear in non-canon series such as Super Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT.

Due to the series’ huge success, the creator also developed plenty of game series in which they used some of the series’ original characters and some newly created playable characters, especially for game series. We covered every detail about the new Fusion Saiyan and how he looks in this post.

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Here, you will also learn about two Saiyans who fused and gained godly powers. So without further ado, let’s get straight to this informative news.

Who is the new Fusion Saiyan in Dragon Ball?

New Fusion Saiyan in Dragon Ball
Credit: Twitter- @HDLegendsArt

Shallet is the new Fusion Saiyan in Dragon Ball. He recently made his debut on Dragon Ball Legends, the franchise’s most popular anime mobile game. Shallet is the ultimate fusion of Shallot and Giblet, the original characters of the game.

In the latest update of the game on December 28, 2022, he makes his first appearance in the game’s story section. In Part 13: A Clash Against the Sinister Gods of the Game of Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot and Giblet can’t handle Black Goku and Zamasu in their base forms even super saiyan 3.

Then, they decide to fuse to get a more advanced form and take their power level to the highest extent. So finally, in Chapter 5 of Book 6, “The Red Twin’s Fusion,” they finally show us the ultimate warrior of the game, known as “Shallet”.

Shallet is not only the newest fusion Saiyan but also the first fusion Saiyan to get the Super Saiyan God transformation in their fusion form. They achieved this legendary fusion through the fusion dance that they learned from Piccolo, with the help of Satan.

Fans have already witnessed the most lethal powers of Shallot’s Super Saiyan God and Giblet’s Super Saiyan God. Now they don’t have any idea how incredible Shallet became in his god-like saiyan form. It is easy to predict that both Black Goku and Zamasu will have no chance against him. Instead, they too will perform another form of fusion called Potara Fusion and become Fused Zamasu, just like in the original series.

What is “Fusion” in the Dragon Ball franchise?

Fusion Saiyan
Source: Dragon Ball Super anime

Fusion is the ultimate move in the Dragon Ball franchise. In fusion, two different warriors merge along with their separate forms into a single individual. Piccolo first fused with Nail during the Namekian Saga of the Dragon Ball Z series, resulting in the first fusion of the franchise.

After that, there are plenty of Fusion Saiyan warriors who make their debuts and get lots of love from fans. Fusion can be done in two ways: Potara Fusion and Dance Fusion. In potara earring fusion, the warriors just have to wear a set of potara rings, which they eventually fuse to become fusion warriors.

On the other hand, in dance fusion, the warriors have to perform a dance pose in order to fuse and become Fusion Saiyan warriors. The warrior not only looks different after being fused, but also thinks and acts differently than their original self. As a result, it is not wrong to think of any Fusion warrior as a new character or individual.

About the Dragon Ball Legend Game

Dragon Ball Legends
Credit: Dragon Ball Legends’ Official Twitter- @DB_Legends

Dragon Ball Legend is the most popular anime mobile game in the franchise. It is a fighting card game, especially created for iOS and Android. Because of the game’s amazing animation and incredible fighting sequences, fans have enjoyed this game for a long time.

In this game, there are plenty of playable characters who were taken from the original series, such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Jiren, Hit, Broly, and so on. In addition, there are also several fusion Saiyans available to play, such as Gogeta, Vegito, Gotenks, Kefla, and so on.

Apart from the series’ original characters, there were two new ones, Shallot and Giblet. They were especially created for the game especially Shallot is the main playable character. The game has its own storyline and is set in an alternate timeline of series. Its story is highly engaging and wonderful, just like the franchise’s original series.

Furthermore, you can create your own team and battle against your friend or anyone else in the world in online mode. If you love Akira Toriyama’s original works, such as Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super, then you will definitely like the story of Dragon Ball Legends.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful and know about the new Fusion Saiyan of Dragon Ball. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming anime releases.


1. Who has the strongest fusion?

Several powerful fusion warriors have appeared in the entire franchise for the past two decades. However, Vegito and Gogeta are both referred to as the dragon ball fusions. It is very difficult to declare which of them is stronger, and fans have been arguing about that for a long period of time.

2. Is Black Goku a fusion?

No, Goku Black is originally a single individual living in an alternate timeline of the series. He achieved the legendary body of Goku and became invincible after fulfilling his wish from Super Dragon Ball.

3. Who are the major villains in the franchise?

Fused Zamasu (strongest fused character), Majin Buu, Baby Vegeta, Super Buu, Perfect Cell, Majin Vegeta, Goku Black and Future Zamasu are the major villains of the franchise.

4. What are the major forms including the unspecified form of Cell?

Cell have all types of powerful transformation in Dragon Ball from base forms to advanced forms and separate forms to unspecified form. Some of his most advanced forms are Perfect Cell AbsorbsFuture, Semi Perfect Future Cell, Semi Perfect Cell. His most powerful abilities are absorption ability, absorption technique, and imaginary absorptions. 

Source: Dragon Ball Legends’s official Twitter

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